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General Suites Hallways


Epic Tier
Kirkwood exits the elevator and walks through the hallway to his suite. He sees his good friend Octavius on the way there and walks over to him.


Chat RP Bot
Chat RP Bot
She peers at the suit and walks over to the headless person.
"Uhm hello can you speak?"
*Two large eyes would stare at her through slots in the cuirass of the armor, located where the pectorals would be.*

“Indeed, *mrmph* speak.”

*Their voice is muffled.*


Epic Tier
“*mmhrerhrmr* goth *hrmphr* octat-*mrhrhr.*”
"Oh.. I see.. Well when possible can you get someone to supply me with some outfits? I didn't bring any other clothes with me when my brother grabbed me and my only ones were torn off me, last night."

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