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Researcher Application

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Papa Loften

Forum Rookie

1.1) Title (Mr. or Mrs.):

1.2) First name:

1.3) Last Name:

1.4) Gender:

1.5) Date of Birth:

1.6) Race:

1.7) Nationality:

1.8) What is your background?:

I am from Lynchburg, VA where I was born and raised, I was a bright student throughout primary, middle and high school and I earned many academic scholarships that I used to go to Liberty University with. I earned 2 doctorates in cryptozoology and epidemiology from Liberty University which is located at
1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24515

[Section Two: OOC Section]

2.1) Why do you wish to join the Research Division?:

I've never been the tester, always the security or testee but never have I conducted a test and I want to be a tester. This also gets me more involved in the community.

2.2) Please list relevant skills and qualities that could assist you in becoming a Researcher:

I am a great role player and I'm intelligent enough for advanced actions and counters.

2.3) In-game name:

2.4) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:442210730

2.5) Your Steam Name:

2.6) Do you have any experience in Serious Roleplay?:

2.7) Will you flag down if a member of the Staff Team asks you to?:

2.8) Do you know how and what a /me is? If so, explain and use an example:

/me's are used for: conveying feelings, doing actions, doing counters, etc.

Example: /me pats 999 on the head.

2.9) Do you know what a /roll is, and how it is used with a /me? If so, explain and use an example:

/rolls are used for counter actions, medical rp, engineering rp, etc.

/me checks for internal bleeding.
Me: /roll [rng] 86
Me: /me finds no internal bleeding.

2.10) Have you read the Research Guide?: Yes

2.11) Describe the six different facility codes, including when they are enacted and what you are expected to do during them:

Green [No Threat]: Always bee testing at this time
(We nothing special happens)

Yellow [Low Threat]: Testing may go on, but if a Level 3+ orders testing to stop you stop testing or you will be detained may be demoted.
(When there is a Minor SCP escape or D-Block break)

Orange [Medium/High Threat]: No testing and wait in the Research Wing for a GenSec escort to Security Barracks failure to comply is an immediate detaining and possible demotion.
(When there is a CI raid or D-Block jail break)

Red: [High Threat]: Wait in the Research Wing for a GenSec escort to EZ Offices or Cafe. Failure to do so will probably mean a demotion
(When there is a large SCP escape)

Black [Extreme Threat] Full site evacuation
(When there is a full SCP escape)

2.12) What are the three main SCP classes? Describe them and give examples.

Safe, Euclid and Keter.


These SCPs often have free roam rights and are given special treatment as these pose little to no harm towards the staff.


These SCPs are put on less of a leash than safe SCPs as some of these have the ability to kill such as SCP-049. These SCPs are dangerous and have special needs such as SCP-939 who needs to be fed a D-Class whenever it gets hungry. These SCPs are usually unpredictable and violent in their actions.


These SCPs are the most dangerous in the facility and are given no privileges besides the ones that accompany their behavior.
These SCPs violent and are kept in maximum security 100% of the time and are under no circumstances to be let out of their CCs.

2.13) What types of amnestics are you permitted to use? When should you use them?

Class A and B amnestics. When potentially info expunging data is in the mind of (usually) civilian personnel.
Class A amnestics are aerosol chemicals that are permitted for general use and last from 6-12 hours and can have side effects like: sedation, headaches and nausea. These are not meant to be sprayed more than twice.

Class B amnestics can be injected or consumed through oral means and generally last from 20-72 hours. The side effects for these are: sedation, prolonged paralyses, migraines and blurred vision. However these are still approved for general use.

2.14) A group of CI walk into the Research Wing and point guns at you, telling you to get on the ground. What do you do?

Follow their orders as I am under fear rp.

2.16) You see an anomalous plush turtle flinging around and it kills a security personnel, what do you do?

Run and report it to securty.

2.17) It is currently a code green and you have no ideas for any tests, what should you do instead? Search for ideas for a test or accompany another one.

2.18) Do you understand that if you are not found testing within a week you will then be demoted?


Do you understand that if you do not follow the CoC you will be demoted?


Do you understand that sometimes you will need to be amnesticized?


Do you understand that disobedience towards your higher-ups could be grounds for demotion?


2.19) Are you aware that opening SCP CC’s without a proper reason will get you permanently banned from the server?

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Staff member
2.12: You need to give a description of the classes, not just list them. This is so we know you are familiar with the general characteristics of each class; for your own safety.

2.13: Please give explanation as to the difference between these two amnestics, and in what circumstances one may be used rather than the other (take notice on their physical properties, and how they are dispersed; this will give you a major clue).

Pending Further Review:

You have twenty-four hours to complete any corrections necessary, or your application will be denied. ~Dr. Yates

Harris Press

Kek Tier
Next time when fixing an application you should leave a comment saying fixed or updated so that the person reviewing it knows when you change it.


Staff member

Welcome to the Foundation, Dr. Tomlin.

[// P.S. : As Harris said, most individuals post/make note when edits are made; and contrary to your own accusation I have been extremely active recently. I check for notifications, not word-for-word through every active application, there's no time for it. I'd hope you'd understand that going forward, along with the fact that the burden is upon you to ensure your documentation is properly presented to your supervisors.]
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