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Deputy Warden Kane



We are here to help....

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Kane can be seen on the left of the photo returning from a patrol in Iraq, shortly before being recruited by the foundation.

Kane Present day working with the foundation.




[NAME]: Jonathan Kane
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 6/28/1989
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: Caucasian, (white)
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)
[OCCUPATION]: Deputy Warden
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: SO, SSO, SGT, Provost Marshal, Provost MP, ex U.S military Sergeant, Administrative Security Guard, Military translator
[LANGUAGES]: English, ASL, German, Russian, Arabic, Iranian, Islamic, Japanese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, French
[RELATIVES]: (Mother, Father)
[TROPHIES]: Bronze Star, Purple Heart
[NOTES]: Trained in the use of medical equipment, surgeries, fentanyl, and Defibrillators.


[HEIGHT]: (6’0)
[WEIGHT]: 172 LBs
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[SKIN TONE]: White


[LIKES]: People who Know what their doing, his guns, his Kevlar, water, his superiors.
[DISLIKES]: Drugs, rats or mice, people who don’t understand basic instructions or orders.


Manager Walker:
No words can describe my disappointment and disgust with this man, he abused his power as a manager, lied several times in an attempt to get out of trouble, and constantly broke the easiest rules the foundation set in place.


We’re all human, and we all make mistakes but day in and day out hey shoot at me and I shoot at them, They know what they did and yet they continue to fight.

Provost Marshal Monroy:
has shown to be an ally and good friend for the most part. Dead

Marshal Price:
Rest in peace my friend.

Marshal Bowie- Same thing with the MTF Commander we've never actually had any extended conversations before so I'm not sure how to feel about him. Gone

That strange rock:
I wonder whatever happened to it.

Provost Augustine: I’ve seen him around a few times I can’t say a whole lot about him, I barely see him around anymore.

??? Fubar: I understand that he as transferred to another MTF unit, but nothing more.

Security Chief O'conner: I haven't interacted with him a whole lot, but he probably wants me dead.

Lieutenant Griffith: I don't talk with him all that much.

??? Power: I don’t know what happened to him, but I’m pretty sure he retired.

Lieutenant Ruckus: he’s an OK sergeant, and at some times his actions and/or motives can be Unorthodox or immature, he’s a Lieutenant now.

??? Santino: he’s nothing short of a mystery, he’s brands a distinct uniform and weaponry, one day he just appeared out of the blue in Provost and now finds himself leading the Medical Branch, I guess he’s a liaison for security now.

Head Marshal Captain Provost ???McIntyre
: Very good friend of mine Who has shown to be commitment and dedicated, hes now become an Area manager I hope he leads us well, I guess he went back to being a Provost MP, Pretty sure he's an ASG now, but I'm not fully sure, I still don't talk with him a lot, he became a marshal again then never showed up after that.

Provost Branch: I don’t know where this branch is heading, I hope somewhere good though.

SSO Goris

Sergeant Conifer:
Very smart and fast acting person, who knows what he's doing. missing

Provost Aurora: trained her myself and I’ve seen her do good work. I'm not sure what happened to her but I hope she's alright but my guts telling me that she's probably dead.

MRU pulse:
I’ve known pulse for awhile now, a damn fine medic and good friend. dead

Medical Captain Lorn:
I’ve known lorn ever since he was was an FMO, he has a good mindset for what needs to get done. probably dead

SID Lieutenant Blair: I've seen him around and he just got promoted to SID.
He died to a fucking rat that doctors were working on in 294, and he got his throat slit from what I hear on the same day he was promoted too.

SID Captain Payne: I've known Payne ever since he was a specialist I think, And to see him rise up through the ranks to captain is just something else. dead

SID Captain Manager Walker: I see him around but I understand he does a damn good job at maintaining order in the SID, He made it to Manager.....he does a good job at what he's given, I can’t imagine the stress he’s undergoes given how much responsibility he has, but I know that he pulls through.

Provost Jager: I see this Provost around from time to time and he seems to do good at his job. Dead

Marshal Hunt: He's a nice guy, we don't talk a lot but still, I see him around every once in awhile, Its a shame I don't see him as much now.

Manager Lannister: my current Head Marshal and he continues to do good for the branch, and I have known him for awhile and I know he’s the right person for the job, well woul you look at that, he got promoted to Manager good on him, this is starting to play out like the way it did for grey now.

Delta 42, Alpha Agents Weller and Xavier: When delta 42 was still around these two agents were the backbone of the Task force, they were brave intelligent, and fearless in short the sort of man I would want to be, it’s still upsetting that they died and delta 42 was disbanded, I met a lot of people there and it was nice to get to know them.

Lieutenant Caboose: He seems like a good lieutenant very capable as well, but I don’t think he shares a strong opinion with Provosts.

Sergeant Mendez: He’s been here nearly 2 weeks and he’s already a sergeant and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Security Chief O’Connor: uhh he’s an ok guy, I haven’t had any extended conversations with him, but still he’s done good work as security chief.

FMO Ainley: Pretty good medic.

??? Conti: I don’t know what happened to them, but I’m assuming they resigned, or were just transferred.

Medical Lieutenant Nanuq: She has a good working attitude, nice uniform too.

Head Marshal Thompson: he’s been a good Head Marshal so far.

Warden Krakowski: He’s done a good job steering D-block and Z-units in the right direction

Marshal Head Marshal ??? Malenkov: Long time foundation friend and a very trusted and respected friend to me and the foundation, I trust the Man with my own life.
He got he promotion to Head Marshal it took him a lot of work but in the end it payed off. Good to see that he's still alive after all this time.

Lieutenant Ocean- Very close friend who understands what needs to be done, and is one of the only people here with common sense.Dead

MRU ??? Rice- One of the best damn medics I've known who stands by his friends, and knows his shit.

MTF Kes: This guy was one of the best Marshals we had, he was very nice and knew how to approach things, I got word he was transformed to Delta-42 I hope he’s doing alright. dead

Provost Baker: haha goddamn, he's still alive after all, good to see the man after all this time.

Security Chief ??? Evan: I Don't know his current position in the foundation is, but I do know that he's still alive.

Rho 24:
goodluck out there people, were all counting on you. I think they're Efficient, and intelligent people with the best training an weapons around and I understand you need to meet specific standards in order to become one of them and understand that you will most likely die in your time there.

Administrative Guard Benedict: We've guarded Captains, researchers, area management together, and so far this has taught me that he is professional, skilled, responsible, and active unlike many other ASGs, he ranks as one of the best among us.

Marshal March:he’s grown to be a good friend of mine, like the brother I never had, but I’m not sure how to really explain it I don’t think I’ve ever had someone like him around, and all I know is that I’m lucky to have him, I can easily trust him with my life.

SID Supervisor Heavy Chelsea- I know that Chelsea was an ex MTF Agent, so you can already tell they know what their doing. Chelsea has to be one of the only other people I see that are still alive after all this time and we cover each others backs a lot and its still good to see them around.

SID Captain Reed: the current captain of the SID branch, he’s shown himself to be a calm and competent leader for the SID, I couldn’t think of a better person for it. Yet another close and trusted friend of mine that died.

Overseer October

Provost Branch:
it’s been awhile since I resigned but I think I’m ready to join back and set things right.

Manager Grey: I remember him back when he was a Heavy, then became Provost Marshal then Head Marshal then he went to Area Manager and became the Area Director, He worked hard to get where he is today and I still respect him for that, this mans still alive and doing what he can for the foundation.

Rho-24 Commander: I’ve seen the commander several times around, he’s one of the bravest men I’ve ever had the privilege to fight by, he’s leads his task force with honor and distinction, I would proud to fight with him anytime, anywhere.


Jonas Kane (Father): you taught me everything I needed to know throughout my life, it’s good to know I still have you.

Maria Kane(grandmother)(Deceased)- got rest your soul grandma, one day I’ll see you again in a better place than this.

Martha Kane(mother)(Deceased)-
I love you mom nothing will change that and I hope to see you soon.

Adrian Kane(little brother):
it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him, he’s in high school right now, but I’ll see if I can make time to see him

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