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Old Meme Dump


Retired Staff
I helped kill your runner ups. You sent me out like a hitman.

That and me and Darwin were bored.
one of the very first head engineers ran and got pissed i pked him because he was a incompetent mess. strangely that was probably my most justified pk but also the one i almost lost my position over.

You know I gotta post it, even if it isnt really a "meme"

slimes literally steam messaged me the other day talking about that and then spammed me with schizophrenic shit til i blocked him

Mike Pence

Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Here is what essentially are all the memes I have made since 2017. A fair amount of these require context but that's a given with old memes.


March, 2017


May, 2017

June, 2017

July, 2017


December, 2017



Retired Staff
I think I found you in a storage closet with a bunch of trash props and a pc in the corner during one of my raids once.
dont think that was me, during raids i would always hide in Fort Dingler and CI wouldnt fuck with me

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