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Email to Commander Peach


Better than dirt.
Hello hello, Commander ma'am!

I'm sure you're a busy woman, so I'll try and be quick. Sometime in March, I sent an email to the wonderful Commander Jan regarding the scary fact that I don't know who these random Majors and Colonels are! Unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice my email (probably because I'm a smelly Beta nobody), so I am sending this email to you. If you could please consider my request to add some sort of notice about who our Colonels/Majors are somewhere, that would be most appreciated!

Thank you very much!
- Medic Faye

*There is a link attached.*

// Also if anyone's asking I made this since (to my knowledge) we can't actually see the DVL forums IC
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Turbo Tier
Greetings Medic Faye,

Thank you for bringing forward your concerns and recommendations to me. Contrary to popular belief, I appreciate when someone tells me about those things. It helps me keep up to date with what the rest of the Operation is thinking, and I tend to consider the people who brings such things up for leadership positions.
Onto your main inquiry, yes I will create a leadership roster that can be viewed. I actually asked Jan to do the same thing when he was Commander. The roster will be up within a day or two.

Yours truly,
Commander Peach

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