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SCP-294 and SCP-914 Suggestions

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Head Developer
Head Developer
Board of Directors
You should suggest ideas for SCP-914 and SCP-294 by PMing me using the formats below instead of making an entire suggestion thread. I'll only be accepting the decent suggestions.

You should suggest new drinks by specifying:
What should be typed in SCP-294 for it to output the drink. Multiple names are allowed.
The display name of the drink.
The message that appears when someone drinks it.
Any other effects you want the cup to apply.

Example of PM to add a drink (Title it something like "SCP-294 Drink Suggestion"):
Output Name: "alcohol" or "vodka"
Cup Name: "Cup of alcohol"
Drink Message: "Tastes like alcohol."
Deals 50 damage and blurs your screen when you drink it.

You should suggest new SCP-914 outputs by specifying:
The input object.
What it outputs to on rough, course, 1:1, fine, and very fine.
Make sure you include the path of models. You can get paths from opening the spawnmenu (Q), right clicking a model, and then pressing "Copy to Clipboard."

Example of PM to add a SCP-914 output (Title it something like "SCP-914 Output Suggestion"):
Object: Shoe model - models/props_junk/shoe001a.mdl
Rough: Destroy it
Course: Destroy it
1:1: Nothing
Fine: Make it metallic
Very Fine: Make it jump around and kill people
Not open for further replies.

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