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Macy Annabelle Dimick (CUB)


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Macy Annabelle Dimick
New York
Camp Half-Blood, Camp Under-Blood
Ancient Greek
Iris (Mother)
Tereesa (Sister)
Alexia (Sister)
- Turned into a woman by Artemis.
- Appearance changed by Hermaphroditus, as well as having her physiology to be that of a girls.
- Blessed by Philotes to be more extroverted and social.
- No memory of being Marcus.
- Killed 35 Spiders in her life.
- Possesses Photokineses (The Manipulation of Light)
- Very good at scooting
- Naturally good with Pegasi and driving
- Rainbow painted ring that turns into a Xiphos.
- iPhone X with Jennifer and Ruby's number
- School Notebook & Pen


A Gorgon is a half human half snake creature with generally horrifying features. Medusa, one of the 3 Gorgon, possesses the ability to turn people to look at her face to stone, while the other 2 do not.


Gorgons were originally created when Poseidon took notice of a priest to Athena. The priest, known as Medusa, was sworn to chastity so she could spend her time worshipping the virgin goddess Athena. Shortly after, Medusa and Poseidon fell in love and laid together, which angered Athena, causing her to curse the priest and her two sisters into becoming snake like creatures.

Medusa was defeated by Perseus by using the reflection of his shield to look at her while fighting. After slaying the beast, she was still dangerous to look at even after death, as if anyone looks at the head of Medusa even after death, they will turn to stone.
All 3 Gorgons will also drop a spoil of war, their blood. Gorgon blood is unique, the right side capable of healing and regenerating any wound, similar to water from the River Phlegethon, only without the slight chance of a painful and fiery death. Blood from the left side will cause a incurable and painful death however. There is no way to tell which side of the blood is which.
Sea of Monsters

The Sea of Monsters is a very large and vast body of water that is so large that even mist can fully hide it from mortals. Due to this, they have named this location as the 'Bermuda Triangle.'

The Sea of Monsters is responsible for multiple disappearances of mortals as the mist cannot fully hide it, making them give it the name of the Bermuda Triangle.

Circe, others ???
Hunters of Artemis

some virgin goddesses who hunt stuff cant love lalalalala ---~ ● ■
X x x □ ■ □

:3 :D ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
C ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
this is me pretending to write so he thinks im actually doing my work while keeping my hand infront of it so you never see it abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz




Short Hair
Feminine Appearance
*When she wakes up she will find that she looks like Macy again, but different. Her figure is more feminine, with a small waist and larger hips meeting a 7:10 waste to hip ratio. Your hair looks much healthier and is now longer then the short cut you had originally, now going down to your shoulders.*


ADHD, Dyslexia
Being Alone
The Dark
  • 90's Music, mainly classic rock such as Queen
  • Romance novels
  • Arts of all kinds
  • Color variation
  • Success
  • Helping people
  • Angry people
  • Overconfidence, Ego's

Samuel, or Sam, is the brother of Oswald and is a smith himself. He answered many of my questions, gave me a tour around the place, and even helped me with figuring out how to get hints on who my parent may be, which in the end got me to where I am today. Thanks, Samuel.

...he's dead. I'm sorry, and I wish you the best of luck in the afterlife.

I was told that she and some other woman was killed during the break in at the police station. I'm sorry I didn't help you. I'll see you soon enough, though I don't know what I'll say... I'll make sure to save a drachma for you.

Another child who resides in the Hermes cabin. She told me a bit about herself as did I, but she has yet to find out who her parent may be. I'd like to give her a hand, considering how quickly I've figured it out myself.

Plausibly is a child of Hermes. Each time I talk to her she ends up ending the conversation early and just walks off.

She's dead, I think. Wouldn't of worked out well anyway, she didn't seem interested. Best of luck in the afterlife.

I just genuinely don't like you. Stop sticking your nose in places it doesn't belong.

He's dead. I.. didn't like him, but he shouldn't of died because of it. Rest in peace.




She wasn't very helpful when I got to camp, considering she threatened me at a vulnurable moment. Unfortunately, it seems she died as Sean told me not too long ago. Rest in peace.

She's now a suit of armor??

Seriously, how does the Aphrodite kid get into a relationship with a SUIT OF ARMOUR?

It doesn't really matter anymore, since we won't see eachother again, but I forgive you. I just wish you weren't so angry all of the time.

I've heard bad things but I've never really met you. Gone now anyway, so it doesn't matter, I guess..

The Police
As if you'd just sit there while there's stuff going down the hall. You're just doing your jobs, though..

Just fuck you, Josh. Honestly.


I don't hate him, but he most definitely scares me and I'd prefer to remain on his good side or at the very least a good 100ft away from him.

I wonder how he's doing.

She doesn't even know what her powers are, let alone who her parents are, but she's already going on a quest. Good luck, I guess...

I'm afraid she's dead... I wish I could've helped you sooner.

He's kind of weird, but he also runs the infirmary and seems very capable. I just get weird vibes from the guy.

I won't see him around anymore. That's a good thing I suppose.

I don't really know what to say about him. I don't like him but I feel bad.

I don't like her... but Julie does. So I guess we're just.. both with Julie now."

He's a very helpful and nice kid. He helped me out of my stone bindings while answering any and all questions I had for him at the time. Apparently he's some sort of smith who resides inside of the Hephaestus Cabin with his brother, Samuel. Becoming friends with them both can be incredibly advantageous considering their skills, not to mention that they're just generally helpful and cool to be around.

He came up to my cabin a few days ago to ask me if I can make a mold for him to make gears for the bull. I trust that you know what you're doing with that thing.

Oh lord, he's been hit by the same thing I was with.

Well, good luck in camp, Oswald. I won't be around anymore, and I wish you the best of luck with that love business.

Caitlin, Alex and I were responsible for saving him. It went pretty well, aside from me acting like an idiot. I showed him around and it seems like he trusts me, so I'm glad I've gotten an ally. I hope he proves useful.


Well, nevermind. Nothing really came out of it, but uh, thanks for trying and caring enough to do something.

Prison buddies! Woo!

And we were separated. Good luck..

I hope you don't hate me... I just need help.

He's really cool and the son of the Queen of the Seas! I hope we can talk more.

You were scary at first, but I can see you're a caring father to your sons all the same. Thank you for a chance, I won't let you or your son down.

A cute antisocial badass spider bitch. Hates Elena though.

She opened up to me a little but I don't know if she hates me more or less after that one night.

Kicked ass in the tournament

Nearly beat Octavius in a fight but lost to me. Good try.

Has some really cool wings, also pretty trustworthy. I'd like to chat some more sometime.

Dragon kid, super badass.

Thanatos kid, neat wings, though has an interesting tactic of skewering himself in battle. Good friend of Josh.

He's got an ego, but he's basically a better demigod in every way.

We're also prison buddies now. Woot.

And.. not anymore. I'd wish you good luck in escaping prison but I don't think you really need it. Have fun..?

Thanks for your permission. And the gift.

I'm so sorry I let your daughter die. I will do anything for your forgiveness.


Iris, goddess of Rainbows, is my mother. The first week wasn't too bad, and I even got claimed within the first few days. Thanks for that, by the way. She sent both Tereesa and I a gift of 15 Drachma, as well as a some joints. It seems like those disappeared though, sad.

The barrier went down out of nowhere, and when I ran back to my cabin, sure enough there were some portals made by Iris to get us out. Thanks, I owe you big time.

Thanks for the not help, mom.

That's messed up. I can make my own decisions, regardless of if they land me in prison or not. Why would you put a light kid in the land of darkness?!

I just don't know anymore. Sorry for being a disappointment..

Alex is my brother sister and got rescued a few days after I did. I'm trying to help him out as much as I can but he doesn't seem to be as open to me, which is understandable after blinding AND burning him. Sorry.

Sorry for not hanging out with you as often. And for having that giant literally crush you.

You can be pretty difficult at times. Nothing personal, I'm just interested in other things at the moment.

Why are you a girl? What even.

Looks like we're both girls, but something is bothering her deeply about that kid McIntyre. I have an idea what happened but I REALLY hope it isn't what I think it is.

Well, I mean, I thought you were into Angela, never knew you'd be gay, but uh, you do you I guess. Hate to see you get used like that because you were curious.

Sorry for blinding you and all that...

Well, she already forgave me, and on the same day opened up and told me her issues. She looked genuinely happy for once, and I hope I put her bad thoughts to rest.

Will you ever forgive me..?

I guess we can start from the beginning again...

And now all you do is stay with McIntyre.. great.

I'm so sorry. Where did you go?

Well... I'm glad you're safe, but I really wish we could've met under different circumstances. At least we got booze now.

Sean is an Aphrodite kid, that much is obvious considering how he makes me feel.

Not too long ago, Sean came to Alex and I to ask us to accompany him to talk to some harpies. It went better than expected.

Sean trusted me enough to tell me about Leandra and how distraught he was. Well, not really trusted, he was just vulnurable. Sorry, anyway.

I signed an 'IOU' in exchange for some clothes, but I'm not too worried about that.

Wow.. Artemis turned him into a full fledged girl. Too bad I won't see them anymore.. best of luck up there with Leandra.

She participated in the tournament and we had time to talk.. I've told them more than I've ever had before to anyone else, and I don't regret it. Maybe things could've worked in some other life, but I'm completely fine with just having someone I can trust. Thank you.

I kinda wish you'd stay..

And she wants to stay, but not only that, used her powers on me. It's less of a crush and more of like, 'she's the one', you know? I think we could actually get something going. Fun to mess with, too.

Aaaand it's official, she feels the same about me. Woo!
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Updated relationships and added reference picture. I've always known what he looked like but couldn't find a good picture, but then I realized I was thinking of him looking like this dunce from a movie. Best I've got, really.


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The fucking photo is from Clash of the Titans.
Yeah I know, I literally thought of him looking like that but didn't know where the look came from until this morning. It's this or a tumblr boy, and remember its a reference, not 100% accuracy. I was desperate too.

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