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How to make a Suggestion

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Have a suggestion? Post it in this section. There are a couple rules we would like you to follow.

Suggestions for new SCPs must use the SCP format in the Suggestion section.

1. Use proper grammar so we can actually read it.

2. Post a suggestion, not a demand.

3. Do not post in all caps.

4. Explain the problem then explain your solution.

5. After you post, check in on your thread. Sometimes people ask questions.

6. If you are suggesting a model change post a link from the steam workshop. State which job should get the model.

7. If you are suggesting a Swep either post a link from the steam workshop or explain what you would like it to do if it needs to be custom made. State which jobs should get the swep.

8. If suggesting a new job include:
-Name of Job
-What Division it is a part of (Security, MTF, CI, Research, Foundation, Class D, Serpent's Hand, etc.)
-Number of players who can become it
-What it does/why it should be added
-Any rules for it
-Where it should spawn
-Should it be whitelisted?
-VIP only? If so what rank.
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