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Paraplegism for Hunter Hammond

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:433584197

Character name: Hunter Sherman Hammond

Character’s Division/Job: Research Supervisor

What you want your character to have / know / experienced / done / etc. : Be wheelchair bound (and also be from Site-73)

Reason for it:
Hunter Hammond grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming (the least populated state in America, if you only count the states and not the territories). He had a deep conservative upbringing, adhering to the social values that a traditional American household would hold true. He was an avid hunter and a smart student; if not for his reserved attitude and disillusionment with the outside world, he would have likely made an excellent politician. Alas, his life lead him in a different direction, and he stayed in Cheyenne for much of his life, before moving to South Dakota to attend the University of South Dakota, studying to become a physicist.
Hunter enjoyed partaking in many of the activities offered by the university; he especially loved a program where physicists like him were trying to make germanium sensors that could potentially detect dark energy (later corrected to dark matter).
When Hunter was 22, he was diagnosed with Hughes-Stovin syndrome, a disorder that devastated his lower body, causing several aneurysms and blood clots. He was in the hospital for much of his sophmore year. The debilitating disease eventually took a turn for the worse, and Hunter lost all feeling in his lower body, causing him to lose function in his legs and rendering himself a paraplegic.
Hunter tried his best to distinguish himself, determined to fight past his new condition. The school eventually concluded the project involving dark-energy detecting germanium sensors, deeming it a 'progressive failure' (it would later be reopened upon the discovery of dark matter). Although the project was a failure, Hunter distinguished himself as a clever thinker and a man marked for greatness. The Foundation later approached him with an offer; work at one of their prestigious facilities, or miss out knowing that he could have made a difference. Seeing as an opportunity to prove himself, Hunter accepted the offer and was transferred to Site-73 to begin work as an entry-level researcher. Working up the very strange bureaucratic ladder of the Foundation, he was eventually transferred to Area-XYZ as a Research Supervisor after a spot opened up.

How it will affect your character: He'll wheel around in a wheelchair and also have some knowledge of the SCPs at Site-73 (if that ever comes up)

Notes: Here's a visualization of how I'm expecting my character to perform.

// @Blitz
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