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Manager Lannister

Magic man


[NAME]: Robert Lannister
[DATE OF BIRTH]: January 17th, 1983
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: White
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Berlin, Germany
[OCCUPATION]: Area Manager
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: KSK Major, SID LT, Provost Marshal, general security captain.
[AFFILIATION]: Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: German, French, English and Russian
[NOTEWORTHY RELATIVES]: Father Deceased and Mother alive
[TROPHIES]: Bundeswehr Cross of Honour for Valour. Old SID patch that he keeps in his pocket.
[NOTES]: Seems extremely distrusting. Medically trained as an FMO.


[HEIGHT]: 6'2/187 cm
[WEIGHT]: 149 pounds
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[SKIN TONE]: White


[LIKES]: SCP's, Big Guns and Brezel's.
[DISLIKES]: Liars and Traitors.



Old people: God they give me the creeps particularly after seeing 106....

SID heavy Jackman: He tried to kill me what a bastard.

The Void: I fucking hate this thing. Why do we still have it, who fucking knows it has already taken so many.

The Book: who the fuck wrote this......

Pizza Anomaly: The fuck man so many people turned into pizzas the fuck

Doctor Weaver: What a guy, hes quite funny and seems to be somewhat smart so hey I trust him more or less. Not with a gun though. What a fucking idiot you will pay for what you did.

Manager Walker: What a cunt, fucking randomly mugging people and assaulting me what an ass. I think he deserves whatever punishment awaits him.

People with weird uniforms: These people always end up causing trouble or coming out of nowhere and ordering everyone around.

Vault testing: Fuck me i want to sleep for half of that it.

Area XYZ: Christ this is one hell of a place to work, despite it all I find that every time I come on area I see new fresh replacements having no idea what is in store for them.
That MTF who locked me out of gate A: Fuck that guy.


Gensec: They seem OK sometimes they are really dumb but i mean every branch has those kinds of issues. At the request of the security chief I have transferred to Gensec they are my new home and i hope to see this branch go far.

MTF: I don't know, sometimes they are cool and smart other times they seem to turn into idiots.

Geoff: Seems very laid back.

Security chief Evan: He's my security chief how can I not like him. Has interesting ideas for punishment though. convinced me to transfer to Gensec seems like a good choice so far. I Believe he may be retiring soon good for him.

Lieutenant Caboose: The shit we have gone through man i don't know anymore.

SID BCU Train: Seems like a cool guy he saw the Book with me.

Transformation Anomaly: The fuck happened man. I got turned into shit we all did, it was kinda cool though.

SID BCU Micheal: Seems like a good BCU i hope he survives longer than some of the others.

SID Chan: Good at their job actually has a sense of humor and is a cool person in my opinion.

Provost Kane: Good asg seems like a decent person and generally is level headed.

Medical LT Pine: Seems like a good MRU I don't fully trust them yet but they seem like a relatively competent person.

Head Marshal Thompson: He's a good marshal, lasted longer then the previous one at least. He was my replacement I hope he does a good job.

Marshal Santana: Good marshal, very thorough with his evaluations.

Marshal Hunt: good ad his job when he is on area.

Maim: A good LT defiantly a good fit within Medical and Provost alike.

Doctor Yates: Despite the circumstances of our first interactions, Yates has shown that he is more then trustworthy and seems to be acting in the best interests of the foundation as a whole.

Provost Branch: Cool people I would trust all of them with my life.

Area Director Grey: He's a calm and collected individual with a good sense of humor. He's also my boss so yea. He's a manager now which is cool I got transferred to takeover provost which is nice. He is now soon to be Area director.

SID: They have gone through so much in recent days yet they continue to try and work they are truly brave. They will always have a special place with me.

Mum: You will always have a place in my heart.
Dad: I will soon join you.

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