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Provost Arkan

Obtuse Noose

Ultra Tier

(Arkan seen wearing his fathers cossack and uniform for Halloween in america - 1999)​

[NAME]: Sheyka Arkan
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 6/17/1983
[SEX]: Male
[NATIONALITY]: Russian/American
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Tomsk, Russia
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: TSO for DHS, SO, FMO, SID, SSO, SGT, Gensec Captain, Gensec Lieutenant
[AFFILIATION]: Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: Russian, Sign Language, English, barley any spanish
[RELATIVES]: Nikita Arkan (Mother), Nicholas Arkan (Father), Alex Arkan (Brother)
[TROPHIES]: A grey cossack given by his father
[NOTES]: Can easily identify guns and theit name/classifications, Doesn't believe there is an actual god, can be found walking around LCZ and HCZ for exercise, almost always greets people with the phrase "Why, Hello!", recently stopped saying "Why, Hello!" for unknown reasons, "Alot of people are dying recently, god lets just hope it stops...", Recently started working out in his spare time at his apartment, demoted to lieutenant, "I hope my demotion didn't change anyones anyone's opinion on me, It was probable for the the greater good.", started to prefer the ak74 over the FN FAL. "No one in the foundation wished me happy birthday".



[HEIGHT]: 5'9
[WEIGHT]: 156, 160
[BODY BUILD]: Muscular
[SKIN TONE]: White


[LIKES]: Music, kevlar, guns (especialy snipers), dogs, orginization, vodka, dole dippers, driving, holidays, breaks, coffee, talking to people, training people, doing his job, exercise, tactical advantages, getting to know people, Lamar the "Tamed" Corruption Crab, Those cute little 2300's, Zeener's Brew Coffee
[DISLIKES]: Being shot, being insulted by higher-ups, people acting really suspicious, yelling, people not doing their job, drugs, unclosed doors, ignorant people

No one yet, I don't want anyone to give me a reason to

D-Class Scout
- This little [EXPLETIVE DELETED] keeps trying to steal my hat, along with everyone else's.
FMO Ruger - This FMO assumed that I murdered a D class that I took to infirmary, the D Class were stabbed and I brought them to the infirmary and because of the long wait that this FMO had us participate in, the D class bled out and the other D class said we killed him. If your going to take a D classes word over mine, then I have no reason to trust you.
ASG's On-Area without any level 4's On Area - Seroiusly? Why are they even On-Area? Just so they have special permissions to use weapons? I can understand if theyre waiting, but Ive seen this too many times.
SO Ethan - I'm honestly astounded that he doesn't have a mental disability, I realized that I had to do something important at the time I was starting an SSO training. I fealt bad for ending it, but I didn't deserve to be called a fucking racist by this man. I haven't seen him do anything stupid in-action or on the field, so I don't have any reason to hate him, yet.
SSO/SO Rose - Amnesticized another SSO, stupid
SSO Josh - Hes like dennings but worse
SSO Dennings - Pretty sure this man has a mental disability, couldn't stand being around him
SSO Rim - Stop being so suspicious about things
SSO/Sergeant Ruckus - Stop doing stupid shit, stop saying stupid shit, stop being stupid in general. I think ive dealt with this same person for shit done more than any other SSO.
Provost Marshal/SSO/Provost Stan - His attitude sticks out, this man seems ignorant to his own rude remarks, I dont like him.
SID Specialist Remington - Pretty suspicious person, I'd rather put my life in the hands of 999 than him, also keep surgery to the professionals.
Provost/FMO Crook - Terrible first impression.
MRU Zeal - Hes pretty stupid, I will not let this man tend to my wounds unless hes my last resort
Medical Lieutenant Nanuq - Yelled at me for being in the back room before asking what I was doing in there, I was getting rags to stop the bleeding of my ankles due to a 019 breach, ass-hole.
Captain Cookie - He's an egomaniac, has an attitude, and I don't like him as a captain.
Research Supervisor Palmer - This man is really somthing, full of himself or just plain stupid for a researcher. Plus I dont have a reason to even like him.
Head Researcher/SID BCU Moore - Bad first impression

The rest of the SCP's -
Recontaining them and keeping researchers that test on them safe, they provided me this job
076-2 "Able" - Hes pretty satisfying to terminate
D-Class Zachary Comstock - By his profile, He seems like he came from a bad childhood and made it better with his "Religion", in person he seems pretty charismatic and nice. It wont be sad to see him go, but then again I think he couldve had a better life when he was growing up.
SO Ming - Hes pretty smart but also stupid.
SO Elizabeth - No more stupid shit please, try your best to stay out of trouble. She seems like a decent person, hopes she realises that.
MRU/Sergeant/FMO Hills - He's ok. Havent talked to him much but he tends to peoples wounds. He transfered over to sergeant, dont know why, but i’ll respect his dicision. He transfered back to FMO, probably reminisced alot as a sergeant.
SO/FMO Blossom - Challanged able in a "milk" drinking contest that was actually ketamine and got an MRU to drink it, pretty dumb idea for the outcome, then again atleast she tried to find a way to recontain able.
ASG Mari - Hopefully she does her job, she seems like the person that would
ASG Ficus - He ate human meat from 082, asked to be amnesticized after finding out, poor guy.
SSO Asuka - Shes been demoted before, shes not the brightest ethier. Stop putting yourself in deep shit. Just recently started seeing her again, dont know if shes still the same. I hope shes in a better place.
SSO Gill - Shes OK, I guess
SSO Tsuntsani - Dont know how to spell her name, she does her job though.
SSO Cloke - He seems pretty ineresting, Ive seen him around but I havent gotten to know him yet.
SSO Harp - Stop yelling. She got amnesticized by SSO Rose, dont know why but I made sure it wont happen again.
SSO Lee - Haven't seen him around a lot, but he's not bad.
SSO/Lieutenant Ocean - Good kid, went from SSO to lieutenant and gave up, they did good with the time they had.
SSO Wood- Showed up out of no where, overall decent guy though.
SID Recruit Whiskey - What?
SID Recruit Boris - I havent talked with him alot, id like to though.
SO/SID Specialist Winter - She seems pretty clingy, decent person overall. Didn't know she got promoted, congrats.
Z-Unit/Provost Hawkins - In my honest opinion, I don't trust him as a security personnel.
SID Captain/SID Heavy Gressman - Hes cool and all... He seems a little off.
Sergeant/Provost Borrow - I detained him at first for not being on the roaster until I was informed he was millers replacment, couldve been prevented.
Provost/Marshal/Head Marshal Chace - Ive definatly seen this guy around, I want to get to know him better though.
SID Heavy/SID Supervisor Fubar - I've seen him around and he seems to like me. Sometimes smells bad though, probably the material his gear is made out of, maybe its sweat, no one knows. I haven't seen him or been around him, I'd probably know he's around me by that stench of his...
SID Supervisor Venducci - Who? I think I asked for his ID once, never really heard about him.
Provost Marshal/Provost Sphinx- He has been a marshal since denson, hes like a child when it comes to detaining people and interogations.
MRU/Dan - He chose to use his medical supplies on a D class that was going to die ethier way instead of me, and two other SSO's. He got moved off area.
MRU Cloud - After the TV incident, I tried to appologize on the SSOs behalf along with myself and offered him coffee, he didnt accept my appologies and coffee. I dont dislike him and I dont know much about him, but he needs to get his shit together, ESPECIALLY after that ketamine incident.
SID Lieutenant Burns - He's OK.
Lieutenant/Sergeant/SSO Jacobs - I think he's stupid, but a decent leader
Head Researcher/Bryne - Not too sure about this man, but he supervises his researchers I guess...

Research Supervisor Tree
- Named after a tree, weird. Seems like a good man, hoping to be friends at some point.
ASG Chan - He protected me for a long time, I trust him.
ASG Leversee - Told me some shit that I probably should know, she needs to keep her mouth shut to classified information, but she's nice to talk to and does good when following orders.
SSO Daniels - This man shows no fear, I like him.
SSO Baron - From what ive seen, I think he likes his job, and my m14...
SSO/Sergeant Ambrose - I recommended him for sergeant, glad he got it.
SSO Rolex - Hes one of the silent boys, he does his job
SSO/Provost Ainley - I guess shes OK, hopefully she doesnt get herself into anymore trouble. She seem pretty Off latley, wonder why.
SSO Red - Hes an OK person, he atleast he tries to do his best. Transferred too, hope he likes it where he is.
SSO Browse - Havent talked to him, all I ever do is see him helping with recontainment efforts or 173 cleanings, that earns a spot on my liked.
SSO/SID Specialist/Head Marshal/Provost McIntyre - He puts in alot of work from what Ive seen, sad that he went into SID. Looking forward to see him around more as an SSO, welcome back my friend. I think he's fit to be a yankee LT.
SSO Ember - A real chatty person if your around her long enough, she does her job. May you rest in peace. I Got your book, I wish I wouldve known sooner though...
SSO Chug - Great kid, I have no reason to NOT like him.
SSO/Sergeant Novak - Great kid, I think he fit the posistion perfectly. Wasnt worth it.
SSO Sepherina - Well I think shes persistant in doing her job.
FMO/SSO/SID Recruit Herdol - Great kid, he has alot of potential and I've seen him use his potential alot, this guy is gonna make it far. He finally made it to SSO and SID, good on you.
SSO/SID Recruit Shulze - Always wanted to be SID. She finaly got SID, congrats, hope you make it far.
SSO/SID Spec Akimoto - I've seen her around as SSO, she does her job perfectly, suitable for SID.
SID Spec/SID BCU Spec Smite - I think hes stupid but he does his job and hes good to talk to.
SSO/Sergeant/SID Supervisor/SID Heavy/SID BCU Kelly - I've seen her around a bit, shes cool I guess. If she can make it as far as sergeant, then shes good in my book. Transfered over to supervisor, I understand why, hope she likes it there.
SID Heavy Tanskly - This man is a Unit, cant help myself to watch this man in action with awe.
SID Heavy Winters - He seems really persistant with doing his job, as long as he keeps the foundation safe, then hes fine to me.
Senior Researcher Blanco - Hes always doing somthing, hes really nice, and he seems to like small conversation.
SSO/Sergeant Conner - Hes pretty cool, and he actually likes recontaining SCPs! Glad he was promoted, I guess.
Sergeant Burgess - Havent seen him around much.
Provost/Head Marshal Harkon - Great guy! Id like to get to know this guy more though since we dont have time to talk.
Sergeant Giovanni - Replacment for Johnson, hes doing really good right now actually.
Deputy Warden/Warden/Sergeant Cardon - Seen him around a bit, never got to actually talk or work with him though. Good guy, I had more interactions with him when he was warden, now that he's sergeant, not as much, but then again I blame myself for that...
MRU/Buller - Great MRU, seen him as FMO as an SSO before his and my promotion
SO/FMO/MRU Cumen - He has potential, great kid
SID Supervisor Boyett - He was a really cool person, he talked to me a lot.
SID Supervisor Mendoza - Hes not very efficient at his job, but aleast he does it.
FMO/MRU/Medical Lieutenant Kilenant - BEFORE she shot up D block because of D class "Charging" her, she seemed like a good person, she still does but I'm glad she's getting the help she needs. She's kinda cute, I won't lie.
Sergeant/Lieutenant Yote - Replacment for Volf sadly, so far he hasnt done anything stupid.
Deputy Warden Korpitz - He's been a deputy warden for a long time, he obvoiusly does his job well if hes been a deputy warden for this long, but then again hes not active enough to become warden.
Marshal Tiez - Ive seen him... Her... I dont know, IT around, does thier job and good to have around when theres provosts on in general.
Marshal/Sergeant Jacksan - More competent than the rest of the marshals, but sometimes I question what the hell he does in his spare time. Transfered over to sergeant, good choice. He didnt really help out during the time he was Sergeant.
Marshal Tillerson - Watched him rise from provost to marshal, hes a nice person
Provost/Provost Marhsal Zhenky - Does his job and does it well.
SID Supervisor/SID Lieutenant Beal - Great guy, he treats SID like his family and I love that about him. Congrats on the promotion, makes me prouder every time I see him. RIP.
SID Lieutenant Green - Hes a good guy, pushes SID to get a job done.
Engineer Lieutenant Yifferson - He has a weird name, hes stupid but a great person to talk to and a good person in general. Havent seen him in a while.
MRU/MRU LT Rodriguez - Saves lives and he's pretty smart. Don't know where he is now. He worked hard for med LT.
SID Captain Chu - Smart, he does his job. Congrats on captain
MRU/Med Lieutenant/Med Captain Wick - I saw him doing a training once, convinces me enough that he atleast does somthing. I dont actually know where he is.
Head Marhsal/Security Chief Booth - Hes a pretty good guy and he does his job, he doesnt seem to talk to anyone but me though. Congrats on captain Chief. RIP.
Warden Witchings - He's a pretty weird guy, I see him do stuff once in a while.
Senior Researcher/Research Supervisor/Head Researcher Checks - From my expirence, hes much smarter and brighter than our security cheif, the man made it this far. Seems like a really cool guy, you did good as head and I dont your stopping there in your work.

FMO Linguine -
Love this guy! He was like a brother when I was FMO with him.
SSO Nightmare - I think ive seen this guy before, he seems trustworthy and does his job in the best way possible
SSO Sad - He's cool, he likes to hang around me alot, and I can sort-of trust him to supervise people.
ASG/SSO Weiss - An old friend of mine, nice to see she's still walking. She finally decided to get trained for SSO, you deserve it. Hangs around me more often. I hope you dont linger on that death.
SSO Silva - She knows what shes doing, I dont like seeing her posted at Checkpoints as a SSO when she could be patroling. Whenever shes around 999, Ill make sure to avoid her before she tells him that i need cheering up (when i dont). I wish I couldve helped her, atleast shes transferred somewhere that will help her though.
SSO Wolf - Outstanding person, hes persistent and he does his job as well as others, probably better.
SSO Lynn - Good Kid
SSO Pilgrim - Makes Sims fun, rarley see her though. "Are you trying to use me just to get access to the armory? I hope not".
SSO/Sergeant Gall - He follows me around more than Sad, Ive noticed he doesnt really like kelly though. I knew one day he would make it this far.
SSO/Sergeant/Lieutenant Meagher - Great guy, he does his job well and he seems pretty competent. Glad hes a sergeant now, he diserves it and I bet hes gonna make a name fot himself.
SID Heavy Kimiko - Great person, shes talktive and good at her job. Shes one of the people I've been around as an SSO, I damn well wouldnt trust her with my life, but I can trust her to get somthing done. Rest in peace old freind.
SSO/Sergeant Mia - I really enjoy talking to her and she does her job. I Trained her for sergeant, well diserved.
Captain/SSO Faustin - We take care of this branch, im glad its you by my side to assist me and im glad im here to assist you.
Head Engineer Greg - He probably would have a better paycheck than me outside of foundation, then again Hes pretty smart
Sergeant Nova - Shes pretty cool to hang around. Theres somthing that stands out with her, cant really be sure.
Sergeant/Lieutenant Miller - More competent than the others, he tries his best everyday, even if it seems like hes not. Hope he gets better. Looks like he IS better, thank god. He's a lieutenant now, I knew he had the goods to make it, just keep up the good work man, I'm actually proud.
Deputy Warden/SSO/Sergeant Ranger - A great person, hes pretty bright, cool, and happy spirited. He jokes around alot and doesnt seem to need help with most things. Welcome back. Back to sergeant, looking good as always I see... Why did you have to die...?
Sergeant Johnson - This person is outsanding when it comes to his work ethic and attitude. Rest in peace.
ASG/MTF Daniels - He protects our security cheif almost ALL THE TIME, plus hes a good shot, not better than me but still good. Glad he got recruited to protect our facility from the outside. Rest in peace.
Lieutenant Yote - Hes one of my Lieutenants, no reason why I shouldnt trust him.
SSO/Sergeant/Lieutenant/Captain Grant - Havent seen him, but from his profile he seems pretty interesting, I should get to know this guy at some point. Great guy actually, glad he made it this far. I'm glad I get to work by his side as captain.
Lieutenant/Sergeant Volf - Amazing person, I actually trained him for security officer. Its nice to see he's gotten this far. Rest in peace...
Deputy Warden Sigumi - He's a nice guy, he handles D block nicley but I think he forgot the COC with that one mishap in D block. Keep up the good work. We both know that your time came too soon.
Marshal Kelta - He stays around me alot for "protection" and helps me out alot, hes cool but I hope no one sent him to keep an eye on me, Congrats on the promotion. I wish he didnt die...
Captain Norman - This man isn't very tactical but hes still my captain
Warden Sail - He made it far enough to become warden, he knowns how to do his job and he does it with ease, not to mention I can smell his cologne from wherever I stand near him.
Security Chief/Roozrokh - Hes a great leader, he also gave me his TOZ. Sad to see him go
Security Chief Martell - Uneededly stubborn but gets the job done, hes also really nice. He diserves chief, congrats. Rest in peace.
Security Chief/Quartermaster Anderson - I've seen h tiim kill multiple CI infront of me, glad he has ASG's protecting him. He was a great chief and Im glad hes still with us. Rest in peace.
Captain/Area Manager/Director Wei - Greatest man I could ever meet. Im glad hes staying in foundation, but disapointed he didnt want to stay our as captain.
Security Chief/Area Manager October - Hes our chief. Glad hes still with us.



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