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[DENIED] IRUC Proposal: Project Svietovid

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Project Name: Project Svietovid

Proposed By: Doctor Jacques Smith

Researchers Involved: Noone, but the project is open for anyone interested.

Proposal: The objective of my project is to reach some kind of immortality, through the usage of qubits. Qubits can exhibit a property called quantum entanglement, in which 2 qubits are mysteriously linked, no matter how far apart they may be in the physical world, and react to one another’s states. Using this property, we can measure one qubit and be able to know the properties of its entangled qubit at the same time.

Benefits: Developtment of this project might be exhausting and the benefits might be almost non existant - Yet, if we do join the quantum race with the rest of the world, we'd be able to transfer one's mind with the usage of quantum entanglement. And in some point, we'd be even able to transform their entire body.
Let me explain: We would first scan a human and then create a “human”-like assembly of atoms that contains all of the particles found in our human subject. Next, the “human” and the original’s particles are entangled. The golem is sent wherever our superiors want it do settle down, or, well, accomplish some mission. Finally, once our "human" has arrived, we make our observation of the human subject and send that information across to the waiting raw materials. The "human" receives the data and conforms to our observation of the subject, becoming an exact duplicate of the very distant human subject.

Requested Materials:
A quantum computer with the computing power of 2.6 x 10^42 bits
Unimaginable power source, that would radiate 10tn gigawatt hours of power


OOC: Denying this because as far as I know, no one is qualified enough to RP Mod this kind of thing for you. Booker and I both agreed that there seems to be nearly no way of implementing this. If staff can say otherwise, I'll re-open it.


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Head Developer
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//That's not how entanglement works, quantum computers don't work in bits and you can't do this without anomalies
Not open for further replies.

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