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Halloween Brainstorming Megathread

Captain Fubar

Epic Tier
Last year nothing happened during all of October because no one put any ideas or suggestions forward for Events. I aim to prevent that this year so I am making this mega thread for people to propose or float ideas for things we can do this Spooky month.
I'll start off and say a non-canon/Canon 2006 event would be a great idea where 2006 finally knows what true fear is.
Be creative guys, use those big brains of yours
(Would help if this gets pinned)
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Turbo Tier
Either we have some random trick or treaters come or SCP-330 is found on area for some reason. Those are ideas just off the top of my head.


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Retired Staff
The point of the spookiness is that you won’t know what’s going to happen in the event. A-team already have an event planned, but are keeping the details secret. You guys can keep slinging ideas, just know none of them are going to be used (Unless it’s literally gold)


Turbo Tier
A-team should do an event all October long then we end with Nic and XYZs event on Halloween.


Turbo Tier
CI and MTF go trick or treating
X:"What are you dressed up as this Halloween?"
CI:"I'm dressed as an Operative from the terrorist organization known as The Chaos Insurgency. We find things that are spooky and find out how to use them to benefit humanity."
MTF:"I'm a Mobile Task Force member, someone from a spooky shadow government who catches monsters so normal people don't have to see them."
X:"Cute, have Reeses Pieces."

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