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Serious SCP-RP Rules

Last Updated: 6/27/2020
SCP-035, SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 rule changes to reflect the new SCP-049 mechanics.

Rules are in effect at all times.

SCP-082's personality for the month: Joker


Welcome to Concordia Gaming’s Serious SCP-RP Server!

We are a unique Serious-RP server that takes place within Area-XYZ, a Facility that is apart of the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation is an organization dedicated to containing the world’s anomalies and keeping them hidden from the public.

Compared to other servers, we are rather serious when it comes to RP so here are a few pointers to know when coming in:
  • /me - A command that is used to express your character through the chat, and roleplay various actions. Example: /me attempts to grabs the guard by the throat.
  • Counter /me - A counter /me is a /me that is meant to respond to an action that directly affects you. Failing to make a counter /me will result in the offender’s /me taking place. Example: /me ducks under [NAME]’s punch.
Be aware that not responding to/ignoring a /me is considered FailRP.

  • You have access to the following jobs which do not require a whitelist: D-Class, Security Trainee, SCP-173, SCP-735, SCP-131-A, SCP-131-B, and SCP-999
  • Make sure to read up on an SCP’s lore and rules before playing as that SCP.
  • A D-Class is a person typically from death row who has volunteered him or herself to scientific research. You will be used for testing on anomalies, and in exchange, after a full month of cooperation, you will be released into the world and pardoned of all charges. In character, you do not know what an SCP is. Therefore, you should not discuss them unless you hear Foundation staff talking about it. You also need a reason to escape the facility, not just because you want freedom; an example of this is discovering what SCPs really are, what D-Class are used for, Femur Breaker, etc.
  • What is a Security Trainee? A Security Trainee is a Level 1 Personnel who has been selected due to his experience in firearms and/or military experience. Hand-picked, you will be trained and taught the ropes of a Security Officer.
If you would like to become an SCP, a member of the Chaos Insurgency, or a member of the Research Division, you may apply on the forums for the job at https://www.concordiagaming.com/index.php. You may also donate for certain jobs. You may contact a member of the staff team using the @ command, make sure to describe your issue when doing so.


Table of Contents

Section A = General Rules
Section B = The Roll System
Section C = Server Occupations/SCPs Rules and Containment Rules
Section C-00- General Rules For SCP Foundation Jobs
Section C-01- Class D
Section C-02- Security Staff
Section C-03- Mobile Task Force
Section C-04- Research Staff
Section C-05- Area Director
Section C-05-1 - AIC Cromwell Rules
Section C-06- Chaos Insurgency
Section C-07- SCP-035 (Possessive Mask)
Section C-08- SCP-049 (Plague Doctor)
Section C-09- SCP-049-2 (The Zombie of SCP-049)
Section C-10- SCP-076 (Able)
Section C-11- SCP-082 (Fernand the Cannibal)
Section C-12- SCP-096 (The Shy Guy)
Section C-13- SCP-106 (The Old Man)
Section C-14- SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B (The "Eye Pods")
Section C-15- SCP-173 (The Sculpture)
Section C-16- SCP-208 (Bes)
Section C-17- SCP-263 (Cash or Ash)
Section C-18- SCP-343 (God)
Section C-19- SCP-457 (Burning Man)
Section C-20- SCP-550 (The Ghoul)
Section C-21- SCP-682 (The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile)
Section C-22- SCP-735 (Insult Box)
Section C-23- SCP-912 (Autonomous SWAT Armor)
Section C-24- SCP-914 (The Clockworks)
Section C-25- SCP-939 (With many voices)
Section C-26- SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster)
Section C-27- SCP-1036 (Nkondi)
Section C-28- SCP-1048 (The Builder Bear)
Section C-29- SCP-1048-A (The Ear Bear)
Section C-30 - SCP-1048-C (The Metal Bear)
Section C-31 - SCP-1048-D (The Flesh Bear)
Section C-32- SCP-1316 (Feline Espionage Device)
Section C-33- SCP-1370 (Pester Bot)
Section C-34- SCP-1437 (A Hole To Another Place)
Section C-35- SCP-2006 (Too Spooky)
Section C-36- SCP-2292 (Gorilla Beringei Necromantiae)
Section C-37- SCP-2300 (Periodic Golems)
Section C-38- SCP-2337 (Dr. Spanko)

Section D = Building Rules
Section E = Etiquette Towards Administrators
Section F = Roleplay Terms and Definitions


Chat commands

/me - Used to express your character through the chat, and roleplay various actions
/it - Used for 3rd person /me’s, describing your surroundings or the situation.
/roll - Used in the event that your action has a chance of being successful or a failure.(Each class has different roll bonuses. Refer to Section D)
/ooc - Used for Out of character statements that all users within the server can see.
/looc - Used for out of character statements that users in your immediate area can see
/yell - Allows you to yell incharacter and have a larger radius for others to see incharacter.
/w - Used to talk to players that are in your immediate vicinity.
@ - Used to contact staff members.
/rollbonus or /rollb - Used to see your character's roll bonuses.

In Character Advert Commands

/advert - Used to announce events on a server scale.
/pub - Used for public radio.
/F - Sends a chat message to all Foundation Personnel.
/ENG - Sends a message to all Foundation Engineers
/PRO - Sends a chat message to all Provost
/SEC Sends a chat message to all Security.
/MTF - Sends a chat message to all MTF.
/FHC - Sends a chat message to all Foundation High Command.
/RES - Sends a chat message to all Researchers.
/CI - Sends a chat message to all CI.
!p (Someones Name) - Send someone a whisper.


Section A - General Rules

  1. Do not start Random Death Matches (RDM) with other players. RDM may include scenarios such as: Purposely attacking another player without an in-RP reason, or hitting another player in unintentional crossfire.
  2. You must follow the rules of the role you are playing. For instance, researchers should not exit the foundation without a valid rp reason.
  3. Purposely disconnecting, suiciding, or ignoring a roleplay situation is Fail RP, and is a bannable offence.
  4. No Powergaming.
  5. When rping an action, use /me. Example: /me attempts to grabs the guard by the throat.
  6. Not responding to, or ignoring a /me is Fail RP.
  7. Do not run away from someone who is typing; they could potentially be typing a /me that could be used against you.
  8. If your /me affects another person and they attempt to counter you, participants will need to type /roll to decide the victor.
  9. Do not mic spam. Mic spamming is usually considered to be repeatedly saying a phrase without any in-RP reason, or playing sounds through your mic. What is and isn’t mic spam is decided by staff.
  10. Do not spawn kill or trap players in their spawn.
  11. You are to not speak or joke about the subject of DDoS or DOXXing, even in a roleplay situation.
  12. Do not use emojis in the chat.
  13. Players on the surface without a radio cannot hear public adverts (i.e. 076 wouldn’t hear MTF challenger advert when on the surface with no radio).
  14. Do not encourage others to break the rules from any section.
  15. No crafting items outside of the crafting system without an RP mod.
  16. You must roleplay during all scenarios. If you are OOC then you must use the chat (/ooc and /looc). Using your microphone is always considered in-character. Infringing this rule is FailRP. Name changes and verbally saying that you are OOC does not count. This includes changing your name to ‘OOC Building’ and such. Staff may overrule this for things such as sits.
  17. You must obey the NLR (New Life Rule) standard (see Section F for the definition).
  18. You must abide by FearRP (see Section F for the definition).
  19. You may not personally harass or attack other players.
  20. Do not bodyblock.
  21. The only people who are allowed to switch On/Off the power are: MTF, Area Director, Area Managers, Foundation Staff, Class D, CI, SCP-049, SCP-1036, SCP-682, SCP-1048, SCP-1316, SCP-1370 and SCP-035’s host provided a roleplay scenario.
  22. You are not to metagame under any circumstances. Metagaming is using OOC (Out of Character) information in-RP. For instance, dying by an SCP and then reporting that said SCP escaped containment is considered metagaming.
  23. RP situations can be affected by other RP situations. (You can get shot and killed during a RP situation by an outside force.)
  24. Do not perform fake rolls. Example (/me jack rolls 100 of 100 to 100.)
  25. You do not need to roll or /me to shoot.
  26. You must roll for melee combat if you do not have a swep.
  27. Do not abuse the fist swep (determined by staff).
  28. You CANNOT kidnap an afk player (this includes knocking them out).
  29. You cannot continuously close doors while someone is ramming or lockpicking the door.
  30. All SCPs are allowed to enter D-Block, except SCP-343.
  31. If something is not in the rules, or not clear enough, Admins have the final say.
  32. When an RP reset has happened, raids can only be held 30 minutes after the reset.
  33. You must specify the action you’re attempting to perform in a /me. You cannot type something like “/me Knocks out guard.”
  34. No rping or creating fake factions or groups of interest on the server without direct approval from the Server Manager, Founders or DVL of that faction.
  35. It is FailRP to defect to another faction without a roleplay reason. People caught doing this will get their whitelist removed permanently.
  36. Explosives cannot be used to destroy things or breach doors unless it is programmed or RP modded.
  37. You cannot have an improper name or the name of a “famous” person. Doing so will result in a ban if you refuse to change it.
  38. If you Fail RP while playing a job your whitelist will be removed (even if you are a donator).
  39. SCP’s need to roleplay the character, and not play to kill/wreak havoc.
  40. Speak proper english when in character, no “ayy lmao XD” or “lol lets go.” A proper sentence would be “I really hate that lizard, 682.”
  41. You cannot use multi-binds. Example: /me Officer Smith attacked/detained/knocked you out.
  42. You cannot RP as a double agent, spy, rogue or anything like that without direct approval from the Server Manager or a Founder. This includes living out in the desert.
  43. You cannot build, be or become any type of robot, cyborg, or android (unless it is an approved SCP) without approval from the Server Manager or a Founder.
  44. SCP’s can have physical descriptions, however they must be accurate.
  45. You cannot RP being a clone or creating one, SCP or Human.
  46. You may not RP with or as an SCP or anomaly that is not officially located at this facility unless a server event is being directed with the SCP by staff.
  47. You are still under NLR, even if you switch jobs after dying.
  48. No robotic/cybernetic body parts, attachments, exosuits/exoskeleton, or augmentations of any kind (without Character Authorization).
  49. You may not use /advert unless you are describing a significant roleplay occurrence on the server. Examples of incorrect use: [Advert] 457 The Burning Man: “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire Fueeeeeeeeeeeel” or [Advert] SCP-1370 (Riley Phillips): “I am Killatron 5000, Let me out before I kill YOU and YOUR Family!”
  50. No SCPs nor non-CI may run to/towards CI base, unless brought/lead there. (Excludes MTF raids on the CI).
  51. NO Loot RP unless you have an RP reason and are being RP modded (example of an invalid RP reason: Security Officer wants CI corpse’s gun because he wants a new gun).
  52. During a raid, you can not use a “raid name”, and must use the name that you are given upon spawning.
  53. Drinking a cup of god or putting oneself through 914, unless unaware of impending death in the next few moments is fail RP (i.e. A CI drinking a cup of god and then rushing into the foundation [Incorrect]. MTF Alpha using a cup of god right before CI bust down the door the the room he is locked in [Correct]).
  54. No cancerous group names in D Block (Gangs are allowed, but there shouldn't be anything like "The KKK").
  55. SCPs may not break down the D-Block door.
  56. You are not allowed to use the same character for other factions / divisions (i.e Operative Smith, Engineer Smith, Security Officer Smith, Dr. Smith).
  57. Characters played by the same user cannot interact with each other.
  58. You cannot hide with people in NLR and pretend to be NLR in order to not get shot. Doing so will place you under Raid NLR and will not allow you to participate in the raid.
  59. Heavies/Juggernauts (SID, CI, MTF, etc.) cannot use grappling hooks as they have too much weight to be lifted up using them.
  60. People wearing juggernaut helmets (of any variant) cannot be bludgeoned.
  61. OOC chat should be focused around the server and the RP within it. Random chatter outside of the server should be saved for teamspeak/the forums.
  62. Character descriptions should only be describing how your character looks physically and not include things such as their likes or backstory.
  63. Members of the Staff Team, at their discretion, can administer punishment if they feel someone is disrupting RP. Higher Staff can overrule the decisions of lower staff.
  64. Jumping whilst in combat / Bunny Hopping is not allowed.
  65. A person whilst wearing juggernaut armor may not use any type of sniper rifle or any type of explosives.
  66. CI cannot use new items in SCP-914 outside of a canon scenario.
  67. SCPs may not break down the trainee door unless chasing someone who went in there (SCPs that can go through walls/doors may enter).
  68. MTF AUs and CI Juggernauts may not take off their super juggernaut armor.
  69. Lying about donating to the server will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.
  70. Do not throw the kabar.
  71. The use of 40mms (Grenade Launcher attachments for weapons), is forbidden.
  72. No one is allowed to use the 'holosight' attachment.
  73. CI Juggernauts, CI Heavies, and MTF AUs are not allowed to use any gun other than the ones that spawn in their loadouts.
  74. Not all captures are canon.

Canon Raids

  1. Must be DVL approved.
  2. Canon raids are raids that are canon within the server lore.
  3. Any SCPs that were stolen in a canon raid are now with the side that stole it in RP. If the CI steal SCP-294, SCP-294 now spawns at CI base.
  4. In canon raids, only the attacking force is PKed. If the CI raid the Foundation, only CI is PKed in that situation if some are to die, and vice versa. Sector+ may authorize both sides to receive PKs during a canon raid if they deem it necessary.
  5. You are not allowed to use a throwaway character. Throwaway characters are characters that were made less than a week as of the canon raid.
  6. Foundation and CI do not get reinforcements in a canon raid once the NLR timer is up. If you die in the raid as the defender, you cannot come back until the raid is over.
  7. Sector Admin+ must approve and watch over the canon raid.

Basic MedRP Rules

  1. You can only heal the near death and heavily wounded up to wounded to stabilize them, unless you are in an infirmary.
  2. You can heal people above wounded only if they never reached below that threshold while in the field.
  3. If you are in combat and trying to heal someone, you both must be removed from the combat area before you start to heal him/her (EX: if you are a FMO at chokepoint, and the CI are at the ramp. You must bring them near Gate A to begin healing them). To be decided by staff.
  4. You must use sufficient Med-rp to heal someone (To be decided by staff).
  5. Preemptive use of rags or gauze on the server is not allowed, it may only be used after bleeding has begun.
  6. You can only self-treat yourself up to wounded if you are heavily wounded or near death. If you are above wounded, you may self-treat up to healthy unless you have internal bleeding, in which you would have to be treated by other personnel.

Section B - The Roll System
  1. A roleplay scenario occurs when a player approaches another player and performs a /me action.
  2. In a roleplay situation, the other player has a chance to counter, evade or defend themselves in a logical manner with their own /me.
  3. Both players then do a /roll and add their roll bonuses. Whoever rolls the higher number would be considered the victor and their action would be roleplayed out. This process continues until the roleplay scenario is complete.
  4. In the event both players roll the same number they have two options: Reroll or roleplay the situation like both player's actions were successful.

Section C-00 - General Rules For SCP Foundation Jobs
  1. All players must follow the “Chain of Command” within the jobs.
  2. The higher the security clearance level, the more authority the job has.
  3. You are roleplaying as a loyal member of the Foundation (unless you are a Class D/Insurgent) who has passed multiple mental evaluations and has received training of some kind relevant to your job (Ex: A trainee has some kind of previous law enforcement or firearms training, A researcher has a degree of some kind).
  4. Any Foundation staff who release SCPs because they are being "Mind Controlled" will be banned from the server (outside of specific RP scenarios). The only exception to this is if they are the host of 035 or 1036.
  5. Wandering the vents as Foundation aligned SCPs or foundation staff without clearance or reason is failRP.

Section C-01 - Class D
Security Clearance - Level 0​
  1. Class Ds are convicts, and therefore should have a story that includes how they got into the prison.
  2. Class Ds have NO IDEA that the SCPs exist until they are introduced to them, or are informed about them, and only know what they were told (This gets reset after death, NLR).
  3. Class Ds must follow orders unless trying to escape.
  4. Class Ds may not attempt to escape without a valid reason (REASONS: They were almost killed in an experiment and were not terminated, or administered amnestics. They have heard the screams from the Femur Breaker. They were clearly mistreated by Foundation (Verbal abuse is not a valid reason). They were rescued by CI)
  5. D-Class cannot put on 912’s PD Uniform unless given prior knowledge before hand ICly.
  6. D-Class must have a number designation in their name at all times even when disguised (e.g. Officer John D-5123).
  7. Having a disguise does not automatically make you learn everything about that job (no metagaming).
  8. You can apply for an auth on the forums to receive a permanent escape reason.
  9. All D-Class are male.

Section C-02 - Security Staff
Security Clearance - Level 1-4​
  • You may only use firearms during a lockdown if a Lieutenant or above permits so or if you have an IC reason (ex: D-Class suddenly attack you with weapons).
  • You cannot sacrifice yourself or fellow Foundation Staff for the Femur Breaker.
  • You’re a member of the SCP Foundation, you’re aware of what these anomalies can do, therefore intentionally releasing an SCP will lead to you getting warned for FailRP or banned.
  • Security Staff are not allowed on the surface unless a roleplay situation occurs.
  • Security Staff are not allowed to kill SCPs excluding 019-2, 939, 049-2, 076-2, 2292-2, 1048-A, 1048-C, 035’s host, 1036 hosts, and 682.
  • Termination of an SCP outside from the ones named previously, must be approved by a level 4.
  • When a LT+ is PK’d and they do not already have another character in their branch, they must either wait a week to create another character for the position or get promoted to the position through IC merits (can be overruled by Sector+).

SCP Incidents Division

Every SID Personnel is to stay behind if a Code Red/Black Area evacuation/Facility Lockdown is issued to deal with the containment breaches.

(SOC) SID Captain - Level 4 - Promotions/Elections
: You are the highest in command within the SCP Incidents DIvision, you are permitted to promote/deny any SID Personnel and may order them around the facility. You’re the one in-charge of the whole SID, therefore you are expected to act professional in the job. Just like the rest of the SID Team, you are to stay inside the Facility when a Code Black is declared to attempt and save the facility.

(SOC) SID Lieutenant - Level 3 - Promotions: You are the second in command within the SCP Incidents Division. You are to oversee the whole branch whenever the Captain isn’t available. You are expected to act professional as a secondary leader for the SID. You have the ability to order everyone below your rank that is within your division. Just like the rest of the SID Team, you are to stay inside the Facility when a Code Black is declared to attempt and save the facility.

(SOC) SID Supervisor - Level 3 - Promotions: You are a supervisor of the SCP Incidents Division and that allows you to order all SID members to posts/patrols. You are equal to the Patrol Sergeant, both of your roles receive orders from the Lieutenant. In the event a Code Black is declared you must remain in the facility during the last ditch effort to save it.

SID Heavy Containment Specialist - Level 3 - Promotions: You are a heavily armed Containment Specialist that mainly deals with SCPs that require heavy suppression such as SCP-076, SCP-682, and/or SCP-939. In the event a Code Black is declared, you must remain in the facility during the last ditch effort to save it.

SID Biohazard Containment Specialist - Level 3 - Promotions: You are a Containment Specialist with the ability to handle SCPs that are considered “Biohazardous.” Technically you are an advanced Containment Specialist and are a higher rank, this does not mean you may issue orders. In the event a Code Black is declared you must remain in the facility during the last ditch effort to save it.

SID Containment Specialist - Level 3 - Trainings: Unlike Security Officers, you’re devoted to our motto Secure, Contain, Protect, and you intend to enforce the very idea. An SID member is expected to remain in Lower Heavy Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone guarding the most dangerous SCPs in the facility. You should almost always be in Heavy Containment Zone unless assisting in the re-containment of an SCP. In the event a Code Black is declared you must remain in the facility during the last ditch effort to save it.

SID Recruit - Level 2 - Promotions/Tryouts: Being a trainee Containment Specialist, you are in a trial/probation period. Your duties are entirely the same as a Containment Specialist with the exception of the rank. As a Recruit you are expected to learn the entirety of Lower Heavy Containment Zone (LHCZ) before you can achieve the rank of Containment Specialist. In the event a Code Black is declared you must remain in the facility during the last ditch effort to save it.


General Security

Security Chief - Level 4 - Promotions/Elections
: You are the highest ranking position within the whole Security Division. You may give orders to every Security Personnel on the area, regardless of branch. As the Security Chief, you are expected to make sure that the Security does well with their job and you are also expected to be professional with your job.

(SOC) General Security Captain - Level 4 - Promotions: You are the highest ranking position in General Security. You may give orders to every General Security Officer, including the Sergeant. As a General Security Captain, you are expected to keep the Security Officers in check and demote/promote them if you see that they fit the position or not. You are expected to be professional at all times.

(SOC) General Security Lieutenant - Level 3 - Promotions: You are the Second-In-Command within the General Security Branch. You are expected to assist the Security Captain in taking care of the General Security branch. You are to oversee the branch if no Security Captains are available to do it. You have the ability to order everyone below your rank that is within your division, though you are permitted to order other branches only if completely necessary.

Patrol Sergeant - Level 3 - Trainings/Promotions: You are a General Security Officer with a decent ranking position and are considered a supervisor in the General Security force. You have the ability to order any member of “General Security” to do certain tasks/patrols. You are equal to the SID Supervisor, both of your roles receive orders from the Lieutenant. General Security Officers are not permitted in Entrance Zone or Lower Heavy Containment Zone.

Senior Security - Level 2 - Trainings/Promotions: (See below, Security Officer) You are technically the highest ranking General Security member under the Patrol Sergeant, this does not mean you may issue orders. General Security Officers are not permitted in Entrance Zone or Lower Heavy Containment Zone.

Foundation Medical Officers - Level 2 - Tryouts/Promotions: (See below, Security Officer) Your duty entitles you to engage in Medical RP, therefore if someone becomes injured it is expected that you give aid. AT NO POINT should you pick and choose who gets saved and who doesn’t, you heal all Foundation members.

General Security Officers are not permitted in Entrance Zone or Lower Heavy Containment Zone.

Administrative Security Guard - Level 2 - Tryouts/Promotions
: At all times you should be accompanying an Administrator, this includes any Level 4 clearance role that requests your presence. You may not handle general security duties unless ordered by an administrator.

Security Officer - Level 2 - Trainings: The workhorse of the Security Staff, Security officers should be capable of handling their duties without supervision. A Security officer should be patrolling the facility, escorting D-Class personnel, and aiding the overwatch of any testing. During a testing period you should be listening to orders from the researcher unless the facility will be at risk from any actions committed. Anything not listed with specialized Foundation Security Roles is what you'll be handling. General Security Officers are not permitted in Entrance Zone or Lower Heavy Containment Zone.

Security Trainee - Level 1: Trainees should almost always be awaiting training in D-Block. You should also be supervising the D-Class personnel ensuring they do not escape, you should not show any D-Class favoritism either. In the event it is decided you’re unfit for Security training or are minging, you may be job banned and never achieve training. You have permission to kill D-Class outside of their cells if there is a KOS sign present, any D-Class past D-Block is KOS always.


Section C-03 - Mobile Task Force

General Rules
  1. MTF cannot patrol the desert without a valid reason.
  2. MTF must follow the Chain of Command.
  3. MTF may not build without Commander approval.
  4. SCPs should not be searched for on the surface unless they are spotted or reported missing.
  5. Vehicles/Supplies should not be crashed or abandoned.
  6. MTF must remain in the Exit Zone, MTF base, or Gate A unless an RP scenario takes place.
  7. MTF Alpha+ that are PK’d must wait one week before creating another character in that position (can be overruled by Sector+).
  8. MTF may not hide or wait in the armory, or anywhere else inaccessible by normal means, during a non canon raid.
  9. MTF Armored Units cannot use weaponry outside of their original loadout.
Valid RP Scenarios For Entering The Facility
  1. A code Orange/Red is initiated.
  2. Needing to return an SCP you captured and the security are not responding when asked to pick it up.
  3. A level 4 or higher personnel requests the MTF.
  4. Reports are received that multiple SCPs have breached and do not seem to be getting handled by security.
  5. You are training.
  6. You're stationed in the facility.
  1. While under NLR, MTF must stay inside their spawn and cannot interact with others in character.
  2. If an MTF dies while the CI are attacking, they may not interact with any CI until the raid / Raid NLR is over. The raid is over when they get back to their base or the last CI dies.
  3. MTF cannot join back into a raid they were killed in until Raid NLR is over.
  1. If an MTF sees an SCP, it is their job to recontain it unless another RP scenario prevents them from doing so. They must deal with the SCP when able.
  2. SCPs must be re-contained by following their appropriate containment procedures.
  3. SCPs may not be weaponized or used to assist the MTF in their duties, excluding SCP-999 and SCP-131.
  4. SCPs may not be killed or destroyed by the MTF (excluding 049-2/SCP-939/SCP-2292-2/076/1048-A/SCP-682/035’s Host)
  1. MTF may shoot any CI who have left the CI base area.
  2. MTF may only shoot CI at the CI base area when they are raiding or preparing to raid or in a surface war.
  3. MTF may only raid if they know the CI have taken an SCP, kidnapped Foundation Personnel or have Commander approval.
  4. MTF should not go near the CI base, unless there is an RP scenario.

How to Get Demoted 101
  1. Failure to follow the other rules in the MOTD will result in a demotion.
  2. Failure to maintain professionalism will result in a demotion.
  3. Failure to follow orders will result in a demotion.
  4. Lack of common sense will result in a demotion. This will be judged by your superiors.
  5. Displaying any mental instability will result in a PK and demotion.
  6. Failure to work with other MTF will result in a demotion.

Alert Levels

Code Green (Threat: None): The current status of the facility is considered "safe," general activity is to be continued.

Code Yellow (Threat: Low): A low level SCP has breached containment, testing may continue unless overridden by a level 3 and Security Teams are to handle the issue promptly. This is considered a General Alert.

Code Orange (Threat: Medium/High): A Facility Raid is occurring, Mobile Task Force will be dispatched along with Security Teams. All Testing is to be terminated during this period.

Code Red (Threat: High): Multiple SCPs have breached containment, a state of emergency is issued. It is common during this alert that an evacuation may be issued.

Code Black (Threat: Very High): The Facility is entirely compromised, remaining Security Teams and MTF members will evacuate at this point along with any remaining staff. SID Specialists are to stay in the facility in an attempt to save the facility. It is at this point that the facility is to be destroyed by on site warheads in order to prevent additional escapes. All SCPs within the facility are to be considered terminated until proven otherwise.

Code Lockdown (Threat: Situational): A part of the facility has been compromised or locked in order to prevent something from leaving. This usually is called when a D-class breach occurs or an unknown anomaly has been spotted in the area. LCZ, HCZ, EZ, R-Wing and many other areas of the facility can be locked down. Sometimes the threat of the situation could be high or low depending on what is occuring.


Section C-04 - Research Staff
Security Clearance - Level 2-4​
  1. Researchers are to take Class Ds and use them for experiments, or test SCP’s in some other safe fashion.
  2. Researchers may use test subjects for their experiments, but it is not recommended to use themselves.
  3. Researchers may only do experiments involving SCPs.
  4. Researchers may not help SCPs escape.
  5. Researchers must only keep their experiments within the chamber of the SCP they are testing on, unless permitted by a Research Supervisor+
  6. Researchers+ may go to the surface if abiding by FearRP, if it’s a Code Black, a lockdown occurs, or if they have permission to test on SCP-1437. Anything else is not permitted.
  7. Researchers may take up to 3 Class Ds. All others will be considered escaping, and will be killed. The exception to this is when they have authorization from the Head Researcher.
  8. Researchers may not help the Class Ds escape.
  9. Researchers are to follow all orders given to them by Head Researcher and Area Director.
  10. Researchers are to follow all orders given to them by a MTF commander (In case of emergency like Code Red or Code Black.)
  11. Researchers should not be loitering/doing nothing, they should be doing research.
  12. Do not allow Class D special privileges for being a friend in character or out of character.
  13. During Code Oranges all research staff must stay in research wing to await escort by Level 3+ personnel.
  14. Researchers cannot enter the Entrance Zone or the Lower Heavy Containment Zone unless testing on an SCP that requires entering these areas.
  15. Senior Researchers cannot go past the cafeteria.
  16. Researchers are permitted to enter the Entrance Zone in the event of a Facility Lockdown/Code Red situation.
  17. Researchers cannot carry weapons unless they are the Head Researcher.
  18. When a Research Supervisor+ is PK’d, they must wait one week to create another character in their position (can be overruled by Sector+).
Code Green (Threat Level: None): Researchers are expected to always be testing during a Code Green.

Code Yellow (Threat: Low): Testing may continue however any Level 3+ Personnel can stop the test should the need arise. Orders from Level 3+ Personnel must be followed during this time. Failure to comply with orders to stop a test can and most likely will result in a demotion.

Code Orange (Threat: Medium/High): Testing is to be completely halted. Research staff are to wait in Research Wing for escort to the Security Barracks by Security Personnel. If you are seen wandering the HCZ or EZ without reason during this time, you will be detained and possibly demoted.

Code Red (Threat: High): Testing is to be completely halted. Research staff are to await escort to the EZ Offices / EZ Cafe by Security Personnel in the Research Wing. Failure to comply with orders can and most likely will result in a demotion.

Code Black (Threat: Extremely High): Testing is not possible. Full site evacuation. All Research Personnel are to evacuate to the surface with Security Personnel.

Researchers may only test, interview, or observe Safe and Euclid class SCPs. They do not need permission to do so, but bringing along a Senior is always encouraged.

Seniors may test, interview, or observe any SCP they wish (Except SCP-106). Cross-testing (A test involving 2 or more SCPs) involving Keters must be approved by an Area Manager, Head Researcher or the Area Director. Seniors may bring Juniors with them on any test, but are responsible for watching over them. For more specific details regarding testing requirements: https://www.concordiagaming.com/index.php?threads/scp-testing-requirements.12251/

All Research personnel must read the Researcher Guide, as it covers pretty much everything: https://www.concordiagaming.com/index.php?threads/researcher-guide.15963/


Section C-05 - Area Director & Manager
Security Clearance - Level 4

Area Director
  1. The Area Director is in a sense, the administrator of the SCP facility. Therefore, may give out orders and make rules for the foundation.
  2. The Area Director may check up on the Security, the SCPs, or the MTF.
  3. The Area Director cannot do anything that will harm the SCP Foundation in any way, unless role play scenarios occur.
  4. The Area Director may use the control room, however, he must have a legitimate reason to do so.
  5. The Area Director cannot be given any weapons except for his starting gear.
  6. The Area Director must only make reasonable rules and give out reasonable orders (determined by an admin) unless roleplay scenarios occur.
Area Manager
  1. They cannot be given any weapons except for their starting gear.
  2. They may only be ordered around by the Director and MTF Commander
  3. All orders made by the manager must have a valid RP reason to go along with it.
  4. Area Managers may only call a code black if security and MTF forces have attempted recontainment and failed, they must also consult all other level 4’s before carrying out the decision.
  5. Area Managers cannot make new rules for the foundation, they however may suggest some to the director.
  6. They can use the control room if they have a legitimate reason to do so.
  7. They may check up on Security, Research, or the MTF.

Section C-05-1 - AIC Cromwell Rules
  1. AIC Cromwell's goal is to assist the Foundation in any way possible.
  2. AIC Cromwell is allowed to operate during a raid to prevent CI from pushing.
  3. AIC Cromwell is not allowed to breach SCPs.
  4. AIC Cromwell can communicate through the consoles throughout the facility, through any Foundation radio, and through the intercoms.
  5. AIC Cromwell should only communicate if necessary and will not make passive conversation without reason.
  6. AIC Cromwell cannot be placed on a storage device of any kind, and cannot have copies of them be made for any reason.
  7. AIC Cromwell should only lock doors in order to protect Foundation personnel. (Examples: Locking a door to keep 173 from killing a researcher, preventing SCPs from breaching, holding CI back to allow foundation personnel to retreat safely, etc.)
  8. AIC Cromwell has access to all doors throughout the facility and may use this to help recontain SCPs / block off threats when RDC is enabled.
  9. When RDC is disabled, Cromwell will still have radio communications and limited camera access.
  10. AIC Cromwell can only function in a zone if the zones server racks are up and functional (check Zone Status below).
  11. AIC Cromwell can only communicate through radios if its transceiver is intact and operational (check radio status below).

Zone/Communication Status:

R-Wing: Online
LCZ: Online
HCZ: Online
LHCZ: Online
EZ: Online
Radio Communications: Online


Section C-06 - Chaos Insurgency

Any CI breaking rules will be kicked out of the faction.

CI are REQUIRED to use Teamspeak for easier communication. A link to the forum section containing all the links down below can be found in the CI rooms.​

  1. Raids can only be started from either a Gamma level operative, or three beta’s.
  2. Insurgents may capture SCPs during raids with permission from the Commander, and hold them for RP purposes.
  3. Do not leave the gas on in an empty chamber. If you see this, turn it off.
  4. Neither Betas nor Alphas should be in possession of weapons outside of their specialization without an IC reason (i.e. Medics with M82s).
  5. Insurgents can NOT release D-Class or capture D-Class without Gamma level explicit permission.
  6. Insurgents may kidnap any foundation staff, EXCEPT for Level 4s, whom you need permission from the Commander or Colonel to capture.
  7. If you die during a raid, you cannot re-enter Foundation territory (after NLR passes) until the rest of your group has either died or exited.
  8. CI cannot join raids after they’ve passed the EZ sandbags.
  9. Grapple hooks should only be used for scaling enemy walls or otherwise impassable terrain, not for pulling other operatives, climbing random walls or grappling vehicles, etc.
  10. If an SCP shows up on the surface, do not take them in without permission from the Commander or Colonel.
  11. Any operative with a whitelist may train another unspecialized insurgent for their whitelist. However, anyone found improperly training another insurgent will have their training permissions permanently revoked.
  12. Insurgents may give Class Ds guns and make them part of the militia without training them. However, do not send them into Foundation territory without Gamma+ permission.
  13. Insurgents must follow the CI Chain of Command
  14. Insurgents must obey the CI Articles of Conduct
  15. Always follow the appropriate CI Capture Procedures.
  16. Insurgents may kill any MTF on the surface who get near the CI base or attacks them first without it counting as a raid.
  17. Do not capture any SCPs or take any prisoners just to leave them inside a cell. Give them RP or do not capture them at all.
  18. Insurgents must follow and memorize the CI Emergency Codes
  19. Any Class Ds within the Insurgency Base are CI Property and are not to be fired upon by outside forces except during raids, surface wars and etc.
  20. CI Raids should be no longer than a half hour, upon extending beyond the half hour all Foundation Raid NLR is up.
  21. The only exception to Rule 20 is during a canon raid.
  22. Infiltrators are not to enter the foundation without Major+ approval.
  23. Infiltrators cannot enter the facility if there is currently a raid, or if there was raid less than 30 minutes ago. Also there must be at least 10 security on.
  24. Infiltrators can only use handguns.
  25. CI are not allowed to raid unless there are at least 10 Foundation Security and/or MTF online (Trainees do not count).
  26. When a CI Gamma+ is PK’d, they will lose their whitelist (can be overruled by Sector).
For other information regarding the CI, visit: CI DVL Sub Forum

"Luto et latere fit angulus vitae."

1. Upon Remedion hitting 40,000 health (Heavily Wounded) he becomes inactive and must be recharged at his pedestal (10 minute waiting period) or must draw energy from his surroundings (30 minute waiting period).
2. Remedion cannot release any SCPs.
3. Remedion cannot use any items besides its SWEP.
4. Remedion can only attack if it’s defending itself or a threat to the CI gets within the confines of the base.
5. Remedion can heal almost any wound (depends on RP scenario). Exceptions include, but are not limited to;
- Missing limbs (can, however, reattach limbs).
- Brain death.
- Complete bodily destruction/annihilation/obliteration.
6. Remedion may speak.
7. Remedion may refuse to help and/or attack/kill people who he thinks are exploiting him (Example: CI hiding behind Remedion to avoid getting shot).
8. Remedion may not chase enemies outside the confines of the CI base (Does not seek vengeance).
9. Remedion must act as a kind doctor unless they feel cheated or are attacked.


Section C-07 - SCP-035 ”Possessive Mask”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-035, an authorized Containment Specialist (or CI) must spawn in a containment cube from the F4 menu and /me putting SCP-035 into the box unless using a drone. You must roll to perform this action. After it is put into the box, you would return it to the case in its cell. (You may not use Earmuffs or “Headphones” to block out SCP-035’s mind control.)
  1. SCP-035 may not use acid to move itself.
  2. SCP-035 may advert every 2 minutes an increase in acid levels by 5%. EX: /advert 035 starts to produce acid inside the case [5% acid]
  3. Other players must roll to attempt to resist SCP-035 if in the same room after 035 does a /me to lure them. Being Lured is always a self roll. No RB for self rolls. 50+ to resist lure. If they roll below 50 they must approach 035 and roll against it again for a possession by doing a counter /me and a roll. If they lose they must obey SCP-035. If within a few feet they only roll for possession.
  4. SCP-035 acquires a host by having the host equip it to the corresponding slot.
  5. Once SCP-035 manipulates someone, he basically becomes them. The host must then follow every command SCP-035 gives them.
  6. The host cannot kill or perform an action such as speaking without SCP-035’s consent.
  7. SCP-035 cannot control any SCP.
  8. 035’s host keeps their original roll bonus.
  9. SCP-035 is not allowed to break out of its glass case. The case prevents needing to roll to resist when closed.
  10. SCP-035 cannot break out of its re-containment cube unless released by someone.
  11. SCP-035 cannot manipulate people from inside its re-containment cube.
  12. SCP-035 cannot control anyone that is not, at the time in RP, wearing 035, except for possessing a new host.
  13. SCP-035 can only have 1 host at a time.
  14. SCP-035 has a 3-second cooldown after their host dies before luring someone else.
  15. SCP-035 can release SCP-049, SCP-1048 instances, and/or 1 other SCP at a time to benefit escape.
  16. SCP-035 and SCP-049 can communicate with eachother ICly with PMs utilizing SCP-035's telepathic abilities.
  17. SCP-035 cannot lure people while under 049’s robes.
  18. SCP-035 does not know all information that their host knows.
  19. You do not need to roll to pick up SCP-035.
  20. Upon reaching 100% acid SCP-035 will be given a +10 to his first victim.

Section C-08 - SCP-049 ”Plague Doctor”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-049, two or more armed personnel are to keep their guns aimed at SCP-049 and then escort it back to containment. If SCP-049 is flanked SCP-049-2, all SCP-049-2 instances must be either terminated or separated from SCP-049 in order to ensure safe recontainment. SCP-049 is not to be terminated for any reason.
  1. SCP-049 must speak in a sophisticated voice (the best you can do, voice and/or text).
  2. SCP-049 can advert for a patient (D-Class) to perform experiments on. If, after 15 minutes (timer must be included in the advert), SCP-049 has not received their patient, they can breach containment and seek out their own patients.
  3. SCP-049 can advert for a patient every 10 minutes after being recontained or receiving a patient.
  4. SCP-049 must attempt to cure anyone who has the Pestilence.
  5. If SCP-049 is refused the ability to cure someone who has the Pestilence, he will get irritable, and can use this as a reason to escape and hunt down that person who has the Pestilence (only if they are aware of the their identity; simply noticing someone through the walls will not give SCP-049 an escape reason until they know the identity of that person; SCP-049 is keenly aware of the omnipresence of the Pestilence, and SCP-049 will bide its time if not directly prompted by the immediate presence of the unclean, cooperating with the Foundation if the Foundation is willing to cooperate with it).
  6. If someone does not have the Pestilence, SCP-049 cannot cure them as there is nothing to cure.
  7. SCP-049 can /me touching someone’s skin and force them to RP being dead (not suicide) if SCP-049 wins the roll. Skin must be visible in order for 049 to kill someone by touching them.
  8. SCP-049 must touch and kill someone (via Rule 6) before curing them. Anyone killed through a different means cannot be cured.
  9. SCP-049 is a fairly passive character, therefore he is to abide by the FearRP rule set (see Section F for more information). Also because of his passive nature, SCP-049 must not attempt to escape the facility without reason (examples of reasons: SCP-049 is with SCP-035, The Foundation is not cooperating with SCP-049, there is someone outside of Area-XYZ with the Pestilence, etc (this comes down to staff judgement)).
  10. If SCP-049 is around SCP-049-2 instances, it does not need to follow Fear RP.
  11. If SCP-049 is in the middle of an operation to cure someone, it does not need to follow Fear RP.
  12. SCP-049 can heal injured instances of SCP-049-2 (check SWEP for details).
  13. SCP-049 cannot heal SCP-035's host due to it constantly deteriorating and falling apart.
  14. SCP-049 can heal any human they have taken a liking to so long as they do not have the Pestilence, in which case SCP-049 will attempt to cure them for their own good (SCP-049 must still perform Med RP, but they are not required to roll given their immense skill and expertise).
  15. SCP-049 cannot use any weapons, they may only use their hands / medical tools.
  16. SCP-049 can be searched for objects hidden in its robe, barring its tools.
  17. SCP-049 cannot make a 035 host into a zombie.
  18. SCP-049 cannot state that SCPs have the Pestilence.
  19. SCP-049 can only release SCP-035 and/or SCP-1048 instances. They cannot release any other SCPs.
  20. SCP-049 and SCP-035 can communicate ICly through PMs given SCP-035s telepathic abilities.


Section C-09 - SCP-049-2 ”SCP-049 Zombies”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-049-2 is to be terminated on sight or after a sanctioned experiment with SCP-049 has concluded.
  1. SCP-049-2 must attack anything living human they see.
  2. SCP-049-2 must follow SCP-049.
  3. SCP-049-2 cannot run until they have spotted a human.
  4. SCP-049-2 cannot attack SCP-049 or it is Fail RP.
  5. SCP-049-2 must follow orders from SCP-049.
  6. SCP-049-2 cannot release SCPs.
  7. SCP-049-2 cannot use door controls.
  8. SCP-049-2 cannot talk/communicate in any inteligible way.
  9. SCP-049-2 cannot use weapons.
  10. SCP-049-2 cannot attack any SCPs other than ones harming 049.


Section C-10 - SCP-076-2 ”Able”
Security Clearance - Level 0

To contain SCP-076-2 you must kill him or convince him to calm down causing him to return to 076-1.
  1. SCP-076-2 may only kill anything that they see as a challenge or in their way.
  2. When in a 1 on 1 fight with a challenger, SCP-076-2 must use CombatRP to defeat their challenger via /mes.
  3. If not being shot at, SCP-076-2 must prioritize combat RP via /mes.
  4. SCP-076-2 can break out every 20 minutes.
  5. SCP-076-2 MUST advert breaking out of SCP-076-1.
  6. SCP-076-2 cannot open their door, until 20 minutes of containment.
  7. SCP-076-2 cannot hear adverts unless he is near someone with a radio (Excludes PA).
  8. SCP-076-2 must actively search through the ENTIRE Facility for challengers (Do not stay in one zone).
  9. SCP-076-2 must attempt to kill SCP 682/SCP-939/SCP-082 if they see it.
  10. SCP-076-2 cannot free SCPs (if you see SCP-939 in it's CC, you may not breach it to fight it).
  11. SCP-076-2 cannot be challenged or recruited to defend against and/or attack the Chaos Insurgency or the Foundation. He will challenge them if he deems them worthy.
  12. SCP-076-2 cannot turn on RDC for any reason.
  13. SCP-076-2 cannot be challenged to do random things (it has to be legitimate challenge, like a fight).
  14. SCP-076-2 cannot use firearms or explosives, only the swep it spawns with.
  15. SCP-076-2’s challenge swords cannot be held for more than 30 seconds without being engaged to SCP-076-2.
  16. After SCP-076-2 confirms that the subject isn’t a challenger, Able must leave the subject to look for other challengers.
  17. SCP-076-2 can attack those with their guns on safety.
  18. SCP-076-2 must announce his challenge first, and must wait for a response before killing if he is not already angry (see rule 25). He cannot not simply KOS.
  19. SCP-076-2 must attack those with challenge swords.
  20. SCP-076-2 must initiate combat with the first person he sees after breaching.
  21. SCP-076-2 will have the ability to choose who he wants to challenge, however the selected challengers must be armed, or “worthy” (example: Able shouldn’t challenge an unarmed researcher or d-class).
  22. SCP-076 will prioritize challenging heavily armed personnel if he sees them, as they are more "worthy."
  23. SCP-076-2 will become angry if he is unable to find a "worthy" challenger, and will eventually resort to forcing armed combatants into fighting. This can happen after the entire facility is searched, 5 different groups of people have refused his challenges, or he is continually ignored.
  24. If SCP-076-2 encounters a live fight, he can assume the combatants are all challengers and interject.
  25. After searching the entire facility, finding no worthy challengers and after becoming angry, SCP-076-2 may leave the facility to find other challengers.
  26. SCP-076-2 is able to severely injure someone if they turn out to not be a worthy challenger (Ex: SCP-076 is fighting an officer and the officer puts up no fight. SCP-076 has the option to simply cripple him and force him to bring him more challengers.).
  27. SCP-076-2 may intimidate or slightly injure[via /mes] personnel to receive an acceptable challenge(EX: Lifting an SID Supervisor into the air and demanding a strong opponent.)
  28. 076-2 cannot be knocked unconscious via a bludgeon.
Extra Information
Left Click to attack using the sword or bash down a door.
Right Click to throw the sword.
You may give a sword to a challenger via the shop in the F4 menu.


Section C-11 - SCP-082 “Fernand the Cannibal”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to recontain SCP-082, D-class must be offered to him as food and brought to his cell. SCP-082 does not need to accept offers while enraged, however he must accept offers and return to his cell if calm.
  1. SCP-082 currently believes he is the King of France and that those within Area-XYZ are his subjects, and will act as such.
  2. SCP-082 must act polite to personnel when calm.
  3. SCP-082 can use /advert to call for “dinner with a guest” every 15 minutes.
  4. After adverting, if not fed within 15 minutes, SCP-082 can open his cell door to search for his “dinner guest.”
  5. SCP-082 must become enraged if insulted by personnel (to be determined by staff), shot at, or otherwise attacked physically. While enraged, SCP-082 must target whoever enraged him and kill them. After killing this person, SCP-082 must advert that they are calm. SCP-082 may kill anyone who attempts to stop him from reaching whoever enraged him.
  6. SCP-082 must bash open doors when enraged. While calm, he can use buttons.
  7. SCP-082 cannot leave his cell unless enraged, searching for food, or being brought out by “his loyal subjects,” as he has everything he needs inside it otherwise.
  8. SCP-082 can kill any D-Class inside of his cell at any time.
  9. SCP-082 can kill Foundation personnel if they are in his cell, however he is expected to at least interact with them passively beforehand (to be decided by staff).
  10. SCP-082 cannot breach other SCPs.
  11. SCP-082 takes all forms of fiction literally (believes everything seen in comics, cartoons, movies, etc. is real).
  12. SCP-082 will never be enraged by SCP-1370 or SCP-1048 as he believes them to be children’s toys.
  13. SCP-082 will KOS any CI he sees, as he believes them to be invaders of France, he cannot actively hunt them however.
  14. SCP-082 will KOS SCP-076 as he believes he is a Viking.


April - Joker (Any Movie, No Jared Leto)

April - The Foundation is Gotham, Batman is 076-2, the Security Chief is Gordon. Class Ds are the citizens of Gotham. Area Director is the Mayor.


Section C-12 - SCP-096 ”The Shy Guy”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-096 a personnel with the bag swep must (without looking at 096) type /me puts bag on head and drag 096 back into its cell (assuming everyone that has seen its face is dead).
  1. SCP-096 cannot do anything except sit in corners or pace around the current room it is in if the door to that room is closed.
  2. If the door to the room is open SCP-096 may walk through.
  3. If someone views the face of SCP-096, it must chase the viewer(s), and kill them.
  4. SCP-096 is allowed to attack the following SCPs: 035’s host, 1036 hosts, 049, 076, and 049-2/2292-2. SCP-096 may not attack any other SCPs.
  5. Cannot open doors UNLESS it is chasing after the person who saw its face.
  6. The person who sees 096’s face must report its position to 096 if they cannot find them.
  7. Making someone see your face intentionally is Fail RP.
  8. SCP-096 cannot team up with anyone, SCP or human.
  9. SCP-096 cannot speak.
  10. SCP-096 walks in a huddled position and looks down unless in chase.
  11. SCP-096 may not go to the surface without a valid RP reason.
  12. If SCP-096’s target is put in the pocket dimension, it must give up on chasing that target.
  13. An 096 chase cannot take any longer than 10 seconds to begin after his face has been seen.
  14. SCP-096 cannot use weapons as they do not know how to use them.

Section C-13 - SCP-106 ”The Old Man”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-106, you must get a Class D, and have someone else activate the femur breaker. Upon activating the femur breaker, the player must then put “/advert Femur Breaker Activated” in chat.
  1. SCP-106 can’t jump/run outside of his pocket dimension.
  2. SCP-106 may kill or pocket without /Me-ing.
  3. SCP-106 may kill anyone that enters his pocket dimension.
  4. SCP-106 may kill a person outside of his pocket dimension every 15 seconds.
  5. SCP-106 may only have up to 3 people in their pocket dimension at a time.
  6. SCP-106 cannot put SCPs in their pocket dimension, simply ignore them.
  7. SCP-106 cannot corrode door controls of any kind.
  8. SCP-106 cannot fight SCP-173.
  9. SCP-106 cannot fight 096.
  10. SCP-106 cannot team up with any SCP.
  11. SCP-106 cannot go to the surface, unless it is night time and 106 is chasing someone.
  12. SCP-106 must return to his containment cell and kill the D Class inside when the femur breaker is activated / adverted.
  13. SCP-106 cannot hide in his pocket dimension to avoid the femur breaker (will be determined by staff.)
  14. SCP-106 should walk over to his containment cell, killing their self will be counted as FailRP.
  15. SCP-106 cannot free any SCPs.
  16. SCP-106 cannot use weapons.
Extra Information
Left click with swep "SCP-106" while right against a door pointing around the center of it to fade through it.
Right click with swep "SCP-106" while right against a wall to fade into it and enter pocket dimension.
Left click with swep "SCP-106 Hands" to deal damage.
Right click with swep “SCP-106 Hands” to bring someone to your pocket dimension.


Section C-14 - SCP-131 A and B ”The Eye Pods”
Security Clearance - Level 0

Do not contain. Personnel caught abusing or mistreating SCP-131’s will be reprimanded.
  1. SCP-131 cannot encourage or assist in the death of any living being.
  2. SCP-131 doesn’t ever have to blink.
  3. SCP-131 may “bond” with any personnel, which means it follows them around and warns them of danger.
  4. SCP-131 cannot leave the facility unless bonded to a person.
  5. SCP-131 cannot open any doors or use anything that requires the use of the “Use” key.
  6. SCP-131 may roam around the Foundation as it pleases.
  7. SCP-131 must run away from all keter SCPs.
  8. SCP-131 cannot speak, they may, however, produce sounds like ‘Meep’.
  9. SCP-131 can only stare down 173 if protecting someone. Sitting there for an extended period of time while 173 is not about to harm anyone is fail rp.
  10. SCP-131 cannot use weapons because they are passive and do not have arms.
  11. SCP-131 cannot resist being picked up.

Section C-15 - SCP-173 ”The Sculpture”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-173 you must stun stick the SCP back into its cell and close it (It is recommended to have more than 1 person help with the re-containment to minimize the risk of getting killed by SCP-173).
Another method to recontain 173 is to use the cage. In order to use the cage, you must /me opening the cage and then do another /me to put the cage over 173.
  1. SCP-173 is not allowed to camp spawn locations or hallways. They must constantly search for necks to snap.
  2. SCP-173 cannot speak.
  3. SCP-173 may break open 'regular' doors but not 'blast' doors.
  4. SCP-173 cannot release SCPs.
  5. SCP-173 cannot use anything that requires the “Use” button.
  6. SCP-173 may use vents.
  7. SCP-173 cannot kill or attack: SCP-131 A/B, SCP-106, SCP-999, SCP-1048, SCP-1048-A, SCP-1048-C, SCP-079, SCP-096, SCP-208, SCP-263, SCP-343, SCP-457, SCP-735, SCP-1370, SCP-2292, 2300, or SCP-2337.
  8. SCP-173 cannot move while SCP-131-A/B is looking at it.
  9. SCP-173 cannot use the vents to enter D-Block.
  10. SCP-173 cannot advert for breaches and feedings.
Extra Information
Left click to snap necks & bash open regular doors.
Right click to teleport.
Use E to auto lock and R to remove target.


Section C-16 - SCP-208 “Bes”
Security Clearance - Level 1

SCP-208 may freely roam the facility, but should not be in the LHCZ without an escort.
Any level 3 or higher can command SCP-208 to return to his cell if needed.
  1. SCP-208 cannot release any SCPs.
  2. SCP-208 cannot use any weapons.
  3. SCP-208 cannot encourage or cause the death / harm of any living being (except snakes).
  4. SCP-208 may not work against the Foundation.
  5. SCP-208 cannot leave the facility without an RP reason.
  6. SCP-208 cannot heal someone in combat.
  7. SCP-208 may not participate in Foundation vs CI battles or any other surface warfare.
  8. SCP-208 cannot regrow people’s missing limbs.
  9. SCP-208 cannot revive the dead.
  10. SCP-208 cannot treat serious injuries (bullet wounds, etc.).
  11. Any form of ill intent towards SCP-208 is considered Fail RP (verbal/physical harm).
  12. CI cannot kidnap SCP-208, as it counts as ill intent.
  13. SCPs cannot harm SCP-208 (yes, this includes 682).

Section C-17 - SCP-263 (Cash or Ash)
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-263 cannot leave containment. If the SCP somehow ends up outside of its containment, it may be carried back.
  1. SCP-263 must talk in a charismatic and upbeat voice, like a host, while the game is happening, and can only discuss things related to the game.
  2. SCP-263 must refuse or ignore all SCP contestants.
  3. SCP-263 must explain the game to new players. A simple explanation would be, “Welcome to Cash or Ash! If you answer my 3 questions correctly you get a prize! If you answer one wrong though...you get the ash!”
  4. When someone enters the room SCP-263 is in, SCP-263 must start their game show.
  5. SCP-263 can only ask 3 questions per gameshow.
  6. SCP-263 can only ask questions about things inside, near, or relevant to the facility or people within it.
  7. SCP-263 cannot ask a question they (the person playing SCP-263) do not know the answer to.
  8. SCP-263 must burn anyone who answers one of their questions wrong.
  9. SCP-263 may burn anyone they think is cheating. Cheating can include getting outside help.
  10. If the contestant does not answer within 45 seconds, SCP-263 may burn them.
  11. SCP-263 may burn the player if they leave the room during the game.
  12. If a contestant refuses to play, SCP-263 can choose to ignore them, or start the game show anyway.
  13. SCP-263 may advert while a game show is in progress, but only about the show.
  14. If a contestant answers all 3 questions correctly, SCP-263 must give them a reward. The reward can be cash, a prize item (spawned via the q menu), or an item from your inventory.
Extra Information
Right Click: Lock onto a player.
Left Click: Burn the player you are currently locked on.
R key: Clear lock on.


Section C-18 - SCP-343 “God”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-343, personnel of Security Clearance 3+ must ask SCP-343 to return to containment.
  1. SCP-343 cannot use his powers to directly affect SCPs.
  2. SCP-343 must return to containment if asked by personnel Level 3+.
  3. SCP-343 may use his abilities to escape containment every 5 minutes.
  4. SCP-343 cannot release SCPs.
  5. SCP-343 cannot go to the surface unless an RP scenario takes place.
  6. SCP-343 cannot interact with 682 in any way. You must RP not being able to sense, see, hear, feel, touch, smell, or taste him.
  7. SCP-343 should be unfriendly towards SCP-076 “Able,” and is to never be allies of any kind.
  8. SCP-343 may not harm living beings.
  9. SCP-343 cannot encourage violence directly or indirectly.
  10. SCP-343 may respond to prayers, but cannot give “blessings” in the forms of boosts or items of any kind. (weapons and key cards included).
  11. SCP-343 cannot ask to be worshipped.
  12. SCP-343 cannot enter D-Block.
  13. SCP-343 cannot enter the vault.
  14. SCP-343 cannot name themselves as any religious god.
  15. SCP-343 may not possess any weapons.
  16. SCP-343 should not intentionally fly in front of D Class, as it would both reveal the existence of anomalies to them, as well as cause them to ask questions as to 343’s existence.
  17. SCP-343 cannot fly into the skybox. Anyone seen doing this will be PERMABANNED.
  18. SCP-343 cannot “shapeshift” to look like anything other than his original model.
  19. SCP-343 does not have unlimited knowledge/does not know everything.
  20. SCP-343 cannot directly alter people (i.e.: changing their gender or sexuality).
  21. SCP-343 cannot wear disguises without Sector+ permission.

Section C-19 - SCP-457 “Burning Man”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-457 gets stronger and faster as it burns things. To recontain SCP-457, you must spray it with a fire extinguisher until it shrinks down to a small flame. It is then under FearRP and can be threatened with an extinguisher to force it back to its cell.
  1. SCP-457 must obey when it is small and has a chance to be extinguished. (1 Fire Extinguisher.)
  2. SCP-457 may burn anything that can be ignited.
  3. SCP-457 must speak very simply EX: “Want fuel. Must burn.”
  4. SCP-457 cannot release any SCPs.
  5. SCP-457 cannot team up with anyone, SCP or human.
  6. SCP-457 cannot use any weapon or tool besides fire.
  7. SCP-457 may not split into two separate entities.
  8. SCP-457 may not use control panels (i.e. levers, RDC, CC controls)
  9. SCP-457 may only open a door when it has reached normal humanoid size to simulate RP burning through a small part of the door.
  10. SCP-457 may not camp one area with props and use it to grow.
  11. SCP-457 cannot stand still longer than 1 minute near any objects.

Section C-20 - SCP-550 “The Ghul”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to recontain SCP-550 you must supply it with 3 corpses when requested. If its request isn’t fulfilled, you must send 3 D-Class to its location.
  1. SCP-550 can advert to request 3 dead bodies.
  2. If not given the requested bodies within 15 minutes, SCP-550 can breach then kill and consume up to 3 people.
  3. Once SCP-550 has been fed, it must wait 10 minutes before adverting again.
  4. SCP-550 must target the first person they see when hunting.
  5. After killing and devouring 3 dead bodies, SCP-550 must return to their CC.
  6. SCP-550 can not kill outside of getting your food and removing people in your way.
  7. SCP-550 can kill anyone who attacks/damages them.
  8. SCP-550 can not consume any inorganic SCPs. (I.E 1370, 131, etc.)
  9. SCP-550 must kill and consume any SCP-049/2292 zombies on sight as SCP-550 prefers to eat corpses. In the case of zombies, this overrides rule 4.
  10. SCP-550 must attack SCP-2292 on sight as they are already zombies.
  11. SCP-550 can not leave the facility.
  12. SCP-550 can not breach other SCPs.
  13. SCP-550 can not speak or communicate.

Section C-21 - SCP-682 ”The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-682 may be re-contained by being tickled by SCP-999 and then leading SCP-999 back to 682’s cell. Another option is for the MTF/Security to shoot SCP-682 until it ragdolls, afterwards SCP-682 must obey personnel above the security level of 2 or more (for 10 minutes).
  1. SCP-682 cannot do anything while inside their acid. [Unwhitelist if they breach acid via movement without grate]
  2. SCP-682 cannot request food in acid, and if not in acid, must wait 3 minutes after having been lifted out before requesting food.
  3. SCP-682 cannot break outside of its cell unless it is enraged by either not being fed, being shot at, or a roleplay scenario takes place.
  4. SCP-682 MUST do “/advert SCP-682 has been enraged” or something similar if it has not been fed within 15 minutes of adverting for a maximum of 3 Class Ds.
  5. An example of an advert would be: /advert demands a Class D within the next 15 minutes or rage!
  6. SCP-682 can only rampage for 10 minutes and then must calm down when inside the facility. (If you are outside, you may continue to rampage until re-contained properly)
  7. While SCP-682 is enraged it must kill any living being it encounters during its 10 minutes.
  8. SCP-682 cannot harm the SCPs: 079, 106, 096, 131, 208, 263, 426, 457, 735, 912, 999, 1048/-A, 1370, 2292. 2337 or 173.
  9. SCP-682 has 5 minutes to eat their class ds before they must get back on their grate when a feeding occurs.
  10. SCP-682 cannot hold SCP-035 In their mouth due to SCP-035’s acid tears.
  11. SCP-682 cannot interact with 343 in any way. You must RP not being able to sense, see, hear, feel, touch, smell or taste him.
  12. If someone insults 682, it may mini-enrage for 15 seconds and kill them alone, if they are shot in the fifteen second mini-rage or 5 seconds after they cannot kill the person who shot them or go into a full enrage.
  13. SCP-682 cannot use doors, levers, buttons, and etc while enraged and must only bash doors open.
  14. SCP-682 cannot team up with any sort of sentient or autonomous being, whether they be artificial or not, except SCP-079
  15. If SCP-682 is tickled by SCP-999, it goes into a calm state for 3 minutes where it must obey all nonviolent orders while being happy.
  16. SCP-682 does not need to roll to kill, but may be required to roll in certain rp scenarios.
  17. SCP-682 may not use any elevators while enraged.
  18. SCP-682 must eat 3 people to evolve.
  19. SCP-682 may continue to be enraged after evolving.
  20. During an enragement state, SCP-682 shouldn’t pick targets/run away from enemies.
  21. SCP-682 cannot go into the vents.
  22. SCP-682 is allowed to be aggressive while not enraged and use harmful /me’s but cannot abuse this (determined by staff)

Section C-22 - SCP-735 ”Insult Box”
Security Clearance - Level 0

Recontainment is not needed for SCP-735, as it cannot breach in the first place by itself. If an outside force steals SCP-735, simply place it back onto its pedestal.
  1. SCP-735 must insult anything and everything.
  2. SCP-735 cannot take a liking towards anything or anybody.
  3. SCP-735 can enrage 682 and 2292 by insulting it.
  4. If someone has been exposed to SCP-735 directly for over 5 minutes, they will attempt to destroy SCP-735, failing because it’s indestructible, after 10 minutes they will resort to killing themselves in RP (gun to head, hanging, etc).
  5. SCP-735 may be carried around anywhere.
  6. SCP-735 cannot advert.

Section C-23 - SCP-912 ”Autonomous SWAT Armor”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-912, you must get the handler of SCP-912 to order it back to its cell.
  1. SCP-912 must obey their handler regardless of the order unless it involves breaking a rule.
  2. SCP-912 can only arrest people when commanded if their handler provides a legitimate reason for their arrest.
  3. SCP-912 cannot arrest more than one person at a time. They must be detained in a cell or interrogation room before moving on to the next.
  4. SCP-912 cannot speak.
  5. SCP-912 cannot arrest any SCPs or assist in their recontainment.
  6. By default, SCP-912 must arrest those who brandish weapons as well as disarm them when they are spotted (handler may override this).
  7. SCP-912 must attack/arrest those who attack them or their handler.
  8. SCP-912 may betray their handler if they physically interfere with any of their actions.
  9. SCP-912 must kill or arrest their handler if they order them to commit murder.
  10. SCP-912 may beat people to death with /me’s and /rolls IF they resist arrest.
  11. SCP-912 must give someone a chance to resist arrest by performing a /me, attacking, or running away before deciding they are resisting arrest.
  12. To become the handler, someone must “/advert PD uniform on” near SCP-912.
  13. SCP-912 cannot make an SCP their handler.
  14. SCP-912 can only have one handler at a time.
  15. SCP-912 is not allowed to use any guns.
  16. SCP-912 cannot join the Security force, MTF or CI.
  17. SCP-912 cannot be recruited to take part in any surface warfare.
  18. SCP-912 may arrest CI who are raiding so long as they are still following their other rules.
  19. SCP-912 CANNOT release any SCPs from their containment, even if told by a handler.
  20. SCP-912 cannot be told to arrest a (or multiple) faction (s).
  21. SCP-912 walks in a normal manner unless in chase.
  22. SCP-912 cannot be handcuffed, and will break/slip out of any cuffs placed on it.

Section C-24 - SCP-914 ”The Clockworks”
Security Clearance - Level 0​
  1. SCPs cannot use 914.
  2. It is Fail RP for D-Class to put themselves or items in 914 without prior knowledge of its abilities.
  3. Only Researchers are permitted to test on SCP-914 with approval from the Head Researcher.
  4. SCPs do not know about 914’s properties and cannot spread information about it.
  5. Any new test performed on SCP-914 for the first time (example: a new object is placed inside) is considered canon. This is also the case for CI, even during non-canon raids (note: this will not always mean PKs for all parties involved (to be decided by Sector+)).

Section C-25 - SCP-939 ”With Many Voices”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-939 may be re-contained by either terminating the 939s on an active hunt, or tranquilizing them, then escorting it back to their cell. Personnel who are feeding SCP-939 must turn on the gas to make the 939's become sluggish. Only lasts for 5 minutes.
  1. SCP-939 must stay with other 939s when out of containment.
  2. SCP-939 can only hunt alone when they are the only 939.
  3. SCP-939 can only assist and cooperate with their fellow SCP-939s. Assisting other SCPs or humans is Fail RP.
  4. SCP-939 cannot go to the surface without at least 1 other pack member.
  5. SCP-939 can say the final phrase they heard their last victim say. Though SCP-939 can speak what is spoken around them, they cannot piece together different phrases of speech.
  6. SCP-939 may kill any human or living SCP.
  7. SCP-939 may /advert for a Class-D every 15 minutes after being fed or re-contained. SCP-939 may then breach containment if not fed in 10 minutes.
  8. SCP-939 must advert when Breaching.
  9. SCP-939 cannot attack or escape for 5 minutes once the gas in their cell is activated.
  10. SCP-939 cannot release or team up with any other SCP's unless someone they are actively engaging enters one.
  11. SCP-939 cannot be tamed.
  12. Cannot be pregnant, a cub, alpha|beta|gamma etc., or male.
  13. SCP-939 should run away from 682.

Section C-26 - SCP-999 “The Tickle Monster”
Security Clearance - Level 0
SCP-999 only rolls if the opposing player /me’s trying to avoid 999. Higher roll wins.

SCP-999 may roam the facility as it pleases. If it leaves the facility, escort it back in. (Unless SCP-682 is present on the surface).
  1. SCP-999 must /me to tickle someone.
  2. SCP-999 may tickle anyone who seems upset.
  3. SCP-999 must /me before tickling someone and win a /roll if they resist.
  4. SCP-999 must tickle 682 if they are enraged or are posing a threat to the foundation, however the effect only lasts for 3 minutes starting from the moment the tickling stops.
  5. SCP-999 needs to roll to tickle 682.
  6. SCP-999 cannot tickle if there is no reason to.
  7. SCP-999 may not encourage the death of ANY living thing.
  8. SCP-999 must follow someone if they say they need help.
  9. SCP-999 is not able to leave the facility unless they are escorted by the MTF.
  10. SCP-999 can be used as a shield for bullets or other projectiles.
  11. SCP-999 may be taken out of the facility by the Chaos Insurgency.
  12. SCP-999 cannot operate door controls.
  13. SCP-999 must follow someone who offers it candy.
  14. SCP-999 cannot use its swep for any exploits.
  15. SCP-999 cannot speak, but can make gurgling noises and squeals.
  16. SCP-999 can not do a /me to see if someone is sad.

Section C-27 - SCP-1036 “Nkondi”
Security Clearance - Level 2

To recontain 1036, you must terminate the hosted body. Then make sure all the nails in the mask are hammered correctly. Never make direct eye contact with any of the instances. When dealing with the mask itself, make sure to be wearing the one-way glasses.
  1. SCP-1036’s main goal is to escape and get back to Africa.
  3. SCP-1036’s may not breach SCP’s without reason (they must offer to help your escape attempt).
  4. SCP-1036-1, -6, and -7 may not kill people without reason.
  5. SCP-1036-5 may kill anyone it pleases.
  6. SCP-1036’s may not take their idols and hide them.
  7. SCP-1036 may not breach D-Class or assist them in escaping unless they offer to help your escape. (Unless the possessed person is a D-Class within D-Block)
  8. If SCP-1036 tries to perform a /me that its host attempts to fight against, both it and its host must roll against each other in order to determine what happens (No bonuses are applied during these rolls).
  9. SCP-1036 must advert every 5 minutes that nail comes loose over a 10 minute timer.
  10. SCP-1036 will possess a random person in the facility after 10 minutes have gone up.
  11. SCP-1036 will possess a person until that person dies.
  12. Personnel must use the action menu to hammer the nails in with the Hammer SWEP.
1 - An angry shaman named KuMpemba a Fula, he was imprisoned by a witch doctor, for the use of medicine. He wishes to get back to Africa and kill the clan who imprisoned him (in whatever way possible).

5 - Is just a sadistic, murderous spirit. It will kill its host in the most grotesque and gruesome manner and people around him.

6 - A man whose sole purpose is to make others around him miserable at their own expense. For his own laughter and amusement. He used to be a hunter when he was in his own body, he always tried to ruin everyone else’s hunt so he could get a quick laugh. He was imprisoned by the village elders as punishment.

7 - A Female elder of her village named Mafoob Juubjuub, she was imprisoned by an enemy village that murdered her tribe. She is a kind spirit, who wishes to help any soul she finds kind and in need of mentoring. She will attempt to become a figurehead of the facility and help lead it to glory.


Section C-28 - SCP-1048 ”The Builder Bear”
Security Clearance : Level 0

To re-contain SCP-1048 you simply need to pick SCP-1048 up and carry it back to its cell.
You must beat 1048 in a /roll to pick it up, unless it doesn’t resist.
  1. SCP-1048 can only attack when their victim is alone. (As in, only 1048 and the victim)
  2. If there is more than one person / SCP in a room, then SCP-1048 must pretend to be friendly.
  3. SCP-1048 is allowed to escape the facility, but only when armed with a knife or with another 1048 instance.
  4. SCP-1048 may steal a knife off someone who has one or loot the armory.
  5. SCP-1048 may communicate through gestures and pictures.
  6. SCP-1048 cannot cut SCP’s ears off.
  7. SCP-1048 can only release SCP-035, SCP-049, other SCP-1048 instances and/or 1 other SCP at a time. He cannot release another until that SCP has been re-contained.
  8. If SCP-1048 is shot repeatedly, he must run away and attempt to evade the shooter.
  9. SCP-1048 cannot wiggle out of one’s grasp right after being picked up. They must wait 1 minute before attempting to break free. SCP-1048 must go with them and cannot stall out that minute.
  10. SCP-1048 cannot heal any other 1048 instances.
  11. SCP-1048 can create SCP-1048-A after it has collected 14 ears (from corpses and/or living things).
  12. SCP-1048 can created SCP-1048-C after it has collected 2 knives from two separate locations.
  13. SCP-1048 can create SCP-1048-D after it has collected/dragged a corpse to a secluded area. The process of creating SCP-1048-D takes 5 minutes.
  14. SCP-1048 is not allowed to cut off more ears or flesh once SCP-1048-A and -D have been made. They have to wait until it dies to collect more.
  15. SCP-1048 can only make new 1048 instances in a secluded area.
  16. SCP-1048 is only allowed to use a Knife as a weapon.
  17. SCP-1048 can not lift heavier objects (such large/heavy weapons and corpses) without assistance from someone/something else (example: another 1048 instance/SCP).
  18. SCP-1048 can only hold one knife at a time (in addition to the knives required to create 1048-C).

Section C-29 - SCP-1048-A ”The Ear Bear”
Security Clearance - Level 0

To recontain it, you must not scare it and for one person to approach it slowly and try to /me picks up 1048-A carefully and whoever wins the roll decides the outcome. After picking up 1048-A, bring it to it's containment cell carefully. SCP-1048-A is provoked by weapons/gunshots and large crowds of people (3 or more)
  1. SCP-1048-A must be with SCP-1048 at all times and try to reunite with 1048.
  2. SCP-1048-A must act as a scared animal, run away when threatened and only attack when it feels cornered or surrounded.
  3. If a group of 3 or more people approach at once, it may scream.
  4. If abused, verbally (Yelled at) or physically (shot or kicked) SCP-1048-A may scream. This extends to any other instances (Being picked up is not abuse.)
  5. SCP-1048-A cannot run towards the person who shot them to scream. They must scream in place or while running away.
  6. SCP-1048-A may scream at any SCP that scares them while running away. They cannot chase or seek them out.
  7. SCP-1048-A cannot release any SCPs except for 1048 and its instances.
  8. SCP-1048-A cannot run into a room full of people just to scream. (This will be judged by an admin)
  9. Do not run towards noises of gunfire or explosions.
  10. SCP-1048-A can only flag up when SCP-1048 creates it.
  11. If SCP-1048-A is killed or SCP-1048 flags down, SCP-1048-A must flag down.

Section C-30 - SCP-1048-C ”The Metal Bear”
Security Clearance : Level 0

SCP-1048-C can be captured by smothering it in a blade resistant blanket/grabbed with tongs. If SCP-1048-C is with SCP-1048 and other 1048 instances, they can be separated (if needed) by provoking SCP-1048-C. SCP-1048-C can be terminated via being dropped in the incinerator.
  1. SCP-1048-C must follow SCP-1048 at all times unless attacking someone/something.
  2. SCP-1048-C can not attack unless provoked.
  3. SCP-1048-C will not stop attacking until their target is killed.
  4. SCP-1048-C is protective of all SCP-1048s and will attack those that are harming/touching 1048/1048-A/1048-D.
  5. SCP-1048-C may attack SCPs that are harming it or the other SCP-1048s.
  6. SCP-1048-C cannot release any SCPs except for 1048 and its instances.
  7. SCP-1048-C can only flag up once SCP-1048 has created it.
  8. SCP-1048-C must flag down if destroyed.
  9. If separated from SCP-1048, SCP-1048-C will stop at nothing to find them. If someone gets in the way of SCP-1048-C during this process, SCP-1048-C can kill them.
  10. SCP-1048-C cannot be picked up without the proper tools. Doing so will result in an immediate loss of hands.

Section C-31 - SCP-1048-D ”The Flesh Bear”
Security Clearance : Level 0

SCP-1048-D should be terminated on sight. There is no known means to recontain them.
  1. SCP-1048-D must follow SCP-1048 at all times unless attacking someone/something.
  2. SCP-1048-D may absorb people freely if their target is alone.
  3. SCP-1048-D will attack/absorb if provoked.
  4. SCP-1048-D will not stop attacking until their target is killed/absorbed.
  5. SCP-1048-D is very protective of SCP-1048.
  6. SCP-1048-D can only attack SCPs that are harming it or the other SCP-1048s.
  7. SCP-1048-D can attack freely once it has passed 4000 HP.
  8. SCP-1048-D cannot absorb SCPs, except for zombies.
  9. SCP-1048-D cannot breach any SCPs besides SCP-1048 and other SCP-1048 instances.
  10. SCP-1048-D can only flag up once SCP-1048 has created it.
  11. SCP-1048-D must flag down if destroyed.
  12. If separated from SCP-1048, SCP-1048-D will stop at nothing to find them. If someone gets in the way of SCP-1048-D during this process, SCP-1048-D can kill them.

Section C-32 - SCP-1316 ”Feline Espionage Device”
Chaos Insurgency

In order to re-contain SCP-1316 a Beta-Level+ must order it back to the drone room. Foundation Personnel must pick it up and take it to its containment chamber.
  1. SCP-1316 can only follow orders from a Beta-Level+.
  2. SCP-1316 cannot leave the CI base / enter Area-XYZ without permission from a Beta-Level+.
  3. If SCP-1316 dies, it cannot infiltrate Area-XYZ for 10 minutes.
  4. SCP-1316 cannot use voice chat, they may only type in the radio to communicate. (Using /CI)
  5. SCP-1316 may only use the SWEPs and items that it spawns with.
  6. SCP-1316 must attempt to escape Area-XYZ if discovered by Foundation personnel.
  7. If SCP-1316 is captured by the Foundation, they are not allowed to flag down. (Without Staff Permission.)
  8. SCP-1316 cannot release SCPs.
  9. SCP-1316 cannot use its radio while in containment.

Section C-33 - SCP-1370 ”Pester Bot”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-1370 must be picked up by level 2 personnel only through rolling. SCP-1370 can be picked up by anything if it can physically. SCP-1370 may use its pincers to distract humans or SCPs. Zip ties can be used to close SCP-1370’s pinchers. You have a -50 Roll Bonus in any RP situation. This includes someone picking you up.
  1. SCP-1370’s goal is to be annoying and hateful towards any living thing but utterly fail in any act of aggression.
  2. If SCP-1370 encounters an object it believes to be sentient, it will attempt to engage the object in combat while introducing itself with a variety of elaborate titles which appear to be selected at random. Examples: DoomBot 2000, RoboLord the Destructor, Prime Minister Sinister, WALKING ROAST BOX and Darth Claw Killflex.
  3. If SCP-1370 gets knocked over he cannot get up for at least 10 seconds.
  4. SCP-1370 cannot use weapons or computers. (Excludes knives)
  5. SCP-1370 may not use guns.
  6. SCP-1370 may not use any melee/thrown weapon larger than a knife.
  7. SCP-1370 may not carry any SCPs (due to weight imbalance).
  8. SCP-1370 is required to use the /me command if they’re attacking someone.
  9. SCP-1370 can attempt to escape someone’s grasp every one minute.

Section C-34 - SCP-1437 ”A Hole To Another Place”

Anything that comes out of the hole must be quarantined immediately.
  1. Do not throw random items in.
  2. A member of the Foundation throwing an SCP in the hole is FailRP.
  3. Anything that falls into the hole dies.

Section C-35 - SCP-2006 “Too Spooky”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-2006 must first be separated from any other threat or SCP. After, depending on the current form, a Foundation Personnel or D-Class will be used to stage a fake ‘scare’ where they feign fear over a more manageable and easier to contain entity. Once 2006 changes form, the act must continue until it’s locked inside its containment and the actors are out of view.
  1. SCP-2006’s goal must always be to scare someone.
  2. SCP-2006 can /advert every 15 minutes for a scary movie to watch
  3. After 10 minutes from adverting, SCP-2006 can self breach from his CC to look for someone to scare.
  4. SCP-2006 can only take the form of something it saw scare someone within the past 10 seconds.
  5. SCP-2006 must act as the form (They may improvise if it’s a human) it’s posing as until it reveals itself as SCP-2006.
  6. After returning to its cell, SCP-2006 must revert back to its default form.
  7. If someone is not afraid of 2006’s current form, despite its best efforts (this will be judged by 2006), they must attempt to find a new form.
  8. SCP-2006 may not change back to a form someone was not afraid of until it sees another person be scared of it.
  9. SCP-2006 should attempt to change when no one is looking.
  10. SCP-2006 can only attempt to scare humans and humanoid SCPs (082, 035, 049, etc.)
  11. SCP-2006 cannot purposefully kill. (They aren’t scared if they’re dead).
  12. SCP-2006 must reveal itself after scaring someone, unless another potential target is within earshot.
  13. After revealing itself, 2006 must be friendly and cooperative towards that person until they see a new scary thing or a new person is afraid of his current form.
  14. Someone not screaming through their mic does not mean they aren’t scared.
  15. SCP-2006 cannot go to the surface without a valid RP reason.
  16. SCP-2006 cannot release other SCPs.
  17. SCP-2006 can not assist other SCPs (This is still true even if impersonating something that would).
  18. SCP-2006 may hold weapons (if the form makes sense), but not use them for harm or give them away.

Section C-36 - SCP-2292 “Gorilla Beringei Necromantiae”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-2292 can be calmed when it is by itself. When by itself and not angered by the death or harm of SCP-1316 or SCP-1048, it must follow the orders of armed personnel. When calm, it can be escorted back to its cell.
  1. SCP-2292 cannot help other SCPs breach.
  2. SCP-2292 cannot talk. He must communicate by using sign language or by writing.
  3. Tranqs do not work on SCP-2292 whatsoever.
  4. SCP-2292 may kill armed personnel who threaten it or SCP-1048 and SCP-1316. Threats will not fully enrage SCP-2292, it will only kill the person who gave the threat.
  5. Guns on safety are not considered threats.
  6. SCP-2292 will “baby” SCP-1048 and SCP-1316 (picking them up when he sees them, recontaining them when they attack someone, protecting them otherwise from physical/verbal harm).
  7. If SCP-2292 sees SCP-1048 or SCP-1316 harm a living person, it will re-contain the SCPs itself.
  8. If itself, SCP-1048 or SCP-1316 is harmed, SCP-2292 will become enraged for 4 minutes. During this time, it will kill any living person in sight.
  9. If 2292 is shot while it is enraged, it may not re-enrage.
  10. SCP-2292 cannot run from personnel when enraged.
  11. SCP-2292 must advert when it is enraged and when it becomes calm after enragement.
  12. SCP-2292 can only bash open doors when enraged. When calm, it must use buttons.
  13. SCP-2292 can only use buttons/levers when calm.
  14. SCP-2292 would stay away from dangerous SCPs such as 173, 106, and 682.
  15. SCP-2292-2 (zombies) must attack any living person they see.
  16. SCP-2292-2 cannot attack SCPs.
  17. SCP-2292-2 cannot talk.
  18. SCP-2292 shouldn’t intentionally get shot to become enraged, as this would be fail RP.
  19. SCP-2292 may not use weapons or items of any kind besides its own fists.
  20. SCP-2292 may advert every 15 minutes for fruit or play time. If 15 minutes pass and neither of these are provided, they may bash down the door to breach but are not considered enraged.

Section C-37 - SCP-2300 ”Periodic Golems”
Security Clearance - Level 0

To recontain SCP-2300, simply pick them up and put them back in their cell. To keep them contained, give them art supplies when requested. SCP-2300s should be encouraged to make harmless, simplistic artwork that does not alter reality or the functioning of Area-XYZ on a widespread scale. SCP-2300s should be treated with kindness in order to prevent them from creating harmful artwork. If SCP-2300 does create harmful artwork, said artwork should be destroyed and the SCP-2300s should be locked in their respective containment boxes until they are compliant. Terminating an SCP-2300 instance should only be considered in the most extreme emergencies (ex: their continued antics would result in a facility wide breach, the mass deaths of Foundation personnel, and/or a Code Black scenario).
  1. SCP-2300 can advert and request “art supplies.” After adverting, if not given the supplies after 10 minutes, it can breach its cell via chewing through the door.
  2. After receiving their supplies, SCP-2300s must wait 5 minutes before requesting supplies again.
  3. If SCP-2300 dies, their breach timer will reset.
  4. SCP-2300 can only eat it’s CC door if not given “art supplies” after the 10 minute timer.
  5. After breaching, SCP-2300 is allowed to consume any prop it comes across in order to collect “supplies.”
  6. If SCP-2300 dies, it forgets about everything that happened before its death. Therefore, if an SCP-2300 instance dies while working on something it may not continue progress on it until re-informed by another SCP-2300.
  7. SCP-2300 can only communicate verbally with other SCP-2300 instances. Otherwise, it must use other means, like gestures and writing.
  8. SCP-2300 can not go out of their way to kill/harm people without RP reason.
  9. SCP-2300 must put appropriate descriptions on their creations and other items.
  10. SCP-2300 can not eat each other.
  11. SCP-2300 can not breach other SCPs.
  12. SCP-2300 can not escape from its CC if being given art supplies
  13. SCP-2300 will avoid all SCPs except SCP-019, SCP-173, SCP-1036, SCP-1048, and SCP-1370.
  14. SCP-2300-6 (carbon) is the most intelligent of the SCP-2300’s, and is considered the leader of the group.
  15. SCP-2300-79 (gold) likes shiny objects, and will go out of its way to aquire, consume and/or create them.
  16. SCP-2300-79 is the least intelligent of the SCP-2300’s.
  17. None of the instances have knowledge of any GOI not on the server.

Section C-38 - SCP-2337 “Dr. Spanko”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-2337 can be re-contained by appeasing it with stranglefruit and ordering it back to its cell.
  1. Dr. Spanko must speak/type gibberish and cannot communicate any other way. (SCP-2337: Cack! Am christened Herr Doktor Spankoflex. Am colloquially nameslapped with Essy-Pee toothreethree and Steven, am complicate across the state.)
  2. Dr. Spanko must exclaim “CACK!” and/or [Left-Click] at least once every few sentences.
  3. Dr. Spanko can advert for “stranglefruits” (Gummy Worms) every 10 minutes.
  4. If they are not fed after 10 minutes, Dr. Spanko may use SUPER CACK to breach containment [Press Reload].
  5. Dr. Spanko can ONLY SUPER CACK [Press Reload] when: Their stranglefruit timer has expired, someone/something threatens or attempts to harm it, or someone attempts to emulate its speech.
  6. If Dr. Spanko uses the SUPER CACK, certain SCPs that hear it will become hostile, advert “CACKRAGE” and breach containment (if able). SCPs affected by the “CACKRAGE” will attack humans on sight. The SCPs affected are:
    1. SCP-076-2 (only if outside of SCP-076-1)
    2. SCP-082
    3. SCP-682 (only if outside of its acid)
    4. SCP-939
    5. SCP-1370
    6. SCP-2292
  7. The “CACKRAGE” will end 5 minutes after the last SUPER CACK heard by the affected SCP (this means that the timer will reset if Dr. Spanko SUPER CACKs again). After the “CACKRAGE” ends, affected SCPs will return to following their normal rules.
  8. Dr. Spanko CANNOT play music or sound boards that aren’t part of its swep.
  9. Dr. Spanko must stop spamming if given stranglefruits.
  10. Sentient SCPs (such as 035 and 682) may not harm SCP-2337.
  11. Dr. Spanko must use /y any time they type in character (except /me).
  12. Dr. Spanko can not escape the Foundation without a valid reason.
  13. If taken, Dr. Spanko may stay with the CI until retrieved or attempt to escape.
  14. Dr. Spanko must obey the orders of any human (unless it has not been given stranglefruit since adverting) unless it would cause harm to itself or another living thing.
  15. Dr. Spanko can form an alliance with anyone / anything it wants.
  16. Dr. Spanko can not release SCPs without valid reasoning.

Section D - Building Rules
  1. Do not prop minge. This includes prop spamming, prop killing, prop climbing, prop surfing and prop blocking.
  2. Any placed text screens must be relevant to the RP at hand. Examples being a 'PTS Is Active' sign during a meeting.
  3. While you are building, you must place a text screen that reads “BUILDING” to let others know that you cannot be killed. While you are building, you should not interact with other players. Once you are finished, you must remove your sign.
  4. In regards to rule #3, do not interfere with people who have a “BUILDING” sign.
  5. Do not build in SCP-106’s pocket dimension.
  6. The use of key cards require the keycard scanner to be within 5 meters of the fading door.
  7. You can only use Fading Doors in specific areas which are D-Block, Gate A, or an Office.
  8. Do not use keyboard bindings to activate fading doors.
  9. Kill On Sight (KOS)/Arrest On Sight (AOS) lines may be placed by MTF and Security Officers. These lines allow these jobs to freely kill (for KOS line) or arrest (AOS line) any player that passes it.
  10. Do not build keycard checkpoints in the middle of hallways unless approved by a Super Admin+.
  11. Don’t build something that prevents you from being shot while still allowing you to shoot (Don’t build with one-way props).
  12. Do not build any dumb, unrealistic vehicles or buildings.
  13. Constructing defenses during a Raid is considered FailRP.
  14. Only engineers may construct gates inside the foundation (you may build it yourself if there are no engineers on), unless you are a trained technician. D-Block must always have a gate, therefore anyone can build said gate.
  15. If a head engineer tells an engineer to take down a building/gate, they must remove it unless ordered otherwise by a Level 4 Official..
  16. Fading doors must have at least one keycard scanner linked to them at all times.
  17. No one can build from gate A to the Power Room without the Head Engineer’s permission.
Section D-1 - Roll Bonuses For SCPs

SCP-035 Possession: +20 against humans
SCP 035 Host: Gets the bonus its host would normally have +15
SCP 049: +15 against humans
049-2/2292-2 (Zombies): +20 against humans
SCP-076: +75 against humans, +50 against SCPs
SCP-082: +50 against humans, +30 against SCPs
SCP-096: Does not need to roll.
SCP 106: Does not need to roll.
SCP-131-A/B: Does not need to roll.
SCP-173: Does not need to roll.
SCP-208: Does not need to roll.
SCP-263: Does not need to roll.
SCP-343: Does not need to roll.
SCP-457: Does not need to roll.
SCP 550: +30 against humans, +30 against zombies
SCP 682: +75 against humans, +50 against SCPs
SCP-735: Does not need to roll.
SCP-912: +30 roll bonus against humans
SCP-939: +30 against humans, +15 against SCPs
SCP-999: +50 against SCP-682
SCP-1036: Host’s roll bonus.
SCP-1048: +30 to rolls involving escaping (dodging, wiggling away, etc.)
SCP-1048-A: +10 to rolls involving escaping (dodging, wiggling away, etc.)
SCP-1048-C: +30 against humans, +10 against SCPs
SCP-1048-D: Does not need to roll.
SCP-1316: +20 to rolls involving escaping
SCP-1370: -30 for all rolls.
SCP-2006: +30 against humans (default form) or the roll bonus of whatever form it takes.
SCP-2292: +40 against humans, +20 against SCPs
SCP-2300: -20 for all rolls.
SCP-2337: +30 to rolls involving escaping (dodging, wiggling away, etc.)

Section D-2 - Roll Bonuses For Humans

Area Director/Area Manager: +10 against humans +5 against SCPs
Security Chief/Security Captains: +20 against humans, +20 against SCPs
MTF Agents: +25 against humans, +25 against SCPs, +10 to everything else
MTF AU: +30 against humans, +10 against SCPs, +10 to everything else
SID Members: +15 against humans, +15 against SCPs
SID Heavy: +15 against humans, +20 against SCPs
SID BCU: +10 against humans, +25 against SCPs
Military Provost: +20 Against Humans
Engineer: +30 to TechRP/Engineering
FMO/MRU: +10 against humans, +30 to MedRP
Patrol Sergeant/Lieutenant: +15 against humans, +15 against SCPs
General Security Support Unit: +15 against humans, +10 against SCPs
Senior Security Officer: +10 against humans, +10 against SCPs
Admin. Guard: +20 against humans, +5 against SCPs
Security Officer: +5 against humans, +5 against SCPs
Security Trainee: +10 against Class Ds

Chaos Insurgency
CI Grunt: +10 against humans
CI Operative/Marksman/Explosive Spec: +15 against humans, +10 against SCPs
CI Field Medic: +10 against humans, +30 to MedRP
CI Engineer: +30 to Tech RP/Engineering
CI Infiltrator: +25 against humans
CI Heavy: +20 against humans, +10 against SCPs
CI Juggernaut: +30 against humans
CI Colonel/Commander: +25 against humans, +25 against SCPs


Section E - Etiquette Towards Administrators
  1. You must treat the administrators with respect.
  2. If you require an admin type “@ <message>” in chat and we will be right with you.
  3. Trolling admins is strictly prohibited.
  4. It is recommended that you have proof or witnesses when you accuse someone of infringing a rule.
Section E-1 - Etiquette During An Admin Sit
  1. If you are pulled into an admin sit, you may not leave for any reason.
  2. You must not lie during an admin sit.
  3. You must holster your weapons during an admin sit.
  4. Killing/attacking during an admin sit is strictly prohibited.
  5. Do not mic spam during a sit.
  6. Do not yell if it is not your turn to speak.
  7. You must obey what the admin tells you to do.
  8. Try not to have an attitude when you are dragged in. It won’t help your case.

Section F - Roleplay Terms and Definitions

- RDM stands for Random Deathmatch and it is when a person kills another person for a reason that was not intended for roleplay.

FailRP - FailRP is when a person fails to act out their job properly/doing something that is against their rules. (i.e Foundation Personnel freeing all SCPs on the area/SCP-173 talking).

Powergaming - Powergaming is when you try to act out something that is impossible to do or doing it without meeting the proper circumstances (i.e Punching an Officer once would immediately ‘knock’ them out.)

NLR - NLR stands for the New Life Rule and it is a standard that prevents a person that has died in the past 3 minutes to go back to the same area that they died in. If you die in your spawn area you may not interact with anyone who is attacking for 3 minutes. If an SCP is killed, they can not leave their spawn until NLR has passed. It is a very commonly broken rule but it is still enforced.

Raid NLR - This is only called when the Chaos Insurgency is actively raiding the SCP Foundation or MTF is raiding the Chaos Insurgency. It "lasts until the in-game timer is over or the raid has been called over." Flagging up after the Insurgency or MTF has cleared your spawn would automatically put you under ‘Raid NLR’ status. This rule is heavily enforced so abide by it at all times.

Metagaming - Metagaming is when game information outside of what is available in-game is used to give a player an advantage in-game. An example of breaking this rule is when a Class D walks up to a SCP and knows all about them. [Number, Name, mood.]

RDA - RDA stands for Random Arrest and it is when a person with handcuffs detains another person without a legitimate reason to do so.

FearRP - FearRP is where you fear for your life, or someone else’s life, as in you’re actually scared, or willing to do anything to save your life. And example would be: If you had a gun to your head, you would do what the person says to not get shot.

Authority RP - Anyone with higher authority than you, (in this case, security clearance) is above you, and may order you around, you must listen to orders, unless roleplay circumstances take place (such as the Director SEEN wearing SCP-035).

Bodyblock - Blocking someone’s path (mostly doors) when RP has been done to move you. (Such as someone did a /me for pushing you out of the way and won however you still have not moved).

PK - PK stands for Perma Kill. Perma kills occur when you die in an RP scenario such as an event (this is situational). In the event of a PK, your character is deleted and you are no longer able to flag up as them (outside of special events, which are rare). You cannot be PK’d without your own consent, however your DVL and/or a Sector+ can override this. Do not change your name to one that is obviously similar to your previous one in the event that you are PK’d.​
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