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SCPRP Shutdown


Staff member
Board of Directors
Retired Developer
Hello everyone, we are hereby announcing the shutdown of the Serious SCPRP Server.

This is for two main reasons:

1. The server has not been generating enough money to pay for itself, resulting in Glados paying out of pocket to keep it running.

2. Too much drama associated with it.

Neither Glados nor I even play on the server anymore, so we are are not interested in continuing to pay to keep it up any longer. For the past several months we were, but the amount of drama lately has made managing it unenjoyable for the two of us, resulting in this decision.

Concordia Gaming will continue to host Chat RP for those interested, but for the time being, we are moving away from Gary's Mod content. This may change should XYZ finish one of his projects, but until then we're done.

The server will remain up until July 9th as the box is already paid for until then. Any events planned, like Corp's, will still happen should they want to host them still and rules will stay in effect until stated otherwise.

Thank you to everyone from 2015 to now who supported the server. It's been a wild ride and we made it a hell of a lot further than anyone on Terminus said we would.

-Nic and Glados


Turbo Tier
If the server ever comes back up or anything like that, will vip transfer over or will it have to be bought again?