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[Site-19] UDA #001 Testing Log #003 Results (M.Vanhorn)


Epic Tier
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UDA #001 Testing Log #003

The testing proved unsuccessful when attempting the new sedatives and IV feeding. Yet again it wasn’t effected by the sedatives and tried to attack the Class D but didn’t put up much of a fight when we told it to stop it’s attempt. Surprisingly enough it let go when we requested it. After an interview with UDA #001 we ended the first testing process and turned the temps down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The “interview” consisted of questions regarding its growth and willingness to cooperate with Foundation, most answers were “I don’t know” and “No”. After today’s attempt at giving it the “Tofu Pig” it threw it against the CC wall and called it “fake food” and proceeded to screech and roll around until we had to use a hardening foam to restrain it. After that fiasco, UDA #001 began getting extremely angry and hostile and began banging on the door and screaming “HUNGRY! GIVE ME PIG!”. UDA #001 has proven to be EXTREMELY hard to work with and throws conniption fits like a child when not met with its requests.

Notes and Suggestions

UDA #001 did decide to play with a large rubber ball we provided, though it eventually popped it, it didn’t eat it until we found it it popped it and we provided another ball that is still intact. It was also interested in a movie we provided “Blue Planet”, it watched it in its entirety.

On a more important note, I believe we must no longer give UDA #001 everything it wants. It seems to be a huge problem to meet the anomalies wants so I suggest we simply give it what Foundation sees fit for it, meaning we give it a large quantity of raw steaks or tofu or even 2 chickens when it gets hungry to stop the growth. It comes to show that UDA #001 eats almost everything we give it and if it were to get hungry enough it would eventually cave and eat what we give it. I would like to request Ethics Committee review the suggestion through Managements contact and an answer get back to me. If we continue to give this anomaly everything it wants we will have an even bigger problem, in a quite literal and figurative sense. Please, we must address this at once.
Last Weight recorded: around 1900lbs

Most recent Weight recorded: around

Signed, Dr. Vanhorn


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