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SCP-3199 (Humans Refuted) Suggestion


Forum Rookie
1. Type the SCP's Number/Name and post a link to the wiki page.
SCP-3199 - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3199

2. Post a link to a model from the steam workshop. If you don't have a model delete your post now.
There is no actual model but instead, I can suggest https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679275538&searchtext=dodo since as 3199 is a chicken/human like humanoid

3. Post a link to any sweps it would need from the workshop or list the sweps that are already in the server it could use.

4. Explain how it would work. (Rules, Gameplay, RP, breaching, interacting with other SCPs, recontainment, ect)
SCP-3199 is a sentient humanoid species of a currently unknown biological origin, though tissue samples suggest traces of domestic chicken (Gallus gallus) and chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) DNA. Instances of SCP-3199 must kill every human/humanoid in sight. SCP-3199 can only be contained by termination. SCP-3199 cannot be cuffed and cannot team with anyone except other instances of SCP-3199. SCP-3199 cannot verbally communicate. SCP-3199 must reproduce via laying eggs and protecting the eggs. After awhile, if the eggs have not been destroyed (like someone picking up the egg and destroying it with rp (shooting it, burning, or squishing it), it will hatch and 3199-2 and 3199-3 will be able to flag up. 10 Minute Delay after your last string of adverts

5. How many people can become the job at one time?
3 - The other 2 can only flag up if the main 3199 reproduced by laying eggs

6. What would its cell need to look like? (Keep in mind it requires the map to be edited so nothing too crazy or big)
Basically Another 2006/035 CC, two rooms
Secondary containment consists of holding all live instances of SCP-3199 inside a box of strong, transparent substance ( 9 foot tall block ) with a hatch on the side of it
Pretty much something similar to 2006's cc but a box on the outside of the cc a storage closet with Fire/Hazmat Suits are needed to stop the corrosive substance from burning you when attempting to destroy the eggs

7. Why would we want this on the server?
If 3199 is implemented, it'd help increase RP for SID, it'd constantly (every 15minutes)

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