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SCP-049 Rework + MOTD Changes

The Anchorman

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If you haven't seen this announcement yet, check it out for more details regarding other updates to the server.

The biggest part of the new update is the SCP-049 rework, which completely changes how SCP-049 is played on the server:
SCP-049 has received a buff / changes. There is now an automated system to seeing players with the "pestilence". SCP-049's curing mechanism is now automated, it takes 15 seconds to cure an individual. SCP-049 may now heal players as long as they haven't reached their maximum health. It heals 30 health over a period of 3 seconds.
The point of this thread is to go a little more in-depth as to what these mechanics are and how they affect how SCP-049.

The Pestilence

Before, there were a number of ways players decided if someone had the Pestilence. Some people would roll, some would just arbitrarily dictate whether or not someone had the Pestilence, and others would just ignore that aspect entirely and cure everyone on sight. It was something that wasn't really explored mechanically that should have been a while ago.

Now, however, we have an actual mechanic for the Pestilence. Anyone who has the Pestilence will be highlighted in red for SCP-049. Detecting the Pestilence is basically a sixth sense for SCP-049, so it can detect whether or not you have it from a distance and through walls. If SCP-049 is aware of someone with the Pestilence, they will hunt them down. Anyone anywhere could have the Pestilence, and SCP-049 must cure them all.

That being said, SCP-049 will continue to cooperate with the Foundation as long as the Foundation is willing to cooperate with it, but if the Foundation refuses SCP-049 its patients, it will get irritable, and may attempt to breach and exact the cure himself or with the help of allies (speaking of allies, SCP-035 and SCP-049 can now communicate with each other through PMs ICly utilizing SCP-035s telepathy).

The Cure

The cure is now also an automated system. Curing someone isn't instantaneous anymore, and requires 15 seconds of pause (after killing them via the death-touch) to complete. This requires SCP-049 to perform operations in more isolated, quiet areas, and also makes it so players can't just slam binds and instantly cure someone to get a free zombie in the middle of battle.

SCP-049-2s have also been clarified rule wise. It was always sort of an unspoken rule that SCP-049-2s follow SCP-049's orders, but now it's an actual rule. SCP-049-2s also have some semblance of permanence now, which brings us to the next thing.

SCP-049's Medical Expertise

One thing that wasn't really represented before was SCP-049's medical skill. Now, however, part of SCP-049's SWEP allows it to heal the injured (it must still perform Med RP to do this, however, but it doesn't need to roll due its vast knowledge and experience). The healing is also timed, healing 30 HP every 3 seconds. SCP-049 can heal anyone it has taken a liking to if they are injured, which allows SCP-049 more room to RP with humans beyond killing/curing them or watching as SCP-035 kills/possesses them (speaking of SCP-035, SCP-049 can not heal SCP-035's host due to it constantly deteriorating).

SCP-049 can also heal any of its SCP-049-2 instances, meaning that sticking together is beneficial to the group more than before. Before, it was common for SCP-049-2s to just run off and SCP-049 to stop caring about them. Now, however, not everyone can be said to have the Pestilence, and the slowed down pacing of the cure means it would be harder to make new SCP-049-2 instances in the middle of a breach. Keeping the ones SCP-049 has around them would be enormously beneficial to it.

The MOTD for SCP-049 has been updated to reflect these changes, so be sure to read it over. I've included it below for convenience:

Section C-08 - SCP-049 ”Plague Doctor”
Security Clearance - Level 0

In order to re-contain SCP-049, two or more armed personnel are to keep their guns aimed at SCP-049 and then escort it back to containment. If SCP-049 is flanked SCP-049-2, all SCP-049-2 instances must be either terminated or separated from SCP-049 in order to ensure safe recontainment. SCP-049 is not to be terminated for any reason.
  1. SCP-049 must speak in a sophisticated voice (the best you can do, voice and/or text).
  2. SCP-049 can advert for a patient (D-Class) to perform experiments on. If, after 15 minutes (timer must be included in the advert), SCP-049 has not received their patient, they can breach containment and seek out their own patients.
  3. SCP-049 can advert for a patient every 10 minutes after being recontained or receiving a patient.
  4. SCP-049 must attempt to cure anyone who has the Pestilence.
  5. If SCP-049 is refused the ability to cure someone who has the Pestilence, he will get irritable, and can use this as a reason to escape and hunt down that person who has the Pestilence (only if they are aware of the their identity; simply noticing someone through the walls will not give SCP-049 an escape reason until they know the identity of that person; SCP-049 is keenly aware of the omnipresence of the Pestilence, and SCP-049 will bide its time if not directly prompted by the immediate presence of the unclean, cooperating with the Foundation if the Foundation is willing to cooperate with it).
  6. If someone does not have the Pestilence, SCP-049 cannot cure them as there is nothing to cure.
  7. SCP-049 can /me touching someone’s skin and force them to RP being dead (not suicide) if SCP-049 wins the roll. Skin must be visible in order for 049 to kill someone by touching them.
  8. SCP-049 must touch and kill someone (via Rule 6) before curing them. Anyone killed through a different means cannot be cured.
  9. SCP-049 is a fairly passive character, therefore he is to abide by the FearRP rule set (see Section F for more information). Also because of his passive nature, SCP-049 must not attempt to escape the facility without reason (examples of reasons: SCP-049 is with SCP-035, The Foundation is not cooperating with SCP-049, there is someone outside of Area-XYZ with the Pestilence, etc (this comes down to staff judgement)).
  10. If SCP-049 is around SCP-049-2 instances, it does not need to follow Fear RP.
  11. If SCP-049 is in the middle of an operation to cure someone, it does not need to follow Fear RP.
  12. SCP-049 can heal injured instances of SCP-049-2 (check SWEP for details).
  13. SCP-049 cannot heal SCP-035's host due to it constantly deteriorating and falling apart.
  14. SCP-049 can heal any human they have taken a liking to so long as they do not have the Pestilence, in which case SCP-049 will attempt to cure them for their own good (SCP-049 must still perform Med RP, but they are not required to roll given their immense skill and expertise).
  15. SCP-049 cannot use any weapons, they may only use their hands / medical tools.
  16. SCP-049 can be searched for objects hidden in its robe, barring its tools.
  17. SCP-049 cannot make a 035 host into a zombie.
  18. SCP-049 cannot state that SCPs have the Pestilence.
  19. SCP-049 can only release SCP-035 and/or SCP-1048 instances. They cannot release any other SCPs.
  20. SCP-049 and SCP-035 can communicate ICly through PMs given SCP-035s telepathic abilities.


Section C-09 - SCP-049-2 ”SCP-049 Zombies”
Security Clearance - Level 0

SCP-049-2 is to be terminated on sight or after a sanctioned experiment with SCP-049 has concluded.
  1. SCP-049-2 must attack anything living human they see.
  2. SCP-049-2 must follow SCP-049.
  3. SCP-049-2 cannot run until they have spotted a human.
  4. SCP-049-2 cannot attack SCP-049 or it is Fail RP.
  5. SCP-049-2 must follow orders from SCP-049.
  6. SCP-049-2 cannot release SCPs.
  7. SCP-049-2 cannot use door controls.
  8. SCP-049-2 cannot talk/communicate in any inteligible way.
  9. SCP-049-2 cannot use weapons.
  10. SCP-049-2 cannot attack any SCPs other than ones harming 049.

If you have any questions, include them below.
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will 049 be able to ignore people when he is in the middle of his Swep ( like 049 gets founded by 2 people while he's in the middle of curing and gets put under fear rp )