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E-mail to GenSec [Weekly update 2]


God Tier
Retired Staff
To: <foundation@group.gensec>
From: <foundation@gensec.lieutenant.Evan>
Subject: Weekly update 2

Greetings GenSec.

This is the week's update:

ASG: ASG is now hand-picked by Level 4's themselves, however, they stay at the same rank they are currently; lower than SSO.

Demotions: Sergeant Williams and Sergeant Delta has been demoted back to SSO.

Interaction Logs: Now you as GenSec can log interactions, this will not only show us that you are capable of doing your job, and that you are serious about it, but it also shows us that you are doing it.

New Sergeants: We are actively looking for new sergeants, if you want to be a sergeant your chance is now, as it is more likely that you may be selected for this position.

Simulations: More sims are to be expected, whether it's CQC, or SCP related.

Transfers: Moreland is now an MTF agent.

Yankee: Yankee is becoming more active, and more tryouts will be held so keep an eye out if you are at all interested.

This is it for this week, if you have any questions feel free to reply and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Lieutenant Evan.



The Yankee Squad has been formally and fully disbanded. Anyone caught not wearing their proper uniforms without permission will receive proper punishments.

- Carson

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