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Email from Site 19 to High Command about A Certain Anomaly

Captain Fubar

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Subject: An issue with UDA #001.

Hello, with the retrieval of this new anomaly it is clear we don't have established procedures to keep this thing alive while also guaranteeing the safety of facility and personnel. The more we feed it, the bigger and stronger it gets while also possessing an increase in dangerous limbs. If we don't feed it, well... You can imagine what happens, it will starve and blacken. I would prefer not to starve it as that is cruel and unusual, as well the fact that it would likely lead to an anomaly's death. I am writing to you about advisory with what steps we should take. We can't even feed it in small amounts or it will throw a fit. Any solutions would be appreciated


- Site 19 Anomaly Management

// @Nic


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Site 19 Anomaly Management,

It is worrying you are not going to your research team for this help as what you have asked for is their job. We recommend an evaluation of your current research staff.

Based on the information you have given, possible choices are as follows:
- Continue giving smaller portions.
- Find ways to decrease it's mass, perhaps by attempting to have it do things like exercise.
- Find a way to make the anomaly dormant.

It is also assumed there is a report on this anomaly, as well as test logs, and you forgot to attach them. It is advised you include them in further requests for better advise.

All things aside, good luck.

Secure Contain Protect

- Command

Captain Fubar

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Just wanted to give an updated on the situation as well as the compilation of logs on UDA#001

I have highlighted in bold the most important log

Incident And Analysis Report #01

Testing Log #01

Testing Log #02

Testing Log #03

Testing Log #03 Results

Anatomy Report and Conclusion

As you can see, it is clear that the origin of this anomaly was not meant to be a long term project and instead either a weapon or experiment into creation. For now, it is extremely hard to determine whether or not UDA #001 is alive or dead due to lack of vitals and its ability to appear comatose even under extreme stress. At this current time, we will continue long term monitoring, however, we will keep testing for a minimal. My main concern is more of these appearing and the easy possibility of UDA #001's death due to lack of all life-sustaining organs and lack of self-sustainability.

The final classification document will be done shortly, it likely will receive Euclid due to its inability to escape current containment, however, it possesses an extremely lethal skill set, and intelligence to manipulate.

- Site 19 Command


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Thank you for the reports, they are intriguing to read.
I am glad to see you have gotten things in order, and appreciate the tenacity of your staff given the nature of the anomaly you are dealing with.

Keep up the good work.

- Command.

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