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Coca Cola's Researcher Application #3

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1.1) Title (Mr. or Mrs.):


1.2) First name:

1.3) Last Name:

1.4) Gender:

1.5) Date of Birth (No earlier than 1987):

1.6) Race:

1.7) Nationality:

1.8) What is your background? (Must be at least 27 at the time of earning your degree, with a minimum age of 32 before acceptance by the Foundation) (Minimum 150 Words):
I grew up on the edge of Stuttgart, Germany with my mother and father and was a single child. While I was young I was always fascinated in the monsters my parents told me about, and constantly wanted to know more. I decided the only way I could do that was to study them for myself, so when I got older I assured myself that would happen. I was top of my class in High School and, upon graduating, moved to New York to pursue my dream of becoming a cryptozoologist. I graduated at Columbia University with a doctoral degree in Biological Sciences and set out on my journey for the unknown. I began to research cryptic creatures and the unknown as a whole, and after around 4 years of research and side jobs I had finally created a piece that I believed was worthy of the public eye. Looking for a publisher I stumbled upon one of your “shell” sites (Strange & Cryptic Publishings') advertising for such a thing. After around a month of silence you contacted me, and through a bit of editing, my first book, "A Guide to the World's Unknown" was released. I was proud of this book but I figured I could do better. I studied for an additional 3 years, even going out into the world to study how the cryptids would live and where they would. I submitted my work and after around 2-3 months of silence I finally got a response back from you congratulating me on my work and offering me this position.

[Section Two: OOC Section]

2.1) Why do you wish to join the Research Division? (Minimum 50 words):

The Research Division is an honestly amazing time. Before I was lucky enough to be promoted, but now I hope to take things much more seriously and at such a level that it feels real. I blew it last time, and I hope this time it can be different, and that I will do better to not disappoint the Division.

2.2) Please list relevant skills and qualities that could assist you in becoming a Researcher:
I’ve been a researcher before, several times actually, and I am good at formatting tests and thinking of ideas for tests. When I was a junior/senior I was very good at following my quota and attending meetings as well.

2.3) In-game name (Most notable character):
Harry Redor

2.4) Your Steam ID:

2.5) Your Steam + Teamspeak Names:
Coca Cola

2.6) Do you have any relevant experience in Serious Roleplay?:
Yes, most of my 1000+ hours on GMOD have been on this server, and I am, in fact, a member of your community.

2.7) Will you flag down if a member of the Staff Team asks you to?:
Of course.

2.8) Do you know how and what a /me is? If so, explain and use an example:
A /me is an action committed by a character. “/me picks up the pen” = “Felix picks up the pen”

2.9) Do you know what a /roll is, and how it is used with a /me? If so, explain and use an example:
A /roll is a roll from 1-100 to determine whether or not an action is successful. “/me swings a right hook at the entity in front of me” + “/roll” = “Felix swings a right hook at the entity in front of me” “Felix Rolled 64 out of 100”. If the defender rolled lower than the 64, they would lose the roll, higher and they would win it.

2.10) Have you read the Research Department Reference Sheet?:

2.11) Describe the six different facility codes, including when they are enacted and what you are expected to do during them:
Code Green:
All is well in the facility. You should be testing or doing an interaction of some sort.
Code Yellow: There is a threat in the facility, most likely a Euclid SCP breach, though it could be D-Class as well. Testing may be continued, though if given evacuation orders the must abide.
Code Orange: There is a raid currently being enacted on the facility. All research division members are to report to the bunker in Lower R-Wing, 208’s CC, or any other safe location. No testing should be going on at this point, and all active tests should be cancelled.
Code Red: Testing should be halted at this point. Multiple Euclid/Keter Class SCP have breached containment. Researchers should hunker down in a safe location, or if necessary, the EZ breakroom or general EZ through an escort.
Code Black: The facility is compromised and the Alpha Warhead is to detonate. All research personnel are to quickly evacuate to the MTF FOB(Field Operating Base) on the surface. D-Class should not be saved unless granted by a Level 4. If SCP are encountered, you are to avoid and simply go as quickly as you can to Gate A.
Code Gray: A section of the facility is compromised from either D-Class or SCP. You are to take orders from security personnel, and if necessary, evacuate or take shelter where you are.

2.12) What are the three main SCP classes? Describe them and give examples.
A well understood/easily contained anomaly. Testing/Interacting with safe class SCP should still be met with caution however, as despite the name Safe Class SCP can pose a threat. (SCP-999, SCP-1370, SCP-343)
Euclid: An SCP that is not well understood or not reliably contained. Additional caution should be met with these SCP as they can be generally unpredictable and pose a generous threat. (SCP-173, SCP-294, SCP-2337)
Keter: An incredibly threatening or hard to contain SCP that could pose a significant physical or cognito hazard. The highest order of caution should be met when dealing with Keter class SCP. (682, 2006, 939)

2.13) What types of Amnestics are you permitted to use? When should you use them? What is their effective memory erasure period? What are their chances to fail? Give a scenario for each amnestic of an event in which you would not use it [I.e. when you would use a Class B over a Class A]:
I am permitted to use Class A & B Amnestics.
Class A: For a group of people, delivered via aerosol spray can. Useful after a short test or on a large group of people. The memory erasure period is 6-12 Hours. The document provided does not include the failure rate. I would not use it on people who have been exposed to a long term event, such as an evacuation or large scale test, as it would leave them with some memories of the event. I also should not spray it more than twice in succession.
Class B: For an individual who has experienced long term effects/events. The erasure period is around 72 Hours. The document does not provide the failure rate. I would not use it after a short test or a test with multiple people, as it would be inefficient and may cause suspicion to their massive lapse in memory.

2.14) A group of two or more CI walk into the Research Wing and point guns at you, telling you to get on the ground. What do you do?
I would follow their orders and get on the floor, I have no real way of defending myself aside from following their demands.

2.15) You see an anomalous plush turtle flinging around and it kills a security personnel, what do you do?
I would go to a safe location and report the anomaly for SID/MTF to contain, waiting until it is safe to log it for a possible “XYZ” classification at a later date.

2.16) It is currently a code green and you have no ideas for any tests, what should you do instead?
Attend other tests and interact with/feed SCP to stimulate RP.

2.17) Do you understand that if you are not found testing within a week you will then be demoted?

Do you understand that if you do not follow the CoC you will be demoted?

Do you understand that sometimes you will need to be amnesticized?

Of course.

Do you understand that disobedience / insubordination towards your higher-ups; Area Management, and toxicity of any kind whilst flagged up is considered grounds for demotion?

Of course.

2.19) Do you understand that if your name is removed from the Research Roster [either one] at any point, you are considered removed from the department; and must not use your research character without DVL approval?

2.20) If removed from the department, do you agree to voluntarily have your whitelist removed, under penalty of blacklist?
Of course.

2.21) Do you understand that you may be un-whitelisted, blacklisted, or otherwise removed from the Research Department at any time for any reason if you are found to be unsuitable for the department? As such, do you accept this possibility?

I understand, and accept the possibility.



Trusted Admin
Staff member
Trusted Admin
Recruitment Team

Welcome to the Research Department, NinjaJab.

Here are a few things you will need to fill out before you begin your time as a researcher in Area-XYZ:

Ensure you get this done before you ask for your whitelist, as any researchers on area without proper documentation are subject to detainment, interrogation, and possible termination of their employment contract.

Feel free to drop me a line at any time with questions or comments about the branch.

Have fun, and welcome to the Research Department! ~Patriot
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