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Leif (Serpent's Hand)


Staff member
Board of Directors


[NAME]: Leif Henriksen

[DATE OF BIRTH]:6/19/1994

[SEX]: Male

[NATIONALITY]: Norwegian

[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Foteviken, Norway


[OCCUPATION]: Praefectus praetorio


[AFFILIATION]: Serpent's Hand, The Universalist Order of the Æsir


Antique family dagger
Library Card
Wanderer's garbs
A Gold Ring

Daemon Hand
Magic Tape
Totem of Inertia
Glover than Gloves
SCP-268 (Serpent Hat)
SCP-1388 (Underwear)
SCP-043 (Beatles' Album)
SCP-1022 (Lab Coat) [Bloody]
SCP-846 (Robot)
SCP-942 (Gumball Machine)
SCP-958 (General Beep)
SCP-993 recordings (CD)
SCP-733-01 (Scissors)
SCP-733-02 (Diary)
SCP-287 (Viking Sword)
SCP-113 (Gender Bender)
Pointy Paintbrush
Elite Archivist Scroll
A bag of holding with $9,990,000 USD in Hacksilver
The Mirror
The Green Rock

"Cool Bracelet Gold Magic Bracelet"
Pingu Mask
Finger Trap
Transmission Boots
Book of Dupes
Infinity Gauntlet
Super Smart Phone
Infinite Ink Pen
Tiny Hat
The Skull Staff of Equality
Bag of holding

[NOTES]: Able to use Rune Magik.

(Fehu) Wealth, Property, New Beginnings, Hamingja, Luck, Charisma, Mana

(Ur) Endurance, Formation, Stamina, Life Force, Healing, Courage

(Thurisaz) Physical Strength, Resistance, Giant, Thor, Lightning

(Ansuz) Speech, Odin

(Raidho) Ride, Journey, Transportation

(Kenaz) Knowledge, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Art

(Gebo) Gift, Trade, Offering, Honor, Hospitality, Generosity

(Wunjo) Joy, Perfection, Hope, Harmony, Friendship

(Hagalaz) Hail, Air, Rapid Change

(Naudiz) Need, Conflict, Drama, Effort, Consequence

(Isa) Ice, Stillness, Cold

(Jera) Harvest, Cycles, Progress, The Seasons, Time

(Eiwaz) Yggdrasil, Death, Dream, Communication between levels, Spiritual Vision

(Perthro) Potential, Fate, Norns

(Algiz) Protection, Valkyries

(Sowilo) Sun, Light, Success, Faith, Mental Fortitude

(Tiwaz) Justice, Sacrifice, Law, Tyr

(Berkano) Growth, Rebirth, Renewal, Purification

(Ehwaz) Trust, Teamwork, Animals, Horses

(Mannaz) Mankind, Human Soul

(Laguz) Water, Ocean, Astral Plane, Evolution

(Inguz) Personal Development, Power of Suggestion, Rituals, Release

(Dagaz) Invisibility, Day, Paradox, Hyper-Consciousness

(Othala) Ancestry, Inheritance, The Past, Security


[HEIGHT]: 6'2


[HAIR COLOR]: Dirty Blonde

[BODY BUILD]: Muscular but not bulky.

[SKIN TONE]: Pale due to usually wearing his suit.

[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: His Wanderer's Garbs. Sometimes wears his mask. Serpent Tattoo on his left hand.



[LIKES]: Eavesdropping, hunting, spying, discovering, magic, mythology
[DISLIKES]: Complex tech, cars, planes, feeling like prey.



Loki - "The bringer of Ragnarok"

Rust - "He was once a great friend, but couldn't control himself. I miss who he was, not who he died as."
Pingu - "Pingu has no regard for human life and consumes souls for the fun of it. Working for Hel is actually the perfect occupation for him."
Aurora - "Pingu's....assistant?...girlfriend?"
Nidhogg - "A dragon who seems to constantly get in my way."
Delzer - "A disappointment."
Thanos - "Killed half of a universe."

The Blob - "His lust for power turned him into a statue. He was also a blob for a while. Then he died. Truly a modern day tragedy."
Luiz - "I hope he didn't lose the orb."
Connor - Haven't seen him in a while."
Tyrfing - "A powerful, enchanted blade. It's a great tool, but comes with a great risk."
Darius - "A powerful ally to have."
SCP-1520 - "Wish he had more to offer."

Blue - "The Horse Slayer. One of Midgard's greatest heroes."
The Hand - "Chopping off that thing's hand was one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. I wish I got the other one."
Isaac - "Has potential."
Montague - "Serves the best mead I've ever had."

Psyche - "I used to not care who he was, then he put on the mask."
Grim - "Grim is terrifyingly powerful."


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