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List of Anomalous Organizations


Staff member
Board of Directors
The Committee: The United States Congress Joint Committee on the Anomalous oversees the various anomalous departments within the Federal Government

National Security Council: The national security council has some knowledge of the anomalous and advises the president on anomalous and non-anomalous issues that involve national security

DOD: Various high ranking military officers throughout the Department of Defense have at least some knowledge of the anomalous as well as numerous special forces groups and some low ranking individuals who have at least incidental knowledge of various anomalous phenomenon

DAA: The Department of Anomalous Affairs is the overarching department within the Department of Homeland Security that coordinates between all anomalous agencies and non-anomalous agencies

UIU: The Unusual Incidents Unit is a department within the FBI which deals with general anomalous incidents and answers to the FBI and the DAA

ADA: The Anomalous Defense Agency is a department directly under the DAA which deals with incidents that involve legitimate anomalous or non-anomalous businesses that end up in an anomalous situation

SAC: The Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Center is a part of the CIA that attempts to capture useful anomalies outside of the country as well as performs political assassinations and undermines hostile groups and governments

USSS: The United States Secret Service deals with anomalous and non-anomalous threats against important top-level government officials as well as anomalous and non-anomalous crimes involving counterfeiting and financial fraud

JATF: The Joint Anomalous Task Force is an armed task force under the DOD that carries out operations similar to SAC

AOD: The Anomalous Outreach Division is a group within the Department of State that coordinates with other governments in matters of the anomalous

USAF SRG: The United States Air Force Special Research Group is a group that works with repairing, reverse engineering, and developing anomalous or quasi anomalous technology
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