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How to get Sergeant

Rob Borealis


So, you wanna be a sergeant? But you aren’t too sure on how to go about doing it. Well look no further! This easy-to-follow three-step guide will encompass everything you need to know on how to become a Patrol Sergeant!

Step 1: Getting Noticed
Getting noticed by the General Security Chain of Command is the first part in becoming Sergeant. But you may be wondering; How do I get noticed? Well, to get noticed you will need to do the following

  • Be active
  • Doing your duties as an SSO
  • Interacting with the Community
Activity is one of the most crucial parts of being noticed by the Gensec Chain of command. If we don’t see you on enough, then your chances of being added to the watchlist will shrink exponentially.

Being active is crucial because SOC want someone who they know won't just up and disappear. It's also so they don’t think you’re inactive. You don’t want to be added to the watchlist, just to have yourself removed at the next Gensec meeting because no one has seen you on! Many good SSO prospects have been removed from the watchlist because they just aren't active enough.

Also don’t be scared to go on Teamspeak. If SOC see you on teamspeak, then your chances of being added increase exponentially.

Doing your duties as an SSO
Helping around LCZ is another crucial part in being noticed. If you are shown to be generally helpful to the SOC, then you will be seen as someone who could possibly do those tasks on their own.

There are many things you can do around LCZ that can catch the eye of a Lieutenant or Sergeant

You can:

  • Lead 173 Cleanings
  • Do 2337 Feedings
  • Assist in 397 Feedings
  • Help out Researchers doing tests
  • Encourage people to patrol
  • Do a Security Officer Training or a briefing under Sergeant supervision
  • Ask for permission to do Interactions (Make sure you get enough people!)
  • Attend post meetings
  • Manage Checkpoint
  • Even staying at sandbags and setting up cameras can catch the eye of SOC (That’s how I first became a sergeant!)
There are perhaps even more things you can do to get noticed by SOC but doing these tasks are almost guaranteed to get you on the watchlist.

Interacting with the Community
Interacting with those outside of the server is another huge part on getting on the watchlist. It is not a massive requirement you be super active on the forums, but being on the teamspeak and having a forum account is definitely going to give you a bigger chance on being added to the watchlist.


Well first, being on the forums and teamspeak gives Gensec SOC a better impression of you as a person, as they observe how you interact with those outside the confines of the server, Concordia is a whole lot more than just the SCP Server. It also gives the SOC a better way to contact you when you’re not on the server. Many promising SSOs have lost their chance at sergeant because SOC had no way to contact them.

Second, is that being active on the forums can give SOC a better impression on how you respond to others. You don’t need to join a chatrp, you can do something as simple as just applying for jobs or giving your input on server suggestions.

Third, is that you can get to know the community better. Being active in teamspeak channels and interacting with others may result in staff or SOC from other branches giving a positive review of you and recommend you to the gensec SOC. Having a good reputation is great for those looking to go far on the server.

Step 2: You got on the Watchlist
You made it on the sergeant watchlist, your hard work has paid off!

So… now what?

Well for one, you need to continue doing everything from step one so that you STAY on that watchlist! But you also need to prepare for the inevitable Sergeant Training. The sergeant training is one of the more complicated trainings on the server, as you will need to know EVERYTHING about General Security, AOC, and LCZ and HCZ SCP recontainment procedures. You will need to know everything about some of the servers most important rules and documents.

Step two of this three step guide will prepare you for everything you need to know for the Sergeant Training.

General Security Information
The first portion of the Sergeant Training has to do with the Gensec Rules & Regulations and a post meeting.

To study for the R&R part of the training
You can:

  • Attend briefings that are teaching about the Rules & Regulations
  • Watch how it’s used during Interrogations
  • Simply read and study over the document
This is one of the easier portions of the training, conducting a post meeting. To prepare for this, simply watch what Sergeants and Lieutenants do whenever a post meeting is called. It’s a relatively straightforward process and shouldn't be too hard to do.

Articles of Conduct
The Articles of Conduct portion of the training will involve you being asked specific scenarios and how you would react to them as a Sergeant.

To prepare for this, you can do the following:

  • Watch how Provost conduct interrogations and pass out punishments
  • Read up on some Provost Interrogation Logs, they are the perfect resource to learn how you should give out punishments and how to act during them.
  • Study the AOC
  • Attend briefings that are related to the AOC.
SCP Recontainment
For the Sergeant Test, you will be tested on your knowledge of ALL LCZ and Upper HCZ SCPs recontainments. There are a couple things you can do to prepare for this portion of the training.
  • Use the knowledge in action during breaches. There is no better time to see how much you know then during a breach.
  • Study up on the MOTD and SSO training document
  • Attend briefings that are related to SCP recontainment

Step 3: Success!
You did it! You've passed the Training and you've finally become a Sergeant!
The only way to go now, is up! Next Step: Lieutenant!
This guide was last updated on 1/28/19.

Being a Sergeant means you have one of the most important jobs on the server. Sergeants are more than likely to be a players first introduction to the server, and that means actions YOU make will be a deciding factor on whether or not they stay in the community. Your attitude and the way you act towards new SOs and Trainees will be reflective of not only General Security, but of the entire server. We expect you to be a good impression on new players, and I hope that you’ll be able to show what Concordia is like

Captain Aurora
General Security Captain
January 28th, 2019


Also don’t be scared to go on Teamspeak. If SOC see you on teamspeak, then your chances of being added increase exponentially.
So, what are the chances of you being noticed if one does not have a microphone? I feel that mute people are easily ignored by SOC most of the times.


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