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Final Server Event

Captain Fubar

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As stated in general discussion there will be a final Server event revolving around the complete removal of (almost) all scps from area Xyz. This will also include a canon raid. I encourage everyone to get on for Concordia's last days.

July 8th at 6pm est


proud to have gotten 106 out and helped get 294 out. I was never on a lot, but heard about it shutting down and wanted to see it end


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glad i got to be on for the final moments, it was fun getting gunned down, torn to ribbons, torn up again, almost getting possessed, and being killed by an antsy 1370 with a knife. im gonna miss this.
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Also some D class escaped disguised as an SSO and no one checked his ID because we were too busy panicking. Godspeed you glorious bastard.


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I missed it too, and I don't know what happened during it
The SCPs were being transferred out then Pigman decided to show up (XYZ's random intervention). He gave a bunch of D-Class super powers which led to multiple SCPs breaching and escaping out into the desert.

The event ended there, but continued in Chat RP where MTF reinforcements recontained most of the SCPs. However, 035, 049 and 131-A ended up in CI hands.