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[SITE-19] UDA #001 Incident and Analysis Report

Captain Fubar

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Feeding with UDA #001 resulted in the death of 1 D class via liquefication and ingestion through unknown means produced by UDA #001. Secondary feedings led to the injury of 1 D Class and Multiple responding Security officers due to the growth of UDA's #001 limbs and immediate use as a blunt weapon. It seems if not fed anything other than living flesh the average size of a human, UDA #001 will become volatile. If not fed or give hydration UDA #001 will blacken and begin to cry out for nourishment. It is assumed that when the skin resembles pink bubblegum, the anomaly is healthy.

Current procedures for UDA #001 attempting breach is electroshock for nullification of attacks, and sedative gas to keep anomaly dormant.

Smaller portion-sized have been given to stop growth, however, it is clear other means must be done in order to stop or severely stunt growth, as well as figure out the origin.

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