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[Provost] Randy T. Baker


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Super Admin
Recruitment Team

Baker in a training simulation prior to recruitment into The SCP Foundation

[NAME]: Randy Travis Baker
[DATE OF BIRTH]: 2-18-1973
[SEX]: Male
[Race]: White
[PLACE OF BIRTH]: Houston, Texas (USA)
[OCCUPATION]: Military Provost
[PREVIOUS OCCUPATION]: Military Provost; Head Marshal,Military Provost Marshal,Provost MP, US Military Police Corps Sergeant
[AFFILIATION]: The SCP Foundation
[LANGUAGES]: English, and a bit of Spanish
1 Mother
1 Father


[HEIGHT]: 6'3"
[WEIGHT]: 205 lbs
[EYE COLOR]: Hazel-Brown
[BODY BUILD]: Medium-Heavy Build
[SKIN TONE]: Tanned


[ADDICTIONS]: Chewing Tabacco (Currently trying to quit his habit)
[LIKES]: Enforcing Rules, Taking it slow and safe, The Vault and Water
[DISLIKES]: Idiots, Pineapples, and Cabbage


The Chaos Insurgency - Nothing but a bunch of low-down scoundrels who waste my time with their pointless raiding

D Class - The embodiment of idiocy, they always question our orders and get killed because of it, then they try and revolt because they wont follow our orders...Jesus they're annoying
Senior Officer Ruckus - Nothin' but a dick, a sarcastic, rude, unprofessional dick

SCP-082 - Sure he's a cannibal and all, sometimes even forcing people to eat others flesh, but I think he's a...laugh...to have around sometimes
Senior Officer Elizabeth - Next time I see em, they better have them Tactical Timberland's, or I'm gonna be disappointed
Well, at least she was wearing the Tactical Timberlands before she went out, I wouldn't want to go out wearing anything else
Dr Collier - Some weird Doctor who stabbed a Marshal in disguise with a pencil, and then got scared, crying like a child when I tried to talk some sense into em
Haven't really seen her after that raid, I doubt she's changed much though

Commander Talley - I don't believe em, or at least I don't want to believe her, but with all this shit that's been going on lately, who knows whats real anymore. I just hope it isn't what she said it was
I can only hope this one is dead

Manager McGriffin - It was pretty funny when he made Hensley become 082s wife...Actually now that I think about it, it was kinda fucked up, but eh whatever, at least nobody was hurt because of it
I think he resigned? Damn...I actually liked him too
Provost Hensley - Something about her keeps getting her into fucked up spots, like being forced to eat human flesh and becoming 082s bride...Damn man, that sucks
Provost Tucker - Good man, I like em. He seems like the type that's very serious about his job, but then again, he almost got me demoted for a misfire...Eh whatever
Marshal Majima - I've seen em here and there, no complaints, he seems to do his job well
Got a lot of MIAs on this list, probably dead.
Provost Marshal Denero - Good kid, ain't got no complaints about em, does his job and he does it well
Also dead...Wow
Provost Martin - Don't know em that well, but from what I've seen he does his job, even if he is a bit quiet

Marshal Past - Enthusiastic kid, I like that, I see good things in his future
Probably dead, shame
Provost Marshal Alexander - I see em a lot, seems to work hard and do his best, I like him.
Congrats on Marshal man
Vault Agent Arc - Was some SID before he became a vault guard, apparently he's been around since the old CI Operation and has even seen those "Lazers" in action...They fucking blew people into nothing but guts and blood, jesus
Provost Marshal Kes - Nice guy, got a deep voice, right now I'm gonna trust him with my situation so, lets see if he's gonna prove himself
Probably went onto MTF from what I remember, though I'm not sure.

Provost Azura - Same deal as Kes, hopefully she'll keep shut, who knows, I just need to get this over with
Probably dead
Provost Kane - Good kid, I like him, he does his job, no complaints from me
Gone, probably dead aswell.
Provost Marshal Malenkov - He takes over in most interrogations and shows that he is a leader, I can see him doing well in the future
Head Marshal Clancy - A good guy from what I've seen, does things by the books and knows his shit. Respectable

Head Marshal Provost Harkon - He's a excellent leader, I've patrolled around with him on multiple occasions and he always keeps his cool and always knows what he's doing
He resigned from Head Marshal, trusted me as his predecessor, so I'll make sure not to let him down
Assuming he's dead or resigned, either way, another good guy gone.
Security Chief Manager Power - Our current Chief, I ain't seen nothing wrong with em yet so, I can trust him.
Saw him as a Manager, so congrats on the promotion
Head Marshal Captain McIntyre - Saw him as a Sergeant here and there, he looked competent enough and so far hasn't let me down.
Congrats, looks like you'll take my spot, good luck, hopefully you learned a thing or two from my time in the position.
Looks like he's a Captain now, huh


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// Baker fail safe raid PTSD intensifies.

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