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Chat RP Idea


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Retired Staff
Hey guys, so I am interested in running my own universe and starting my own chat rp. The general premise of the chat rp involves people and dragons being a big part of the world, and perhaps maybe some other mythological creatures (still being decided on). Now there are different species of dragons, drakes, wyverns, etc. and I'll probably release a couple examples later if there is continued interested in this. There will be a story arc for the first chat rp and dragons will be a big part of it.

Though right now, a lot of the ideas aren't fully developed. This is because I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this chat rp idea before I continued to write more for this universe. For the first arc I will only choose a select few to play as the "main characters" since this is my first chat rp. Though if all goes well I probably will open it up to more people as time goes on.

If you guys are at all interested, leave some sort of sign like perhaps a comment. Also, feel free to ask questions if you want to know more about the world and I'll be happy to tell what I know so far.


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If you need good sources of literature for inspiration where dragons play major and central parts of the world I suggest Daniel Arenson's "Dragons of Requiem" series or pretty much anything by Richard A. Knaak.


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Retired Staff
What kind of technology would there be, also im interested
The current idea would not be anything modern or whatever. But now that I think about it, dragons mixed into a modern setting could make for an interesting idea. But so far the plan is to have it like in a more medieval time period, but will probably mix it up a bit. Still debating on whether or not though to have magic included and have technology based on that.


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dingler now you know how I feel when you send me random crack head messages at 3am every 3 months.

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