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Head of Staff
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Jubulie October
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 10/30/87
[SEX]: Male
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Fairfax, Virginia
[OCCUPATION]: Foundation Overseer
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: Monster Hunter, Foundation Security, Area-XYZ Security Chief, Area-XYZ Manager, Area-XYZ Facility Director, Foundation Advisor .
[AFFILIATION]: Foundation, "Spooky Hunter Association"
[LANGUAGES]: English
[RELATIVES]: Grandpa
[TROPHIES]: A "Cool Necklace" from his past, a coin hanging around his neck that reads "Spooky Hunter", a tier 2 foundation medal of bravery.



[HEIGHT]: 5' 4
[WEIGHT]: 178 Pounds
[EYE COLOR]: Hazel
[BLOOD TYPE]: AB Positive
[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: Has a scar across his chest.


[LIKES]: Audio Books, Traveling, Good people
[DISLIKES]: "Spooky Things", Uncut Grass, Left Shoes, Yellow Gummy Bears, Loot Boxes


- They just keep coming back
CI - They killed my friend.



Engineer Klauset
- Helped me when I needed him with this cool box, seems like a good man I would trust.
Chief Holland - She's new replaced the old chief hopefully she'll last longer, it seems most in her situation dont... She didn't last long this place his such a high mortality rate.
Dr. Bills - Hey... I know that guy! I knew that guy...
Peterson - Has been doing some actual good for research his research team are the ones making progress on the box anomaly and I enjoy seeing progress. He's now newly retired and I'm glad he's still working hard with us. Not entirely sure what happened...
Dr. Meier - The newest head researcher, brand new and I haven't had too many interactions as of yet but the ones we've had have been pleasant. Already retired.
Chief Joseph - SID Captain who from what I've seen can be immature but he's good at his job. I guess my initial interaction with him was a one off because every interaction since then has been very pleasant and he's been doing a great job.
Dr. Weber - The newest HR let's hope this one goes well, they came over to my little get together and it was fun.
Dr. Lloyd - was fun to be around at my little games I held.

Sergeant Conifer - I see him around quite often and he was pretty funny at my games, hopefully I see more of him.
Lieutenant Dragon - Won my games and he was fun to be around.
Voglans - I've known this guy for a while too bad I don't see him to much anymore but when I do it's a good time.
Senior Officer Harington - Good kid, reminds me of how I used to be, I see a lot of potential in him. I wonder where he went.
Supervisor Leona (Magic Light Person) - Put there life on the line and became an anomaly and still is helping the foundation an outstanding member of our personnel.
Dr. Kronislava (Magiker Light Person) - The 2nd light person I got to know, seems to have almost no emotions but hopefully we can work to get those back and get them back to work, also they helped keep me safe.
Facility Supervisor Simonson - Known him for a while now, I like his tie and personality.

Quartermaster Siegmeyer - Good man, seems wise, reminds me of myself, a sad tragedy I will never forgive the CI for.
Maddox - Great guy, was a great Head Marshal I hated to see him go.
Director Sobel - Love this guy, my boss, gets things done timely and effectively. I wonder where he went...
Manager Wei - Old Captain, did some good things for gensec, seems like a nice fellow. I was really fond of this fellow, he lasted as long as most others do.
Chief Booth - Current security chief, I was slightly skeptical at first but this man has shown me how great he can be. Another dead facility member.
Captain Recker - One of the gensec captains, good man, I enjoy his company. Gone.
Quartermaster Corp - Stepped up to the plate when we needed him and hasn't let me down, is now the Director and I have faith he's going to do a good job.
Dr. Martin - A bit of a prankster, he does worry me. There was a good reason to be worried.
MTF Commander Ramirez - Good guy, I feel he's going to do some good things for MTF More death.
MTF Commander McKnight - The leader of our friends on the surface.
ASG Tiny - I consider him my personal security and he's damn well good at his job.
Power - Was in charge of medical and now runs the facilities security, I hope he does good things, recently retired Director, didnt see him too much. Recently retired, he did fine.
McGriffin - Apparently he's been around for a while but I didn't see much of him until recently, he's a really cool dude.
Speirs - Has been shaping SID in a great way and is an amazing captain, and has now moved onto managing the area. Recently retired, he did some really good work.
Head Marshal Clancy - Haven't seem him too much but when I did it was great. Newest head marshal he's been doing some amazing work is such a short time, I see a lot of potential in him. He may be gone but that doesn't mean I don't think he's great.
ASG Lorn - One of my top ASGs and a fun guy to be around, he makes me laugh.
Overseer Melnyk - One of the other Overseers, I've been interacting with him quite a bit as of recent, dude is made of pure aggression.
Lizzy - Good girl. Buzz lost there friend :(

My Anomalous Grandpa
- Keep on truckin'
My Pet Iguana Buzz Lightyear

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