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Marshal Brandt

Salty SeaCaptain

Previously known as "David Cook."

[NAME]:Manfried Brandt
[DATE OF BIRTH]:06/10/91
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: (Munich, Germany)
[OCCUPATION]: Provost Marshal
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: Gensec SSO/GSG9 Sergeant/Bundeswehr Stabsgefreiter (Corpral)
[AFFILIATION]: Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: German, English
[TROPHIES]: M9 bayonet given to him by an American comrade during a UN deployment to Iraq.
[NOTES]: Promoted to Marshal 12/10/19


[HEIGHT]: 6’,4”
[WEIGHT]: 172lbs (78 Kg)
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[SKIN TONE]:Soft white
[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: Scar from a stab wound to his left leg.


[MENTAL DISABILITIES]:Depressive Tendencies
[LIKES]: Americans, Comradery, Coffee, Daydreaming.
[DISLIKES]: Horror/getting spooked, Pretentiousness.


CI- "They are back, and in greater numbers." "Fuck you and your disgusting infiltrators."

'Santino'- "I don't know what it is about him, but he makes me uneasy. I have a feeling we will come to a crossroads real soon." "You disgust me on so many levels, and yet you are untouchable. "Despite personal opinions, having him leave was a bit.... melancholy. Hard to put in words the impact he had here."


Director Powell- "The less he tells me to control 'Santino' the better."

Head Marshal Riker- "Took one look at us and decided he had better things to do."
Marshal McIntyre- " (Short Pause) "He's okay, can't say I'm positive or negative about him."
Provost Banks "(Several Seconds of Silence)."

Head Marshal Radcliffe- "Hes a great leader, one I would consider a comrade. Can't complain about him letting me into his branch." " You make me think twice about my life's work. Nevertheless, good luck out there."
Americans- "They have certainly grown on me since my UN day's. Quite a few here worth talking to."
GSU Kibaz [KIA]- "You have grown on me since we first met, you seem competent and friendly. Maybe we can get closer given time." "What a shame, had to be next to Santino didn't you."
Provost Indigo- "An American, all around great guy, certainly not a bore to work around."
Marshal Provost SSO Rhys- "Haven't really formed an opinion on him yet." "He does his job well, can't complain." "Back to MP I see, probably never gonna see you again." " I was right"
Provost Eklund- "You have the potential just have to get around to doing your training." "Did that training, make me proud."

Lt Horno- "No matter how many SO's we demote we will still be brothers. I just hope you trust me as much as I trust you."
Marshal Provost Maverick- "Decent." "You have come into your own since you've become Marshal. I really connected in our plight and general depression that work brings. Thanks for helping me through it." "Abandoned me, but I'll forgive you."


Provost Cornil- "This man has seen some shit that even I wasn't around for, to be where he is now is honestly heartbreaking and an atrocity. However I seek to give him something that no one else will."

Johan Brandt- "My charming son back home, hope school is treating him well. I miss him."

Leah Brandt- "My high school sweetheart, may nothing stand between us."

Lately with the Radcliffe incident and the repeated idiotic nature of both my Branch and other members of SOC I get this sinking feeling. I've been very depressed lately and frankly have been taking it a little hard on the coffee. I think it might be time for a good break.
The sinking feelings have come true, the branch is beginning to fall apart, Riker the new guy barley lasted a week before he wanted out. Maverick and Rhys went back to being MPs which means I'm the last one standing. It seemed like leadership wanted to replace Riker with a fucking MP instead of a Marshal, Management shut that one down but I have a feeling that no one trusts me to run the branch and revive it. All I know is that I might be in charge or retired after this is all over.
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