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SCP-2022 - XYZ-046 'Sunlight Capsules


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Trusted Admin

Clearance Level: III
Anomaly #: XYZ-046
Object Class: Safe


<Level 3 Clearance required to proceed…>
<Validation clearance…>
<Clearance Validated.>

<Welcome, Authorized User>


Previously known as

: Sunlight Capsules

Date of Discovery: [09/14/2019]
Discovered by: Multiple Personnel, Mainly SID & Research Staff
Scheduled by the Research Manager and Head Researcher
Current Location: A Large Tub within ASU-13


XYZ-046 is a large tub with the labelling "Bora Bora Supplement Pills" it also contains information on the intended use, and recommended intake of the pills.

At the back it says ''Moodiness, flaccid skin, tendency to depression? Obviously you are in lack of sunshine Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. These Solar supplements are not intended to be a substitute to natural exposure. Avoid abusive use.'

The pills are glowing golden and warm to the touch. There is no labelling on the Pills themselves.

My initial theory was the pills functioned as some form of Vitamin D supplements, upon ingestion by D-7677 reported of feeling "nice" and "happy" This can be verified as exposure to Sunlight along with healthy intakes of Vitamin D do result in positive emotions in humans.

Eventually after determining the affects of one pill, I made the decision to ascertain the over-dose affects.

Upon taking two pills D-7677 appeared to become overly excited along with a very rushed, over-active mental state.

Upon taking three pills, more detrimental side-affects present themselves, D-7677 appeared to self-immolate shortly after taking the third pill, this also passed onto those near the individual but were extinguished without issue.

I had an additional D-Class snap a pill to confirm my now rising suspicion that the Pills in fact contained pure Sunlight within them, as they glowed and were 'Gently Warm.' Upon the pill being snapped the D-Class was violently ingulfed in a tiny explosion, Two SID who were near the explosion were injured but were promptly ordered to Medical.

Further testing on side-affects and duration of the pills will be scheduled, future testing will be to determine the long-term affects of simply taking one pill and the duration of which it is active for.

Once testing is complete, authorisation for use as an emergency anti-depressant for suicidal or severely depressed personnel will be proposed.

While the pills have relatively straight-forward instructions and beneficial results when taken responsibly, the information for making said pills will be classified to Level 4 for the moment. XYZ-046 was made by putting Cups of Light (x2) from SCP-294 on Very Fine.
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