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How to get into Provost





If you're reading this document right now I can see that you're interested in becoming a Provost MP and advancing your way through the Chain of Command in the Provost division. So let me tell you about what the Provost do on a day to day basis at Area XYZ. The Provost are the Police of the facility you can find them roaming the facility enforcing the AOCs, protecting Level 4 Personal or guarding administrative files.

How to get into Provost:

  • Being active: An SSO+ are the ranks that we are looking for recruiting to Provost, but if you're a Security Officer or below don't let this discourage you from trying to become a Provost because you can always attend an SSO training and we will still remember what you did as an SO. Now for being active you must actively be looking out for Provost and asking for advice or asking what you can do to help Provost usually are going to need a helping hand because they need patrol buddies.​

  • Doing Provost duties: As an SSO another way you can get noticed is doing Provost duties WHILE STILL DOING YOUR OWN JOB. What you can do is go around the facility such as LCZ and HCZ and look for anyone not doing their job or anyone breaking AOCs. Go ahead and check SCP CCs and make sure the SCPs are in their CCs and not breached.​

  • Another thing that will help you get into Provost is to be quick to respond to incidents. If someone needs help report over radio that you are on your way to assist with the situation.​

  • You need to also learn where all the CCs because when you're a Provost you will be called to diffuse situations at certain locations that you will need to run to get to in a certain amount of time.​

  • Another way you can become Provost is to attend the How to become Provost Seminars that Marshals hold. This will help them notice you and they will put you on the watchlist after the seminar is over with.​

  • The last thing to do is to just ask a Marshal if you can become a Provost or tryout. When you ask them they will watch over you and they will also ask your higher ups what they think about you.​

OOC: Some Out of Character things that will help you get into Provost

  • Be active on the Forums: The forums are a big part of the Provost Branch. This is where you post interrogations and communicate with other branches and such, you will need to be active on the forums in order to become Provost.​

  • Be active in the Teamspeak: The Teamspeak is another place where we can tell if you're capable of being apart of the Provost Branch. Be sure to just be active in the Teamspeak and communicate with other members of the community.​

  • Have a good reputation: We want people who have a good reputation in the community we don't want people who will argue and flame we want people who can get along with people and can diffuse arguments and people who aren't toxic.​
  • Maturity and Professionalism: We want you to be mature in game and OOC don’t be someone that is all spewing insults and making stupid jokes Maturity is something that we look for.​



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// this is a great document. I’ll make sure to give this to anyone that I place on the recruitment watchlist before training them to give them more background info on Provost first and recommend others to do the same.


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// Step one: Don't be a retard
Step Two: Be a sadistic fuck
Step Three: Be fucking good
Step Four: Profit

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