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[DENIED] IRUC Proposal: Project Resistance and Liberation

Not open for further replies.


God Tier
Project Name: (Resistance and Liberation)

Proposed By: (Dr.Valdez)

Researchers Involved: (So far its just me from what I know of , others might join if interested)

Proposal: (To make the current armor of the Operatives Better and lighter if possible. So far Phase 1 is just for the Head Kevlar )

Benefits: (Better head Kevlar to match or be better then the one M.T.F have.)

Requested Materials: (So far 5 Heavy Helmet Kevlar and 1-2 Absorption Vest)


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Denied. This has 0 detail to it, and you haven't explained the key factor to proposing projects: HOW YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT.

Not open for further replies.

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