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The Grand Yolk Maestro
Retired Staff
1. Conducted by: Dr. Vincent

2. Anomalies Involved: SCP-1036-5

3. Operatives involved: Grunt Fall and Operative Flowers

4. Items or materials involved: One revolver

5. What test were you conducting and why?: I interviewed SCP-1036-5 in an attempt to learn about its personality and the other idol's personalities.

6. List all precautions you took during the test: The one possessed was detained and put into a humanoid containment cell. Two operatives oversaw the entire interview

7. List everything that happened during the test:
SCP-1036-5 acquired a CI host and was detained, brought to a cell, and was stripped of all weapons. Afterward, Vincent interviewed him about what he knew. It was discovered that 1036-5 is a murderous spirit whose only desire is to murder, torture and escape to Africa. It was discovered that 1036-1 is known as the 'escapee'. He would rather not murder people, however, he wants to escape to Africa by any means necessary. SCP-1036-6 is a 'trickster' spirit, that wants to perform pranks on whoever, however, their pranks can be a bit overboard sometimes, such as knocking them out and stealing the target's limbs 'for the prank'. SCP-1036-7 is a kind spirit that wishes to work with the foundation to assist it, though it still desires to leave to Africa.

After all the information was learned, the host was terminated and the body was cleaned.
8. Conclusion:
SCP-1036 is likely an anomaly we don't want to mess with, as most of them will be hostile towards us excluding SCP-1036-7

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