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[Site-19] UDA 001 Anatomy Report


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UDA 001 Anatomy Report and Conclusion

Written by Dr. Cross

This document contains the complete anatomy testing performed on UDA 001

So far it is believed that the creature absorbs mass it acquires into itself through liquification. Through X-Rays we have determined that it contains no organs but has teeth along with what can only be described as a stomach, its likely UDA 001 absorbs any matter into itself once it reaches this point.

Despite the presence of no organs, UDA 001 shows varying levels of intelligence be that it is capable of feigning death 'playing possum' to lure in humans to feed upon. During periods of low-sustenance the skin appears to blacken.

UDA 001 has an abnormal Circulatory and Nervous system in comparable to many other organisms, the only way I can define it currently is that the added mass from eating does not directly contain capillaries that would allow it to bleed as a human would, thus implying its central systems are closer to its core self.

The spasms from low-voltage electrocution confirms that a nervous system exists within the structure of UDA 001. It is assumed that UDA 001s 'Brain' is a branch-like complex that encompasses its nervous system rather than a central nerve centre (like our own).

The thin layer of 'Bone' is what appears to give UDA 001 its form, otherwise it would likely collapse into an unrecognisable mass of flesh.

UDA 001 does not have a heart, therefor is has no visible blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate or oxygen saturation. This is further attributed due to a lack of lungs, however UDA 001 likely 'breathes' through a porous system in its skin that stops it from suffocating.

Conclusion Report

Overall, this rather lacking biology of UDA 001 points to a conclusion that it is unfit for long-term life as most creatures on earth.

It lacks the basic necessities of caring for its own self preservation. It is incapable of seeking nourishment on its own, frequently requiring direct intervention of an external source or a readily available food source in its local area when it is capable of being mobile in its 'fits of rage or feeding'

Because of this its very likely the intention of its creator was not long-term survival but controlled aggressive actions allowing loss of life and destruction within short periods of time. It would then very likely be expected to expire once (in this example Foundation Personnel) were killed and absorbed into its mass. The skin of the subject then quickly blackens and it becomes immobile allowing easy avoidance of the risk it could pose, essentially allowing easy disarmament with low risk of danger to its creator and others.

I have major concerns that the function of this anomaly poses a threat to Site-19 greater than that of the benefit of keeping it, it is highly possible that it could've been intended to be used as a 'Trojan Horse' given the natural reaction of the Foundation when dealing with anomalous encounters to 'Contain it and keep it alive'

Inadvertently its possible we've been feeding a biological weapon with the true intention is that to cause havoc, kill people and expire quickly once it has performed such a task.

I will propose that a liposuction procedure to be performed in order to reduce the internal mass before it becomes in-containable, that is if the creature doesn't die of its own 'Expiry date' so to speak.

Respectfully, Dr. Cross.

// @Captain Fubar
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Excellent log Dr. Cross, I will have mine up momentarily. I agree with the liposuction procedures 100%

-Dr. Vanhorn

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