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Marshal Parker


Forum Rookie

[NAME]: Melvin Parker
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 10/23/1989
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: Arab, English
[NATIONALITY]: United States American
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Columbus, Ohio (USA)
[OCCUPATION]: Provost Marshal
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: SSgt in USMC, Senior Security Officer, Provost MP
[AFFILIATION]: SCP Foundation (Provost Branch)
[LANGUAGES]: English
[NOTEWORTHY RELATIVES]: Malik Parker, Rose Parker, Tavin Parker
[TROPHIES]: Youth 13/14 wrestling champion
[NOTES]: Has a lot of hate for people who get sex changes.


[HEIGHT]: (6'2)
[WEIGHT]: 210 lbs
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph leaning towards endomorph
[SKIN TONE]: Beige
[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: Abnormal amount of unibrows, has to clear his throat a lot.
[PHYSICAL DISABILITIES]: None (at least I hope there isn't one hidden)


[ADDICTIONS]: Urinating in bottles and other places that aren't the toilet.
[LIKES]: Other partially Arabic people. Kind people. Strong people.
[DISLIKES]: Nerdy people. People who are smart but very weak. Transgenders.



CI Heavies: If there was anything below this part, you would definitely be put there, fuck you all.
CI Commander: Still didn't want to stop firing in that surface war so it caused the death of an MTF and heavy damage to ASGs, but you guys took more casualties so they can thank you for the deaths of some CI all because you didn't take our offer to stop the surface war.

CI that aren't Heavies: I'll give you some slack just because you aren't too much of tanks yourselves.
Mingy SO's: Don't know how any of you got SO but it's a good thing that we are quick to demote you all.
Marshal March: He's a good Marshal but he just tends to not speak to me when I speak to him.
Provost Miers: Good guy I guess, worked as a Marshal, just wish he was a bit more active as a Marshal.
Provost Jager: Starting to get to know him a bit more, he talks a little more side conversation than other provosts.
SSO's: You guys make fairly good role models for lower ranks, but sometimes y'all just do bad things that make people mad at you.
Majority of GenSec Sergeants: Y'all do good at your jobs, but I can't a hold of many of you enough to get to know you.
Marshal Santana: A good Marshal that enforces rules and all, I don't run into him too much on area, so I can't get to know him that well, apart from that he hosted my first evaluation and he hosts plenty of SIMs.
Senior Officer Ruckus: You are an oddball I must say, funny, but at the wrong times.

Sergeant Lieutenant Griffith: A good Sergeant that I get to know somewhat well, he deals with GenSec that make silly mistakes when I ask him, and he will have side conversations from time to time, but he also does his job well as a Sergeant as I've seen from observing him in 173 cleanings. Good job on the promotion to Lieutenant.
Security Captains: These guys are good at watching over their branches and deserve some respect because of how hard they worked for their positions, and they've done nothing to lose them.
Provost Miller: Just likes to eat beans and station himself at the surface tower to watch over CI, but when he isn't doing that I spend time patrolling with him.
Marshal Hunt: A guy who seems to be very open to questions, learned a lot by asking him so many questions. He also trained me for Provost, so that makes me respect him a little more.
MTF: Yeah, don't see them a lot, but they are respectable because they actually appreciate when people help them.
Marshal March: A good Marshal who will go around and do what he must and when he must and when he does he is good at it. When I first saw March he looked like he'd been a Marshal for at least a month or two because when I was SSO he showed authority from what I saw and got things under control quick. He's noticed me on area, I've definitely got to know him more since I joined Provost and I feel as though we will get to know each other more as we go. He doesn't mind a little side conversation so long as he has finished all his duties beforehand, overall I think he seems like a good person to me. I will always remember you in memory man, didn't think I'd be around to see you go like that, sorry dude.

Provost MRU Amir: A competent MRU who has saved my ass from pretty bad wounds, he's also been a part of 2 of my recent interrogations and had kind of a helping role in them.
Head Marshal Lannister: Trained me for SSO, learned a lot by patrolling with him, and he fits as a Head Marshal from what I have seen, he also doesn't pose as a scary guy.
Provost Jager: A good friend of mine in the provost branch and I can almost see him as a brother of mine, one that doesn't always fight with his brothers but shows respect and does stuff with his brothers. I've seen him around much and he looks like he will go places around here. I like you a lot Jager, I have nothing against you at all. I'll miss you and all dude, you didn't need to go shoot that lizard even though it killed your friend Xol, now I lost you and Xol man...

Abdelrahman Parker: A great dad, to be honest, he let me do wrestling when I wanted to, unlike mom, and he also let me go out of the house a lot and what not, good as a dad, but I don't speak to him as much.
Rose Parker: You named me Melvin and people made fun of me because of it, can't blame you for it. You also didn't let me do as much as my dad let me. You still cooked for me and helped me with work when I was a child so I can still love you a lot.


[Honestly, I'll only wait for it to come to me, I'm not too loveable so I won't show it towards many people honestly.]​

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