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New CombatRP Guide


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New Combat RP Guide
This guide is meant for all people one the server that wish to have a good roleplay experience when in the midst of battle, and wish to win effectively when in combat.

If you're new, please make sure to read Section B of the MOTD, and read this:

What is CombatRP?
CombatRP is the type of roleplay used when engaged in combat with another player. This ranges from disarming all the way to brutally beating someone.


How do you do CombatRP?
  1. Start off with your (or their) first move. Ex. "/me charges at the entity in front of them, attempting to tackle them to the ground" (tackle bind).
  2. Remember to ALWAYS roll.
  3. Whoever wins the action gets to go next.
  4. Keep roll bonuses in mind.

Counter /me's:
Counter /me's are sometimes misunderstood by new players. When another player does an action (/me) against you, you must do a counter /me if you wish to counter. You can not just roll, because then you aren't doing any actual action.

Here’s some examples of counter /me's:
Against a tackle: /me sidesteps to the right, dodging the entity.
Against a punch: /me puts their arms in front of them, attempting to block the punch.


Supplement LogicRP:
LogicRP is common sense. Always supplement common sense when you are doing CombatRP. For example, if you are tackling someone while they are facing the other way, not even knowing you are about to tackle them, then they can't just magically sidestep without knowing you were there. You would win the action.

What to keep in mind:

1) Be specific.
This is a really important one, because if you're not specific, your action may not be successful. For example, "/me tackles" is not a proper /me, as you are not specifying what you are tackling nor are you specifying how.

2) Use binds.
This is also an important one. Tackle binds are very important for ALL people on the server, as they may need to tackle someone and if they’re running away, they can’t stop and type.

An example of a proper tackle bind, "/me charges at the entity in front of them, aiming for their legs, attempting to tackle them."

An example of an improper tackle bind, "/me tackles" , "/me tackles person" , "/me tackles you"

It is good to describe how you are tackling the person.

3) Be aware of your surroundings.
Let's say that you're against a wall, and someone is trying to tackle you. That person isn't really that smart, because they're about to charge right into a wall if they fail their /roll. It is always good to be aware of your surroundings, and use them to your advantage.

Make sure there isn't anything obstructing you. For example, if the person you are trying to tackle has a table behind them, you can slam face-first into the table if you fail the /roll. Then, that person can use that as their advantage, and slam your head against the table.

This can also be used to your advantage. If someone tries to tackle you and runs into a wall, use this as an advantage to either slam them back into the wall, or pull them down to the ground.

4) Don't powergame.

Not many new players really understand this one. Powergame is when you try to act out something that is impossible to do or doing it without meeting proper circumstances (From the MOTD). Here's some DON’Ts:
  1. Don’t do two actions in one /me.
  2. Don’t try and force the outcome.
  3. Don’t do dumb /me's (/me absorbs the attack).
  4. Don’t forget to /roll. (Powergaming an outcome).
Etc. Look in the MOTD for further information.

5) Use what you have on you.
Use what you're holding, or just any other gear you have on you. You could hit them with the butt of your gun if you can't shoot it, or in the middle of battle you can attempt to pull your gun out. There's also melee weapons which you can use: Knives, SCP-076-2 swords, SCP-082's sword, etc.

Detainment/Arresting RP Methods:
Detaining is very different than actually fighting another person. When detaining someone, you either use an arrest bind or a tackle bind. Here are some examples of both of those:

Tackle: /me charges at the entity in front of them, aiming for their legs, attempting to tackle them.

Arrest: /me grabs your wrists, puts them behind you back, and slaps a pair of cuffs on them.

Remember, you are trying to detain them, not kill them, so don't be lethal. Be aware of your surroundings, making sure you don't accidentally harm them.

KEEP IN MIND: If you are too far away from someone, or you're running after someone, don't use your arrest bind because they're too far away. Tackle them first.

SCP CombatRP:
SCPs that need to do CombatRP are typically brutal when it comes to fighting. The two main SCPs that use CombatRP are: SCP-082 and SCP-076-2.

Depending on your personality, you may be incredibly goresome.
While roleplaying as SCP-082, keep in mind that you get enraged. When you’re enraged, you kill people (obviously). Sometimes in the midst of battle you may just need to slice and dice, but when you’re around possibly just one person, CombatRP may come in effect. Remember, you’re a giant, muscular, deformed cannibal. Be brutal, use your surroundings. You could smash their head into the wall, throw them across a room, punch through their chest using the wall as support, etc. Be creative.

Usually, people that play SCP-076-2 just use their sword, but I’ve seen some actually do CombatRP. Remember to be creative and use your surroundings to your advantage. Remember that you are also very strong, and can smash people to pieces. You can also use your sword during CombatRP, and slice them to your advantage. For example, cut their legs off during battle and beat them while they're cripple. I’m not going to go in-depth into this brutality, so use your own creativeness.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or criticism about this guide, please comment below!

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