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How to get promoted to GenSec Patrol Sergeant


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As the title states, this is a guide on how to be promoted to Patrol Sergeant. However there can be some aspects in this guide to help you get leadership positions on other branches, however this will be focused on Patrol Sergeant.

Step One, Becoming a Senior Security Officer
In order to be placed on the Patrol Sergeant watchlist you will need to be a Senior Security officer (Exceptions can be made for Provosts and SID.) The only way to become a Senior Officer is to attend a training usually held by General Security Lieutenants, sometimes they may be held by a sergeant or captain. The training is long, however easy if you know the answers to your questions. So you're going to want to study up! Your first priority is to read the General Security RoR (Rules and Regulations) and the AOC (Articles of Conduct) these are necessary to know to become a high ranking member of Foundation security. You will also need to know the LCZ SCP re-containment procedures. It is reccomended you get familiar with the other procedures, but those will be given to you during your training. And lastly, come experience, being an SO (Security officer.) is considered a learning job, and thus you are to learn. There are lots of questions that require experience. And don't be afriad to attend training. There is no limit on how many SSO (Senior Security Officer) trainings you can attend.

Step Two, Getting on the Sergeant Watchlist
Now, in order to become a sergeant there are two ways, the most common would be being added to a watchlist, and decided upon in the General Security meetings. The second way being a Captain deciding you are worthy, and ordering your training. Don't be afraid to ask questions to your superiors, they are here to help. The best way would be to tell the GenSec higher ups (Sergeant +) that you are interested, this will show us that you are interested in being a sergeant, and you will most likely be added to the watchlist. You should also attend post meeting and volunteer to lead squads, this will show you are a leader, and are competent if you lead your squad well. As of currently not enough SCP - 173 cleanings or occuring, if you lead these as an SSO you will show you are capable of leading, and organaizing GenSec.

Step Three, Preperation
Once on the Sergeant watchlist, all of the GenSec higher ups will watch you closely, and base their decision on whether you are capable of the position, or not. Now, you will want to prepare for the Sergeant training. You will need to know the re-containment procedures of ALL SCPs located at Area-XYZ. You are also expected to know how the facility works, and know the AOC's and RoR. It is a relativaley hard training for those that choose not to prepare themselves, and go in knowing nothing. Basically, you will need an understanding of most things at Area-XYZ. If you know everything, the training will be easy, and over in no time at all. The reason it is harder then other trainings is you will be expacted to educate new people to the server, and "show them the ropes" so yes, a lot of responisbility is held with this job.

This is what I feel GenSec S.O.C. (Security Operational Command) look for when choosing sergeants. I cannot speak for all, however this is what I look for, and based on my personal experience.


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// This is Super Basic but sure this is o.k to get the Basic idea how to get SGT. gj

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