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How to suggest a new SCP

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We get A LOT of suggestions for SCPs to be added to the Serious SCP RP server. Most of them get instantly denied. Here is how to get your SCP added:

Is it a custom class? (Meaning only you get to play as it)
If the answer is Yes, there is basically no chance of it ever being added.

Can it instantly destroy the world?
Why the fuck would we add something that could destroy the world?

Does it require something major like an aquarium or other dimension to be added to the map?
People suggest fish SCP more than you could ever imagine. 99% of those you cannot even interact with outside of testing which the test is 99% of the time a guy getting ripped apart by a shark or something. Even if accepted, it will be multiple months between map updates.

Examples: Fish SCPs, Space SCPs, Anything resembling 106 with his pocket dimension, time traveling scp, The skull SCP that sends you back to Nazi Germany, the Gasmask SCP that sends you to Russia, the glory hole scp, the time-crowave, the locker closet thing with the maze, the key scp with the spooky forest, the giraffe scp, and anything else to do with space or portals or other dimensions or time travel.

Do not Suggest SCP: 297, 860, or 2521

Is it a Joke SCP?
Besides the Buttghost, we are not doing any joke SCPs.

Can it RP?
There are different types of SCPs. You have the RPers, The Killing Machines, the objects and the helpers.
Some SCPs cross between multiple of these types, for example 682,106,049 and 035 can all be killing machines or RPers. 173 I consider more of a killing machine. I know you can do tests on him but in those tests the person playing as 173 doesn't do any actual rp beyond waiting for someone to blink. 079 is a good example of an RPer because he cannot directly kill you. An object would be like SCP 500 (Healing pills), or SCP 294 (Vending machine). A Helper would be 131 or 999.

Examples of SCPs commonly demanded that would add nothing to RP:

The half cat
The baby pterodactyl
The guy who can't see anyone else
The Shia Labeouf guy

We do still accept SCPs that at least can breach and be recontained but being a serious server we would prefer more RP based SCPs. 076 and 939 were both great because they can both go mass murdering if they breach but 076 can assist the MTF/Security and 939 can be tested on and requires RP to communicate and work with your pack (If played correctly).

Did you read the entire page of the SCP?
Read the whole thing before you say hey this should be added. SCPs usually have a weird twist or something that would make it not fit in on our server.

I might add more to that top part but for now I will do this bottom part.
If you made it through that part and your SCP is not disqualified then continue to fill this out completely.



1. Type the SCP's Number/Name and post a link to the wiki page.

2. Post a link to a model from the steam workshop. If you don't have a model delete your post now.

3. Post a link to any sweps it would need from the workshop or list the sweps that are already in the server it could use.

4. Explain how it would work. (Rules, Gameplay, RP, breaching, interacting with other SCPs, recontainment, ect)

5. How many people can become the job at one time?

6. What would its cell need to look like? (Keep in mind it requires the map to be edited so nothing too crazy or big)

7. Why would we want this on the server?
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