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I wrote this originally in a PM for Bronze and Lore a few months ago, but want it somewhere that's easier to find for the future.


You've been promoted to Docent as your soul was trapped inside the Library.

Docents are integral to maintaining a healthy library, so a delayed afterlife is a small price to pay for all the opportunities the Library provided you.

The first thing you'll notice is a lack of free will. Don't panic, that's completely natural. While working as a servant, your actions will be overseen, overridden and some times nullified. This is to not cause any issues for you or the other Wanderers.

Being a Docent can also lead to other exciting possibilities like becoming an Archivist, Page, or even a Scribe! In some cases, excellent service has even led to resurrections.

What do you have to do?

As a docent, you're responsible for assisting other members in finding what they're seeking. However, there is protocol for guiding them.

Take the request: "I want a book on dogs" for instance. The Library contains billions of books written in millions of languages on the subject. This request is much too vague to offer assistance to.

"I want a book on Beagles". This request has narrowed the search parameters to the point of assistance. The first step in completing this request would be dissecting the command. By stating: "I want..." They are asking the book to be delivered to them as opposed to being taken to the book. This is an important difference to note as some members wish to be guided and others wish to remain in the main areas.

Next, you'll have to decide which book on Beagles to bring back. This is where the bit of freewill comes into play. You'll need to examine the member and select the book most appropriate to them. For example, if the member made the request in English, you should bring a book written in English.

This goes beyond language. If the member seems simple minded, a less complicated book should be delivered. If the member seems to already be an expert on the subject, a book containing information they may not know would be more appropriate.

Once you select a book, make note of the title and make sure the front cover is facing the member upon delivery. This way they may quickly identify if this meets their request. If it doesn't, don't put yourself down. Try again. Just don't mess up more than 3 times in a row.

You're probably thinking at this point, wouldn't this whole process be easier if the person who requested the book was more specific? Yes, yes it would have been, but keep in mind most of the members show no courtesy towards the docents or use common sense. You'll often find them getting frustrated, despite it being their own faults.

Docents also guide members to locations throughout the Library. If an area is locked, you should guide them just outside the entrance as some areas have been restricted by Section Managers.

When guiding members, always keep your lantern visible to make yourself easier to follow. Also make sure to move at a steady pace that is neither too fast or too slow.

You should also prioritize the safest paths when leading a member. However, this becomes increasingly difficult the further you venture. If your member dies your responsibility will be judged and punishments will be issued accordingly.

Docents are also equipped with chains for restraining members. This should only be performed if a member breaks one of the Library rules set forth by that Section's manager. Don't worry about following people around or keeping an eye out, you'll know the second they break a rule.

Rule 1: No damaging Library property.
Rule 2: No stealing from the Library.
Rule 3: No fighting with or against Library property and personnel!

Non-anomalous personnel can be distinguished from others by this mark!

Your Section Manager is: Grim
Their safety should be a top priority unless instructed otherwise.

When not assisting someone, you should remain out of sight as to not interrupt anyone. When someone calls for you, you'll be immediately alerted and should arrive within the minute.

Docents are capable of limited speech, but are forbidden from doing so. Being caught is grounds for extended service or reassignment.

And that's it. If you have any questions, ask them now. Otherwise get out there and get started! Always remember, a handy docent means a happy wanderer!


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The Library seems to be getting active again. It would be nice if some people tried to play as Docents, like I do. If you get a request that you don't know what to do with, ask someone who would know.

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