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ID 33 Jan's Hammer


Big Guy
Retired Staff
Name: Jan's Hammer

Description: What is it?
A gambled-20-hammer that once it whacks something an identical copy of the item it whacks pops up right next to it. The gambler says that "lifetime will depend on the item".

Living: Y/N N

Sentient: Y/N N

Hazard: Is it a Cognito, Memetic, or Info hazard? Explain how it is dangerous. No Dangers

Contained: Is it contained? If so, who has the item? On my waist.

Containment Procedures: Have we found a reasonable way to keep it contained? If so, how? No need for containment

Necessary Equipment: What gear should we have when around the item? Do we need weapons? No need for equipment

Location: Where is it currently? With me.

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