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Important SID Shit Moved to the 7th (Completed)

Captain Fubar

Epic Tier
There will be a 735/035 cross-test around 5pm pst tomorrow, if you have a SID Whitelist it is important you get on the server for that time
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RE: SCP-035 and SCP-735 Crosstest
The test has been rescheduled to DECEMBER 7TH, 2018 at 5:00PM PST.

Reason: The giant containment breach of 106, 035, 049, 457, and 682.

Good job to everyone involved in the recontainment efforts.
- Dr. Uduakobong

Doc Biggums

Time to get PK'd my nibbas. Well that's assuming my mom will give me back my computer cus i missed the bus :(

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