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Jason Dickens Member Application


Forum Rookie
1. In-game name: Jason Dickens (Main)
2. Teamspeak name: Jason Dickens (Main)
3. Steam name and ID: Name : Jason ID: STEAM_1:0:94097942
4. What Concordia server(s) do you play on?: SCP:RP
5. Tell us about yourself (150 Words Minimum): A 13 year old kid just having fun playing some serious SCP:RP. I enjoy supporting our police officers and riding bikes. But overall gaming has completely consumed my soul and I invest plenty of time into it. I've been playing SCP:RP Since coffee was a THING, and you could actually drink it anytime you want. I've been apart of the community quite some time, applying for different jobs and such. I ran for my middle school track team, don't worry....I was garbage at it. I stride to become a police officer someday to show my gratitude to all of them. When I grow up, If i'm not dead from a murder, or anything else of the sorts, then I wish to have a conceal and carry license, and earn a Bachelors Degree In Criminal Justice. And the thing I hate the most is when people say.... OnLy 90'S KiD's wIlL UnDeRsTanD, and it's something from like 2008. YEAH I'VE PLAYED WITH THOSE TOO. Bakugan, Those Werid Beans, All that stuff.
6. Why do you want to be a member of Concordia?: Well, I've been playing for quite some time and have decided that I should become one some day.
7. Who referred you (optional)?: N/A
8. Approximate play time on Concordia game servers: Well, Probably around 136 Hours?
9. What came first, Ranch or Cool Ranch?: Cool Ranch?
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