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IRUC Proposal: Project Sandy Cascade


Retired Staff
Project Name: Sandy Cascade

Proposed By: Researcher Calix Cade

Researchers Involved: If you are interested please find me around the base or find a way to get in contact with me.

Proposal: I would like to work on the capturing or killing of the super worm that is out in the desert. I would also like to test its structural DNA and figure out where it may have come from, what it is doing here and what it is capable of. we understand little to nothing about this anomaly that is very dangerous.
We have a sample of the worms DNA and would like to begin testing this DNA to see what it is capable of or what it is doing here.

Benefits: This will benefit the CI by letting us understand what is out in the desert as we do not really understand all that much about it. It would give us the terrain advantage against the MTF the more we know.

Requested Materials: Worms DNA and the part that we cut off the worm.
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I like this idea. It wouldn’t require too much extra work to get going, and this project can just be suspended until we have more complete samples IF the things return.

This is just my suggestion of course as I have no authority with projects.

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Understandable but we should be trying to get any information on this as any information can help and or lead to something greater.



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Board of Directors
As Dr. Cade is now deceased, someone else will need to resubmit this proposal.


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