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SCP 735 Imposter Test

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SCP 735 Imposter Test ; 03-14-2019

Conducted by Dr. Wood, Researcher


Items and materials involved:
Ear Muffs, 1 pair of Civilian clothes

Personnel involved:
Dr. Wood,
Officer Walker,
Senior Officer Tyr,

SCPs involved:
SCP 735


What test are you conducting this test and why?

After seeing the cross-test conducted by Dr. Reynolds, I wanted to investigate further into SCP 735's ability to "detect" things about the person it is insulting.

What do you think will happen?

I believe SCP 735 will begin to insult the D-Class about either their crimes, or something regarding them wearing clothes not to their role.

What steps are you taking to do this test?

1. Acquire 1 pair of Civilian clothes from SID
2. Acquire 1 D-Class from D-Block
3. Place D-Class in Civilian clothes outside of SCP 735's CC
4. Have D-Class enter SCP 735's CC
5. Record results
6. Amnesticize D-Class, remove clothing, and return them to D-Block

What happened?

Once D-2003 was properly outfitted and inside the containment chamber, SCP 735 began to insult the D-Class, due to the nature of these insults, there will be no transcript. None of the insults though, involved D-2003's attire, or their role. Soon after, D-2003 began attempting to destroy SCP 735, and was removed from the containment chamber, amnesticized, and returned to D-Block.

What can you conclude from this?
SCP 735's detection ability seems to depend on an almost prior knowledge as SCP 735 may have been unaware of , possibly linking SCP 735 with other SCPs.

Was your hypothesis supported or rejected? Why?

Unfortunately, my hypothesis was severally incorrect as SCP 735 did not address the attire or role of the D-Class.

Do you have anything unrelated to the test to say?



Signed, Dr. Wood
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Overall this looks like a good test that was well executed there is only one small problem witch is Dr. Yates wants "Junior Researchers" to be called "Researchers" to keep the morale up

-Dr. Leery

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