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Foundation Computer Logs Guide

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Hello, everybody, I decided to make this in order to help new players understand Foundation Computer Logs. Foundation Computer Logs are how Foundation personnel log incidents, interrogations, tests, request information, request a facility transfer, or email others. For example, if you're part of the MTF and you just performed an interrogation on a CI Infiltrator and got some notable information, you could make an interrogation log so others can see this and use this information. It is recommended that you make logs when needed, though it is not required. Making detailed logs will help you get noticed by your superiors as well as giving the Foundation more information. When making Foundation Logs, be sure to use proper grammar and use as much detail as possible. Also, make sure you follow the format for the log if there is one for the log you're making.
These are the current subsections for the Foundation Computer Logs:
- Administrative Logs
- Security Logs
- Research Logs
- MTF Logs
- Engineering Logs

Administrative Logs
Administrative Logs are messages sent to/from high-ranking personnel within the Foundation, meaning Level 4s, DVLs, etc. When making an administrative log, you may use the format below, and make sure to act professional.
To: <foundation@(name)>
From: <foundation@(name)>

Security Logs
Security Logs are used to detail security-related incidents that have occurred at Area-XYZ, such as major SCP breaches, massive CI Raids, or anything else that is noteworthy. Make sure to follow the format and post in the correct sub-forum, depending on which branch of Security you're apart of. Go into as much detail as possible when making logs such as these.

Research Logs
Research Logs are where Researchers can post tests they've completed or interviews they've performed on SCPs. They may also use this section to post Research Projects and Psychology Logs. When posting Research Logs, be sure to follow the format for the type of log you're posting. Act professional, use proper grammar, and be sure to be as descriptive as possible. Also, Research Logs help you get noticed by your superiors as a Researcher.
MTF Logs
MTF Logs are for members of the Mobile Task Force to post noteworthy raids, interrogations, or other incidents occurring within the Facility. Be sure to follow the format for the type of log you're posting, if there is a format for it that is.

Engineering Logs
Engineering Logs are where Engineers can post repair logs of structures/items that were damaged or completely broken, as well as including any casualties during the incident, tools you used, and the cause of the damage. Make sure to use the General Repair Format and be as descriptive as possible about the incident.

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