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Marshal Santana



Miguel Santana
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 12/5/1990
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: White
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
[OCCUPATION]: Provost Marshal
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: Mando Subornidado, Armada de Mexico
[AFFILIATION]: The Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: Spanish and English
[NOTEWORTHY RELATIVES]: Luis Santana, Alejandro Santana, and Diego Santana
From a young age Santana showed a great passion towards the sea and the army he joined la Armada de Mexico as soon as he could and dedicated all of his time to it he Reinforce the Rules whiting the army and the law the best he could but eventually he learned that here on Mexico its better to look away and let some things past unseen, The Corruption Of his higher Ups, The Politics and all the drugs got Santana into a Depression thinking that all he Worked and all the Rules Followed didn't matter ass long as you had a good deal whit the higher ups you could get away whit it, He was Offered a Job on the Foundation not much was told to him about such job but he knew it was important and even tho getting away from the Sea and his Division he worked whit would hurt him Santana Decided to Accepted the Job and Became a Marshal


[WEIGHT]: 160 pounds
[EYE COLOR]: Brown
[BODY BUILD]: Mesoporfic
[SKIN TONE]: White


[LIKES]: The Sea, Sea Food, Dogs, Womens whit big hips, Morenas
[DISLIKES]: Corruption, Working hard for nothing, having to Objective



"Bucket Heads": This Fucked where soo damn hard to kill it took a lot of bullets to take them out and who knows if there's more out there I just haven't seen one in a while and I'm glad
"People Who Know how to talk their way out": These guys are dangerous they are can be hard to Notice, will often try to bend the rules to their favor and rely on you not being able to prove a certain thing and boy they can be dangerous I'm just glad they often don't get to high ups positions or last long altho I have spotted someone like this on a high position
Chaos Insurgency: At first I didn't want to hate the guys yeah I know foolish me hu, well I didn't want to hate them because who knows maybe they had good reason to do what they do but after being here for a while a realise that no matter their reasons it will never justify the things they have done

SCP-2337: Jesus this thing is fucking annoying I'm just glad he's not hostile
SCP-076-2: I can understand why he wants to fight all the time hell I have had that Feeling of wanting to fight someone strong but this guy takes it to the very limit and the worst is that no matter how many times he falls or how much he kills, he will always come back for more
Sargeant Lee: He tried doing an AOCs Seminar but kept freezing and asked a ´Provost to Help him out who eventually asked me to continue the Seminar, I guess he just still learning how to act like a high up and talk to a lot of ppl Who knows maybe in the future he will become really good
Marshal Lannister: an Ex SID LT I don't fully understand why he transferred to Provost but hey at least he can use the damn cubes in the armory
Provost Jager: A active Provost I see very often, he followed me all the way from LCZ to EZ claiming he had to protect me not sure what he really meant or if he's hiding something it was a pretty off behavior

Provost Malenkov
: The one Marshal I would work whit, we did a lot but he ended up resigning the position his still around but he also just to be HM but I wasn't around to see that
Head Marshal Grey: Well Now that Malenkov is Gone he's pretty much the only SOC I actually trust and like on Provost he was a really good British accent it's just like the ones you would hear in the movies
Security Chief Evan: a previous Gensec Captain, I like him better than the other chief since I feel like I have done more and interacted more whit him than the previous chief he also allowed undercover Operations again and oh boy I like those
Provost March: A pretty active Provost I see some potential on him, I like how he's a chill Provost I can Joke around whit it helps whit the Stress of dealing whit all those damn SOs
Agent Partage: I had a spar whit him, good shit I manage to beat him whit a choke hold he was cool about it, a good man hope to see him again
"Anyone Equal or Above SGT": if you got to that rank it usually means you know your way around and aren't stupid...Usually
SCP-912: The ultimate Cop he follows all rules by hard and he would never fall to being paid off or talked away by the guy he's arresting, I just wish I had more of this guys

Luis Santana
: My older Brother, i just wish he wouldn't have such bad behavior and would actually help at home
Alejandro Santana: My younger brother, He's a pretty quiet guy doesn't say or do much but I still prefer him over Luis
Melanie Santana: My only Sister, Shes the Sun that warms the heart of everyone on the Family I would go crazy if something bad happened to her
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