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Provost McIntyre


Kek Tier
[NAME]: Thomas McIntyre
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 4/13/1987
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: Filipino
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: (Moore,Oklahoma)
[OCCUPATION]: Provost Marshal
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATIONS]: Police Officer, Detective,SO, SSO, SID Recruit, SGT,Provost MP, Provost Marshal, Provost Head Marshal, Area Manager, Provost MP (x2), Administrative Guard
[AFFILIATION]: Provost Marshal at Area-XYZ
[LANGUAGES]: English
[RELATIVES]: Mom,Dad (Deceased)
[TROPHIES]: His 2 Provost patches and 1 ASG patch.
Was promoted to Head Marshal on 10/4/2018
Shortly after was transferred to fix General Security on 10/26/2018
Promoted to Area Management on 1/15/2019
Transferred back to Provost as of 3/13/2019
Went back to being an ASG on 5/4/2019
Went back to Provost again on 7/6/2019
Was promoted to Provost Marshal on 7/10/2019


[HEIGHT]: (6,4)
[WEIGHT]: 207 Lbs
[EYE COLOR]: Green
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: Small scar on his left forearm from a bullet graze.
A tattoo on his right forearm that says “To Serve And Protect”



[LIKES]: Guns,Demoting dumb people,People who know what they’re doing, Running, His raging bull.
[DISLIKES]: Smokers,Liars,Dummies,People who ask too many questions, Vapes



CI - I hate seeing them try and take our stuff. But I love shooting at em.

Officer Ethan - Fucking dickhead. Killed one of my marshals and then proceeded to spar with more people and crack his skill open. Good thing I widened the crack in his head with my revolver before I threw him in the incinerator.

Area-XYZ - I love working here, but working here is a burden sometimes. Leading this branch is driving me crazy. But I still manage to get my hours in and make it back alive.
Officer White - Somehow managed to sneak a vape into the facility 3 times. Lied each time about it.

Medical Captain Pine - A short, angry man who can’t seem to make logical decisions. I had never heard of him until he was promoted to lieutenant. Now he’s the med Captain. Who would’ve guessed it. Dead probably.

Marshal Poliner - The marshal replacing past. Haven’t seen him much so I’ll have to see how he does. Dead probably.

Sergeant SSO Terrel - Needs to do more. He has yet to impress me. Now I can see why he didn’t impress me. Dead probably.

Manager Henderson - New manager, I guess.
Provost Harkon - Trained me for provost Disappeared.

Head Marshal Provost Baker - Seems to know what he’s doing. Good guy to talk to. Still provost somehow. Haven't talked to him in ages.

MTF Past - Good man. He's great at his job. Dead.

Provost Marshal Alexander - Does his job right and I like that.
Finally promoted to marshal.
Provost Rose - One of the few female provost. Still manages to get the job done. Looks like she didn't manage to get the job done.

Lieutenant Ocean - The only female lieutenant i've seen here. Does their job good. Does not do their job good. Also disappeared.

Marshal Kane - Has yet to let me down. Nevermind. He let me down.

Marshal Poker - New transfer. I like em. Dead.

Marshal Price - Don’t worry buddy. I got the guy that killed you. Rest easy. Addicted to hydrocodone and dead.

Marshal Malenkov - Good kid. Does his job well. Provost again. Not much else to say.

Lieutenant Miller - Does well at his job. Introduced me back to GenSec when I transferred. Sent off area due to his sheer stupidity.

Senior Officer Seraphina - Weirdo. I’ve known her since I was trained to be SO. She’s kinda cute too. She hasn’t been on area too much lately.

Sergeant Bishop - A bit soft spoken but he does great at his job. Him and lee work great together. Sucks that he resigned.

Senior Officer Sergeant Ruckus - He probably thinks I hate him or something. But, I love this guy. He’s been there since I was introduced to Area-XYZ. He might fuck up here and there but we all make mistakes. Right? He's a sergeant now. Interesting.

ASG MTF Agent Jake S. Moreland: Good kid. He knows what he’s doing. He got trained for SSO and showed me that he can be better than the rest. Now he’s a sergeant. I trust he won’t let me down. A good lieutenant turned MTF. Godspeed to him on the surface. Dead.

Sergeant Faustin - The old gensec Captain. One of the most reliable guys I know. Now he’s back to sergeant. Maybe he’ll get a higher position in the near future. Dead probably.

Captain Evan - He knows what he’s doing and I like that. From the looks of the email he sent to me, he seemed qualified for sergeant. I hope he won’t let me down. He hasn’t let me down. He’s adamant about doing trainings, which I like. Now he's my replacement for GenSec captain.
Don't know where he went.

SID Lieutenant Chelsea - Ex-MTF. Soft spoken but he gets the job done. An SID Heavy again. Haven't talked to him lately.

SID Supervisor Fubar - I’ve only seen him a handful of times but he’s level headed and does his job right. Disappeared.

Agent Schulze - A former SID supervisor, now an MTF Agent for Delta-42. She gets her job done and never fails to show up for tests that require her. She truly is a hard worker. Gone.

SSO Sarahbeth - I had a brief conversation with her and she reminds me much of Seraphina, which is ironic due to her being Seraphina's replacement. She's hard working and dedicated to what she does. She keeps pictures of me on her? I'm a little weirded out, yet flattered."

No one - Hard to trust anybody when they could die in the blink of an eye.

Area-XYZ - As much as it is stressful to be here, I wouldn’t trade working here for the world.

Ainley - I hope she's the one. Yeah, she exploded while I was gone.
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