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Provost MP John S. Mallaburn



"Mallaburn in Afghanistan while still in the US Marines; December 9th, 2001."


John "Stringer" Mallaburn
[DATE OF BIRTH]: February 12th 1976 (43 Years of Age)
[SEX]: Male
[RACE]: Caucasian
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Flagstaff, Arizona
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: US Marine Corps Sergeant, US Army Staff-Sergeant, and US Army Captain.
[AFFILIATION]: S.C.P. Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: English
[TROPHIES]: A gold-cross necklace given to him by his pastor
[NOTES]: *Devout Baptist-Christian
(For More Information, See Records Below)

John Mallaburn in 1990 (14 Years of Age) on May 9th at around 6 AM in his birth town of Flagstaff, Arizona, his family's home was broken into by 5 armed burglars. After an armed fight between Mallaburn's father with a .223 caliber rifle and two of the burglars his father was fatally shot in the head by one of the burglars. After a struggle between Mallaburn and one of the burglars, he was subdued after being bashed in the head with the butt of a rifle, rendering him unconscious. His mother was murdered after attempting to retrieve the same rifle that Mallaburn's father was using. The burglars took all of their valuable belongings and left. Shortly after, reports of gunshots and screaming heard by neighbors in the heavily wooded area were filed. The police arrived to the scene to find both parents dead and Mallaburn injured while unconscious. Mallaburn recovered fine in the hospital, but afterward had a problem remembering his parents well or any events of the night of their murder. Mallaburn graduated high school having been apart of multiple Army based extra-curricular programs. After multiple psychological tests before entering the US Marine Corps it was found that Mallaburn had an extreme lack of sympathy or empathy, which led to a PET and CT scan which revealed slight damage to the Prefrontal-Cortex (This is the part of the brain responsible for emotions and relationships). Despite this, he excelled in all fields during his training, and Mallaburn was officially enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1996. Mallaburn spent 5 and a half years in the Marines becoming a Sergeant before he transferred to the US Army for a better job opportunity. Mallaburn became a Staff-Sergeant in the US Army after over 4 years, before finally being honorably discharged after a little over 9 years of service as an enlisted infantryman, racking up exactly 47 confirmed kills to his name alone. Mallaburn then decided that he wished to become an officer, so he went off to Officer Candidate School to become an officer. After 5 years as an officer rising through the ranks of the Army, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. He spent almost 6 years as a Captain in the US Army before retiring, planning to take a calmer job outside of the military. Mallaburn, within a year of being retired, was given the option to come and work for the Foundation. Mallaburn spent a few years at Site-██ as security before being transferred to Area-XYZ as a Provost-MP on November 30th, 2019.
During Mallaburn's service he earned the nickname "The Stringer," as his squad-members always said he was the main support and always carried the weight of their squad. It was said he used his rifle like an artist used their tools of the trade. It was also said that Mallaburn was quite bloodthirsty in firefights, making movements and strategic decisions that his squad saw as risky. Mallaburn made these decisions in order to complete their objective without any mistakes or casualties, and in short, superb amounts of time. Mallaburn commanded and ordered both his Squad as an enlisted-man, and his platoon as an officer amazingly, and was recommended for promotions from his higher-ups on multiple occasions. Mallaburn flew through the ranks fast because of his intellect and leadership skills. Mallaburn always performed to the best of his ability and never showed any remorse for his actions and never seemed regretful or pitiful, except for one occasion involving an enemy grenade during a firefight.

"Mallaburn (Second to last, third from the front, watching the roof-tops) with his squad clearing a LZ for a UH-60 Black Hawk to land; May 23rd, 2006.

"Mallaburn's Platoon (Mallaburn not in view in photo) carrying an injured Corporal to an evacuation LZ after a gunfight with ISIS forces in Afghanistan; July 4th, 2011, during Mallaburn's second task as a 2nd Lieutenant for the US Army


[WEIGHT]: 209 lb.s
[HAIR COLOR]: Dark Brown, Grayed over time
[BODY BUILD]: Mesomorph
[SKIN TONE]: White (Tanned)
[DISTINGUISHING FEATURES]: Scars all over the left side of his torso and arm from a close grenade blast. He survived sustaining no permanent injury or nerve damage from the blast. Tattoo of his nickname "Stringer" on his right forearm.


Has difficulty showing sympathy or empathy
Guns, Honor, Respect, Exercise, Responsibility, Integrity, his subordinates, Being Organized.
[DISLIKES]: Idiots, Insubordination, Disrespect, disorder, Dishonesty.


The Chaos Insurgency - "Terrorist are more fun to shoot than these bastards, at least terrorists don't have modern-military gear. I swear taking down even one of these fuckers is like killing an entire squad of Al-Qaeda fighters."



General Security - "They don't do their job sometimes, but there are a lot of them, and if you need some canon-fodder then they will sure get the job done. Their SOC is okay and I've met some competent Sergeants, so I do have respect for their branch as a whole."

Provost Maverick - "He seems like a reliable person. He is just like the rest of us in Provost, another cog in the machine, and a well oiled machine we are. He could make it big in Provost, I know it."

Marshall Brandt - "He intrigues me, he isn't that much of the open book type, or maybe I just haven't been around him enough. Either way, he got promoted to Marshall fast and he is very responsible. I am looking forward to seeing a lot out of him, he seems like he could shape into a well-rounded leader."

Head Marshall Radcliffe - "The man is more of a silent type, but I have learned more about his leadership-type than anyone else so far. He has all of my due respect and more for his job and ability to perform his duties without wavering."
Marshall Rhys - "He seems to avoid social interaction from time to time, but he appears to be a strong leader. I would like to see more from him as time goes on, but no-one knows what might happen, as is life I guess."

Linda - "She was beautiful, smart, and caring; she was destined to meet me. She was more of a mother figure than anything. She practically cared for me after my parents were gone. She was a pastor at my local church. I missed her greatly when I moved on in life and enlisted, but she was the motivation I needed in life, someone to remember that I was fighting for back home."

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