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[COMPLETED] Project Soft Landing


Head Developer
Head Developer
Board of Directors
Researchers Involved: Bryce Sergey

Date Started: 12/4/18

Status: Completed

Proposal: Soft Landing Project Proposal

Progress: Results show that the vest cancels kinetic impacts against itself, but fails to protect itself against sharp penetrations as displayed in STEP-18/4. More testing is required to confidently determine what conditions are required to penetrate the vest, and to adequately explain where the apparently lost kinetic energy goes. Research may also potentially be put into confirming if bullets are actually absorbed by the vest and where they end up. The goal of creating fall-absorbing shoes has been met, along with the added bonus of them producing no sound when walking. The pair is currently in Bryce Sergey's possession.

The "Sponge Vest" was tested by equipping it to a grunt and discharging a single P99 firearm round into it, resulting in no visible damage. The grunt reported feeling no physical impact. The fired bullet was not recovered and is thought to have been absorbed by the vest.

A punch was delivered to a grunt wearing the vest. Grunt reported feeling no physical impact. Assaulter reported a lack of expected recoil after delivering the punch.

The vest was duct taped to the feet of a grunt, who was then instructed to jump down the elevator shaft. The grunt landed without injury and the vest was recovered.

After drawing the shapes of Sergey's shoes onto the back of the vest, an engineer was instructed to cut around the outlines with a power saw. Shoe pads were removed from the vest without incident.

An industrial adhesive was used to apply the shoe pad cutouts to original shoes, which succeeded the test procedure from STEP-18/3. It should also be noted that the shoes allow the user to walk without producing noise.

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